Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yes, what got into you?

You were always amongst the first to wish me at CNY and Christmas.

I cannot forget that.

When I visited you after your operation at DMC you expressed appreciation that I was amongst the first Chinese friend to visit you.

We talked about a new Malaysia from your hospital bed……

You wanted a new Malaysia for girl-girl

I wanted one for whomever Kevin my son fathers

We blogged against Badawi for a new Malaysia.

Somebody at NPC called you a fat lump of sh--!

I asked that someone to apologise and as a gentleman he personally did just that at a forum in Aman Suria.

You expressed surprise at that.

Your steadfast support of Mukriz and TDM is commendable.

We all have our causes.

Mine was always focused on a new Malaysia, free from corruption, racism and religious bigotry.

I blog against any party or individual that attempt to derail my focus.

After 308 it was inevitable that we went our way, yet remained friends.

The last time I met you was at Ahmad “Kerp” Daniel’s wedding. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, after which I was chided by an Anfield supporter who said that you were an enemy. My reply was simple, “Not enemy, adversary maybe.”

You see Big Dog, I don’t have much time left and I place my bets on Pakatan. Should I still be around if they take over, I will be the first to zap them for any misstep.

You have still many years ahead of you. You have a lovely daughter GIRLGIRL. Did you consider how it would affect her, your preposterous posting that is.

I still want to remember you as the rotund guy with an amiable disposition.

So what really got into you?




La said...

Big Dog is a bloody fat shit. That's true. He can consider himself lucky that this is Malaysia where the Police practices double standard in their investigation.

If it you Zorro or some pro PR blogger, who wrote that article, the police would promptly apply for a 1 week remand order to facilitate further investigation( using their standard police language) and after which you would be charge for sedition. This is the mother of all sedition.

telur dua said...

There are dogs and there are pariah dogs.

These dog catchers must have missed him : http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/05/10/dog-arrest-video-leaves-viewers-aghast/

Anonymous said...

DAMN the anjings yang big n small !!

Anonymous said...

I will deputize for big dog.
Sorry old man comes to race and religion my emotions take over. Besides the money is good. Girl-girl needs money. I have to fend for her. Sell my soul? Sell my principles? I will do anything for her. One day, after I send her to the finest schools, and most probably she will be getting a scholarship, to the ivy-league university... when she grows up and learns of my sacrifice, she will forgive me. Sorry let me go check my bank account now....

Anonymous said...

big dog are you christian? if yes you must be one of the pastor and if not how do you know what they say in the circle holding hand or you want to be penned in history as LIAR because you lie to the whole nation or maybe you really a DOG no need to be there just sniff from far and you know what is it hahahaha retarded blogger not using your brain properly for the sack of unity of the peaceful peoples of Malaysia

Asril Sani said...

I feel sad reading this.Now I know the real Zorro.
All this while I thought you were a racist. This is because I always see you chastisizing those who are anti-PKR.
But then you were a teacher and teachers are not supposed to be racist.
I have not met teachers who are. The ones in my college all help us to get good grade in our A-levels so that we can go UK this September.
Uncle Zorro, glad to know you have a heart of gold and protect your friend from being called names by others.
That's a good and loyal friend to have.
Didn't know that you value friendship.
Yes we should remain friends despite our political leanings, race or religion like our grand-fathers are.
I hope Uncle Big Dog can extend a hand to rekindle the friendship.
I read his comments on the Christian issue.
I didn't know whether to believe or not.
Luckily my dad told me not to comment on what I dont know.
And the pastor's statement today set things straight.
If Uncle BD don't want to be your friend, just move on.

sampalee said...

Be with Truth,love or God.We choose the name which is arbitraly,but points to the Oneness which we All IS [singular]
In love,there is absolutely no room for politicians and sadly it mean Pakatan too.Religions is the only portal for human salvation.Politics is the great devil that continually disrupt the natural flow of Love and render the water of all religions,murky and turbid.
By the next 20 months,the world will see great changes as Love slowly peels away the hypocarcy of politics to expose all the dirts of the forbidden fruit[the one from the garden of eden]
Zorro,you are level with big dog as both of you are truly FF[effed] by the politicians

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


andi said...

just an opinion link that would everyone to read http://anotherbrickinwall.blogspot.com/2011/05/where-everybody-miss-plot.html

Anonymous said...

"Dan fitnah itu lebih besar bahayanya daripada pembunuhan" (Surah al-Baqarah:191)

"Dan jangan kamu ikuti setiap orang yang banyak bersumpah lagi hina, yang banyak mencela yang kesana kemari menabur fitnah, yang sangat enggan berbuat baik, yang melampaui batas lagi banyak dosa" 9Surah al-Qalam: 10-12)

" Dalam hati mereka ada penyakit, lalu ditambah Allah penyakitnya dan bagi mereka seksa yang pedih disebabkan mereka berdusta" (Surah al-Baqarah 10)

"Hai orang yang beriman, jauhilah kebanyakan buruk sangka kerana sebahagian buruk sangka itu adalah dosa dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari aib orang dan jangan pula sebahagian kamu mengumpat yang lain (Surah al-Hujurat :12)

Anonymous said...

for a few dollars more, a dog will wag his tail.

george k said...

So what really got into you?........money money money.

bumi-non-malay said...

Malaysia is money $$$$ talks and bull SH#T Walks......this is his job.....to write lies ...insult Islam with his writings and hope to earn his daily nasi lemak pay from Fat Botox Rosmah....

Maruah melayu already down the drain from the Perak and Kelantan incident.....a Son Derhaka Bapak to take the throne is another insult to the defender of Islam and Malays....but we bumi non malay stand with malays that SEES the insult!!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

That is a bully dawg.
Its the same dawg that landed Raja Petra into hot soup.How that dawg got hold of Raja Petra's SD from the prosecutor office ?
Uncle Zorro, general election can be at anytime and they(umno baru)intend to wrest back Penang and Selangor by using whatever arsenal and means.
Dawgs are duty bound to serve their master.

amin said...

I know dogs are mans best friends with the exception of MAD DOGS. I guess this must be MAD DOG not BIG Dog. Please repent. The whole country consisting of all religions are cursing you. So, dont let this curse befall your loved ones...girlgirl.

Anonymous said...

Money & self interest changes everything !

Like you Mr Zorro, coming to the heart of the matter, Big Dog only cares about his offspring & money to keep him comfortable & obese, just like your lingering peretual worry about what Kelvin or his offspring thinks of you.

Both of you are of course normal & selfish !

Love Malaysia ? Oh yeah , as long as you can have your goode olde whisky & Big Dog his processed dog food

Anonymous said...

Unker Zorro....

Big Dog`s only loyalty is to Mahathir and Mahathir alone. Matters not if the world crumbles, it is Mahathir and will be forever. Reason? Obvious...cari makan.

My earnest prayer that the Almighty opens Mahathir`s eyes and heart soon and he repents before it is too late, for all that damage that is being done to our nation`s harmony now. We cannot always baling batu and sembunyi tangan.

Barack Obama rose up to became President of USA. Never thought that will ever happen, a black man ruling USA. Yes it did happen. So for Malaysia , lets just pray, the best man/leader steps forward to lead the nation.

Mahathir in his younger days was an ultra. When became Premier was moderate, made all his children billionaires and himself too no less. Now as senility is creeping in, the ultraness is back again.

So people like Big Dog will remain loyal to the hand that feeds them. Me salute your thoughts on the friendship aspects. Here unfortunately it means nothing to the other party.

God Bless


11 May 2011

Anonymous said...

Big Dog will do anything as instructed by his boss The Mamak Kutty.
Orang Tua.

Anonymous said...

Money worms bored and infested his brain, my fren.

Anonymous said...

it seems someone at that christian gathering made the statements in jest....and some one reported it as having been said ....

so that's why big dog wrote what he wrote....

this will be the findings of the official investigations....he he he


Sam Tam said...

This dog got rabies. Only rabid dogs starts to look and act.....well...rabid!!

Anonymous said...

His face,especially the cheek,really looks like a bull dog.
Cant understand why he called himself Bigdog?
Is it to bite like a mad dog?

d'enricher said...


Simple like a true Malaysian, If all can think rationally, life will be much more fun and enjoyable.

Freedom is your right to wave your hand, as long as your had does not touch the next person. When it does, its not your freedom anymore.


Anonymous said...

Man can do wonders when he has a strong conviction .. What is BigDog"s??? Its do make lots of money before his time is out... I am sure he can't even squeeze into a Ferari but I am sure he can squeeze lots of money from his masters to fill up his bank account fro his GirlGirl... But has he ever wonders that if he should clock out now... does he thinks all those monies will ensure a comfortable life for his family???? .. Its very likely that she will be spoiled and all the monies will soon be gone... BigDog you have God given talent use it wisely for the good of our nation... REMEMBER that's always a cause and effect in all things we do... DO GOOD AND ALL GOODNESS WILL COME YOUR WAY DO BAD AND ALL SHITS WILL COME YOUR FAMILY'S WAY....

Old Fart said...

Well, Zorro, how many times have you reached out for your sword to make that infamous Z? Imagined maybe, but after so many years going by Zorro, surely there must have been a time your body language and your mind must have responded like our mythical hero Zorro!!

Giving himself a name like Bigdog, surely this must have been one of those times when he forgot and became, well, a DOG?

antimunafik said...

He's the UMNO's running dog. What's there to be surprised about.All of you tak payah Quote The Holy Quran. These guys worship the Almighty Ringgit rather than the Almighty God.So all your Quranic quotes are a waste of time.
99.99999% of UMNO members are members of the new sect "ISLAM mazhab UMNO".Everything is Halal as long as it serves their purpose.
Allah ..what's or who is that?? that's what they will ask.....
Oh it's the word we use to dupe others into thinking that we are good Muslims....hahaha....

Anonymous said...

1. 35 pastors stood in circle...
2. 1700 pastors will hold a special convention..
3. and the flavor of the agenda...

wow, these were very specific notes, that either requires inside information or being there.........

where dogs go, they will pee and shit, perhaps a CSI can find the DNA somewhere within....

Bumi Boy said...

Actually you and Big Dog same-same.
Both being used by political masters.
So lantaklah to you two.
Like kampung people say temu buku dan ruas.
The stronger between you will survive.
For me, DAP or BN in power, same-same.
Tak untung tak rugi.
No hal really

new fart said...

Bro Bernard....what can I say????

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Sad, isnt't it?

P.S. Noam Chomsky said
"To live a life of honesty and integrity is a responsibility of every decent person"

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

First RPK
Now bigdog

Wonder which blogger will succumb to the RM dangling in front of them?

Maybe they are blackmailed into doing this?

Anyway, GilGirl will forever be haunted by bad karma.

Anonymous said...

This dog is infected with rabis. Has to be put down before he infect other dogs. Don't go near him Zorro.

Husin Mahmood said...

Sabarlah Uncle Zorro, jangan hampa! Walaupun hari anda kembali ke Tuhan sampai, saya nak kamu tahu bahawa masih ade ramai lagi yang akan bangun dan meneruskan perjuangan anda!

Lebih satu kawan, kurang satu kawan, tak mengapa!

Malaysia Baru! A New Malaysia!

No Fart said...

It's sad, yeah Uncle Zorro.

I guess Girl Girl will still have a good future, there're plenty of extremist political party, newspapers, associations and groups for her to join and lead. Worse come to worse, she will be left with plenty of money for her to spend elsewhere outside Malaysia.

We all know it's a long war ahead for change unless Malaysians overall be more critical and proactive!

But corruption and easy money and power is too tempting at times.Sad Sad Malaysia.

Why is Lynas kicked out of Australia and end up Malaysia? Because with corruption, Malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

Only a hand full of “smart men” are running the country, the rest are sitting stocks in the parliament, majority have had the illness of mute and dumb while those smart men are thinking of ways to let government have more projects where they can screw and suck money into their bank account. This was particularly true with even some PM and DPM, CM and DCM, who always use “development and projects” as their political tools and sugar candies while in actual fact many many welfare and day-to-day issues directlt affecting the general people of Malaysia are neglected. When BN ministers are appointed to certain portfolios, how many actually act on their roles and responsibilities mandated to them by the voters?

That is why it is important that BN should improve itself as a good and effective government or choose one day to pack up and leave Putrajaya. What the people need is neither important that be it BN or PR, we need goooooood governmennnnnnnnnnt that caring for and serving the people are the principal principles

Malaysia got to be SAVED and SAFE

peminat zorro ahli pas said...

uncle zorro

that is why saya mesti jenguk laman uncle setiap hari bila ada masa.

alangkah baiknya org melayu islam umno ambil iktibar dari apa yg mesej yg uncle ingin sampaikan.

Honest Dog said...

If you have any feedback for bigdog,here is his email address:


Anonymous said...

Zorro has poor huan judgement as his 'friends' ar mostly one-of-a-kind.

Anonymous said...

Dear mr bigdog, u should hv read the official speech by mr lim kit siang on the first day of parliament when it reconvene after suspensiom on 23feb1971, b4 labeling DAP a chauvanist, it is u Sir who are, not them

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

To Big Dog, money is more valuable than friendship, dignity, integrity, human values and morality. Big Dog learned this from his good friend Rocky Bru.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he calls himself a dog tells us that he is not a true muslim.

Faisal said...

Instead of clarifying what is obvious, Najib should come down hard on Utusan Malaysia, the two bloggers and other Muslim groups that that play up the issue. This is a seditious issue and the government should charge them for sedition.

As it stands Najib has confirmed that there two sets of laws, one for the pro-government and the other for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Christians in this country want to do what was stupidly reported by BigDog?

The repercussion is too great and no one would want to see this country disintegrate and destroyed by some unscrupulous instigators of violence who gleefully hides themselves behind their sponsors.

Anonymous said...

a muslim DOG ???

Anonymous said...

That obnoxious retard aka big dog is obviously a cross between a swine and a bulldog.Pig-headed and so unable to use his grey matter and obstinate as a bulldog that refuses to reason when enticed with an overflowing food bowl.

Anonymous said...

Thank God he was not born a Christian. Idiotic imbecile that he is like his mentor the Mamamk Mohamad Kutty that he worships. How low can anyone stoop just for some money. No wonder NEP products like him who shun work and rather be parasites to earn a quick buck.This Zakir Mohamad's parents should be ashamed of producing a mindless idiot for kissing the hands of an ignoble mamak. Fortunately they are spared the sight of their offspring licking the mamak's ass.

Anonymous said...

The devil is with this dog