Sunday, May 1, 2011


I got a clip on my ear from Aunty Zainon when I used a Malay swear word (4 letters also). Aunty Zainon was my weekend mother when Dad and Mum had to be in Ipoh, much too often, representing Perak in badminton and hockey. This was in the early 50’s. As I recall this I can feel the sting of that clip! After that the word SWEAR had a weird negative connotation. As such I now only swear in English, Tamil and Punjabi! Chinese swear words are too unwieldy as it has to depend on season, texture, age, color, taste which when enunciated with a wrong inflection can invite two tight slaps. I thus avoid.

So you will understand when I did not make any comment on the current swearing session on Friday. I received an email leading me to this BLOG. The email requested that I post this for the benefit of my Malay readers. Before I get a swear word flung at me HERE it is.


Anonymous said...

The way the Ministry of Education is playing fast and loose with our childen’s education, the products of recent decades suggest that the education through government schools leave a gap so wide, there is so little of worth that is actually trapped in their brains.

Now this makes nonsense of all that ETP and high-income jargon that Najib and his merrymen of Putrajaya talks about. There is no need for a Talent Corporation either if the government begns a sensible education program for our children. More than half a million students pass through SPM annually, without actually ‘passing’!. Imean, how do you explain the persistent rumours that the passing mark for subjects like Add maths is about 15-18% or even less! Ok, talk about history – also 15-18%?

Now Najib sure is blowing a lot of hot air with his high-income sloganeering, and Muhyiddin sure knows his nonsense well to talk about better exam results every year he is the Minister of Education. If the passing mark is 10% or whatever, even cows do not need to study.

Anonymous said...

The Malay papers recently carried exotic and torrid stories of Anuar’s sex acts in several pages. It also had a half to full page photos of the oath taking ceremony, focused on pictures of Shazryl holding the Quran, with his two other conspirators.

But strangely, the English print media i.e. Star and NST main news reporting that took front page is about the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton, now proclaimed Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In this regard, both the Star and NST have acted sensibly by not doing what the Malay media has done.

Now, one would want to question why the obvious difference in the reporting of the Malay print media with that of the English media over this important oath taking ceremony. I think the answers are simply this.

1. The Malay media has wide coverage among the Malay rural folks and this is good political propaganda aimed at influencing their minds into believing that Anuar is indeed an unworthy Malay and Muslim leader. This hopefully will translate into votes for the government.
2. For simple rural Malay folk, the swearing in the name of Allah and with the Quran at hand is to be believed. No amount of persuasion will change their belief that an oath taken in the name of Allah is a lie. This would further strengthen Malay rural support for the government.
3. Conversely, the Star and NST is not widely received in the rural Malay areas. These papers have greater readership in the urban areas whose readers have much wider perception over a wide range of issues that differs from that of the rural folks. Being better read, would mean that the urban folks are not easily convinced over whatever is being reported by the media.

Anuar will now have a difficult time to convince the Malay rural folks to not believe in what has been said about him. I would think he needs to do a quick check on his support and popularity in his own constituency first before he goes on a nationwide road show to diffuse the negative reporting about him.

Anonymous said...

Osama is dead?

Where is the body?

Anonymous said...

Osama is dead but tun apanama still insists that 911 is a conspiracy by the jews.

Anonymous said...

To the Ketuanan people, of course they are afraid of French Revolution, the US declaration of independence, the civil war and the freeing of slaves and perhaps even Obama became the US president. All these would be the antithesis of what they taught to our students in schools and young people in PLKN and BTN.

mcamacai said...

MCA has no respect for democracy when MCA dares to help UMNO threaten and punish Chinese voters who fail to support BN but dare not threaten and punish UMNO for its unilateral invitation to PAS to join BN to promote Malay and Islamic unity

Clearly this is a classic case of double-standards where voters are punished for practicing democracy and the freedom of choice whereas a dictatorial UMNO can escape unpunished for making unilateral decisions on BN's behalf without first consulting and getting approval from BN component members like MCA.

Anonymous said...

Najib now threatens Chinese to vote for MCA or else Chinese will get further discriminated. Najib’s nMalaysia can do what it pleases and the Chinese do not succumb to threat.

Najib is openly stating that UMNO will look after Malay’s interest, or rather those who have connections with the ruling party and they happen to be Malays too. Thus BN cannot be trusted to govern the country. They are only involved in sharing power among those who sit around the table in the Cabinet, to satisfy their own interest. Those Chinese who sit in there are supposed to be appointed minister and get rich to make Chinese proud. That has been the way Mamakthir made malays proud in creating billionaire Malays of his choice.

If the government truly carries out the duties of proper governance, then what is good for the nation is good for the people. Najib certainly does not understand good governance, and since independence, the government has been managing race relations as if they were zero sum game. Thus to remain Malay champion there was a need to inflict against other races even their there is no benefit to Malays, and harmful to the nation. If Najib does not conduct racist discriminatory policies, then there is no need for MCA to be there to object to policies that went against Chinese interest. Indeed, if the government wishes to know the concerns of Chinese community, and if it cares about the interest of Chinese as citizens of Malaysia, just give to Chinese what it intends for Malays. He does not need to have MCA voices. Indeed Najib needs only to do the opposite to what Utusan Melayu proposes against the Chinese community.

By declaring what he said, Najib shows clearly he is a racist who cares for the interest of Malays, but not for the interest and fairness towards other communities in the country, for which other communities must voice them in the right places. Najib wants MCA to be in the government so that UMNO could propose policies which any right minded person would never come to his mind, to cause harm to Chinese and then have MCA on cue to yell for a stop to what ought not have been proposed. UMNO then shows its magnanimity to rescind the order, and MCA is then said to be fighting for Chinese interest. With such game, MCA ministers laugh to the bank, and the more important issue like the discriminatory NEP get implemented and bastardized behind the UMNO_MCA duet.

Chinese are sick of such performance and the want UMNO to answer to the world whether their policies would promote racial harmony in the country. Chinese do not intend to continue sending MCA to be the flower pot in the cabinet room.

Anonymous said...

The reason MCA keeps on failing is because it's a strictly Chinese based party.

Chinese, just like honest Indians and honest Malays, do not believe in race based politics anymore. They want to eradicate racism.

DAP may traditionally have had it's largest support base amongst Chinese, but *crucially*, DAP is *not* race-based by ideology. DAP does not operate or think along racial lines. Its ideology, just like PKR and PAS, is anti-racist; with strong emphasis on meritocracy and needs based social welfare system. DAP gains from its increasing number of Malay members.

This makes DAP a contemporary, future-looking, organisation entirely superior to the race-based and corrupted tycoon-dominated MCA. MCA is a relic from an obsolete and increasingly despicable race-based mind-set.

Anonymous said...

Najib had warned the Chinese community to vote for the MCA if they still wanted representation in Putrajaya.

While he speaks of inclusiveness via 1 Malaysia, his actions in issuing an ultimatum to the Chinese community to vote for the MCA in the risks losing further support from the Chinese community if it continues to send mixed signals about its policies to voters nationwide.