Sunday, May 29, 2011


I like to share this that I picked up from Datuk Arif Sabri’s HERE blog. Have a nice Sunday people:


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful day BUT I see corruptions !!

sampalee said...

We do not need God.We are just lost without HIM.Let us return to our respective religions enmasse and stop messing around with D.I.Y.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let's pray and hope that the known mass media
Will not be twisted and turned into "mess media"
Where journalistic values are no longer dear
When they have desperate media owners to fear

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun. 29th May 2011.

fergu-son said...

MU was outclassed by Barca!


Did you see Najib and Shaberry in MU jersey? No wonder MU lost.

Backdoor senator KTK was seen sporting a Barca scarf! Never see him supporting Penang football team last time. Shameful!

A Sobri said...

Election is near and you hear all kinds of promises, especially from the PM and dpm.

The reasons are simple, they thought as PM and dpms, the people will be easily taken in.

The question I wish to ask Muhyyddin is what happened to the Tamil school promised to the folks of Hulu Selangor, of which no one lesser than Muhyddin himself who did the ground breaking? After winning the Indian votes there, nothing happened, and the same will happen to Penang, if the folks are taken in. 220,000 RM for quality home in Penang Island or flood prone Mainland, Muhyddin, you gotta be precise and specific and do not say afterwards that you are misquoted.

Another question Muhyddin, what happened to the initiative to make Malaysia self sufficient in food, which was launched with much publicity which cost the Government USD1.25 billion launched two years ago? Why are the prices of food spiralling? The USD 1.25 billion had definitely been spent, but where are the results? We need answers and hopefully, the PM and dpm can give a responsible answer to Malaysians. All talk dan propaganda propaganda dusta saja! No action at all from UMNOsaja! Build then talk, don't promise and do not deliver, UMNO!

Anonymous said...

Sepatutnya kaum imigren termasuk kebanyakan anak-anak UMNO termasuk Tun Mahathir, najib, pak lah dan lain -lain tetapi kecuali anak-anak orang-asli dan pribu, Sabah dan Sarawak.

Kemungkinan besar keturunan mak saya lebih lama diBumi Malaysia ini jika dibandingkan dengan keluarga Tun M. Bapanya dilaporkan berasal dari rantau India. Keluarga mak saya telah ada dipeninsular ini sejak begitu lama, tiada ahli keluarga yang dapat memastikan sekarang kerana orang tua-tua telah semua meninggal dan dikebumikan ditanah ini.

Aiyah, jadi ‘imigren’ ini bererti sejak tamaddun bila, ya?

Anonymous said...

Red Devils were subjected to a footballing masterclass by Messi and Barca players.

Relentlessly torn apart!

Ruthlessly executed!

A bad omen for Najib who wore MU jersey?

Mata Kucing said...

Urban voters had voted for a two party system and the rest of the voters in sub urban and rural constituencies will have to be educated and be informed that replacing the government of the day which did not serve their interests with a new government which promises sweeping reforms is a government worth voting for.

So far the UMNO controlled BN government has been promising to fulfill what they had failed to deliver when given the mandate in past elections. The whole system of administrations and deliveries had been flawed and corrupted to the core and which is why a sweeping reforms are needed and to be executed by an alternative government. A two party system is the best HOPE to rebuild Malaysia for all Malaysians.

The Real 1Malaysia said...

BERSIH had decided to stage another street demonstration on 9th July, 2011 in order to impress upon the Government to ensure a fair and clean election in the coming 13th GE. It is incumbant upon all Malaysians to support this campaign in solidarity as no one should object to a FAIR and CLEAN election if the person still believe in Democracy.

Anonymous said...

It's awesome....

Anonymous said...

if UMNO ask KTK to wear a skirt, he would come with a dress to spare.

Jong said...

The Champions League finals Barcelona displayed a totally different class of play altogether. MU needs to buck up, it just showed they were no match!

Alphard said...

Chua Soi Lek talks about '1 Malaysia' vision and the govt.'s affirmative actions becoming more merit-based and more needs-driven. He is saying all this because he knows he has offended Najib in the PSD scholarship issue and by saying what he is saying he wants forgiveness from Najib.

'1 Malaysia' is merely a slogan. Where is the substance? On one hand they shouted '1Malaysia', after that they banned the Malay Bibles. They again shouted '1Malaysia', then turned around to allow its mouth-pieces the Utusan and Perkasa to accuse the Chinese of all sorts of wrong-doings.

It would serve him better if he conserves his energy and time and to use them to counter Utusan and Perkasa. He will get more respect if he can stand up to UMNO for the Chinese instead of trying to camouflage his 'b***-carrying' by saying praise for 1Malaysia.

Another strong reason why all the present politicians in the BN will not give up racial politics is because this is what keeps them entrenched in heir positions. Their fear of losing their source of illegal wealth and their positions and their family's members' positions in their parties and in the government will will make ir hard for the to give up racial politics.