Tuesday, May 31, 2011


“Don’t ever ask stupid questions again,” said my Pa as he delivered the first and last smack on my cheek.

Yesterday, after a trying day at the plant, I got down to get updates on YB Fuziah’s meeting with the IEAE at the Hyatt Kuantan. I chanced upon this post by one Trevin Kumaran who asked:

Can someone prove to me how Rare Earth waste can be harmful to anyone of us from a distance away: Not in close contact, and not inside the factory. As far as I'm concern, the only possibility of it even harming a person is thru direct contact or consuming it thru direct breathing of the dust. If it's within the factory compound, how is it going to harm us? Why is everyone dead worried like it's going to jump on us? LYNAS cant be so stupid to risk us closing them by showing exposure happen.

To me this stupid question could elicit from me a plethora of answers, but I will desist in the belief that some people cannot be helped. This bloke reminds me the waiter who asked a a husband and wife who walked into the restaurant:

Q: Table for how many?

A: One, my wife will sit on my shoulders.

Over the last two days my blogpost roasted one Lynas Engineer. Today you all can have this guy as a toasted piece, with no butter or marmalade (would be a waste, no?). I cropped his picture because his lady is not involved and I embossed his pic, so that nobody would stalk him. However, I am chucking away this over-burnt toast. (ASIDE: close to 90 over-toasted him!

Ok, why my Pa delivered that clip on my cheek:

Me: Is it raining outside?

Pa: Does it rain inside?


Anonymous said...

No worth wasting time to roast this bloke.

Looks like someone resorted to paying gangsters to act as pro-Lynas protesters, to beat up those who disagree with building the plant. Malaysia is going back into stone age where gangsters are deployed to get one's way. Is this Lynas or is this UMNO? This is FUCKING disgusting!!!

Can the people of Pahang rise up and make a stand? Your land is going to be a toxic wasteland soon and Pahangites would soon be identified as "lepers" ... people with damaged health that others are hesitant to get close to. Would you marry a Pahangite and risk bearing a child which is abnormal?

I support Nizar as MB for Ipoh said...

Hey Trevin, as I'm not in the industry, i cannot prove lah! But i believe many other experts out there would be able to.

Or maybe all the government of the countries in the world except China also will be able to prove to you.

You said, "LYNAS cant be so stupid to risk us closing them by showing exposure happen."

Well, i think they also wont be so stupid to risk billion dollar legal tussle by 'admitting' when exposure DOES happen.

Ever heard of Prevention Better than Cure?

The worst thing to happen is, when exposure does happen, the government will care shit even if it's discovered, all they'll do is blame Lynas and order a close-down. But what about the ordinary residents affected?

Sweep them under Deepak's carpet lah!

Typical STUPID Malaysian you are!

Anti-those who approved Lynas said...

Actually, Pahang people.. it's your choice... it's you who voted for Adnan Yaacob and BN to rule!

Who to blame? Stop protesting against Lynas for chrissakes! Protest against those whom you have voted in as governments and MPs!

Trust me.. you kill a snake by cutting off its head! If you dont, you just have to face its ugly head again and again and again..

After Lynas, there would be more damaging projects.. Pahang.. another Sarawak?

Anonymous said...

Many of those victims in the Bukit Merah plant were kids and very far from the radioactive sites. Why are they deformed and ended up with all sort of sickness after the plant had been closed down for so many years? That bloke at Gebeng site just wants a job or sponsored by the powerful people who approved the Lynas project. Vote for PR in GE13.

Teacher? said...

The question does merit an answer and not just toast. What is so difficult to explain that distant contamination could occur via spreading by wind and other means while contamination could also spread via contamination of ground water. ALso low level radiation can become very dangerous via ingestion into the body and thus become long term readiation.

Hey zorro you were a teacher so how could you not bother to answer a question?

Chen said...

Imagine a Kuantan where you can look at the seafood but you cannot or dare not eat them.... That will happen if Lynas's toxic project goes ahead.

It is our seafood! Stupid....

zorro said...

Will this: " but I will desist in the belief that some people cannot be helped." satisfy you?

If you have been a reader here, you would have come to this conclusion that I draw comments from my readers that fill in the blanks.....just like you admirably did. THANKS.

new fart said...

Hey, nobody said the nuclear power plant in Fukushima wasn't safe! But all it takes is a major disaster and presto...contamination everywhere. You don't need to be in close contact, okay....get it?

Anonymous said...

Its this pariahs who will complain and complain once they kena radiation and shouting like those pariah lawyers for compensensation and never fcuking satisfied.....
These are the stupid pariahs you ignore like rats plague! and act dumb....

zorro said...

Please lah, dont use that P word here. Other P words got yah? THANKS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Bernard.

I guess good for you your pa did what he did. You grew up and grew old not suffering fools lightly and gladly ......... :))


Anonymous said...


You are absolutely correct. Some people are just too thick and not able to see the trees from the forest. Complete waste of time to even respond to such people.

Anonymous said...

Trevin is probably a colleague of Lynas Engineer. Both graduated from the same college for really slow learners of exceptionally low intelligence.

meeky-meeky said...

All the arguments for and against this project boil down to one simple question: why doesn't the Australian government allow Lynas to set up the plant to process the rare earth waste? Because it is harmful, it is toxic, and in the event a serious accident occurs, it will be catastrophic.

Ask the Australians why they refused to have the plant set up at their own backyard and you will get your answer.

We are just a third world country willing to be the dumping ground for toxic waste.

We have had enough of a government that continues to rip us off, to cheat and lie to us.

wandererAus said...

"Malaysia is a corrupted country, whereas, Australia is a Smart Country"...maybe, lacking in morality but, in a commercial arena, is there such a thing as principle and morality? Business men only worship their money gods!

Anonymous said...


flyer168 said...


Just to share this again with your readers to keep reminding the Powers that be ...

YouTube - Why I Am Leaving Vancouver British Columbia Canada - Thanks, Fukushima Japan - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT6ZCxzW8K4

YouTube - Mamat Mat Salleh yang benci Lynas dan sayang Malaysia - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9a7Yaa0hRs

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro

There is another way in which contaminants can be spread to others far away from the site.

Through workclothes worn by the employee and brought back into the home after returning from work. So, if "Lynas engineer" has toxic dust on his/her work clothes, he/she can bring the dust back and contaminate the spouse, the kids and the home. All this for a pay of RM15,000 a month?

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

The BN government’s refusal to ask independent power producers (IPPs) to bear some of the burden not only taxed the poor in favour of the rich but promoted price distortions that would negate any gains in efficiency derived from the subsidy cuts.

It would be better off terminating the contracts with IPPs and allowing Petronas sell its gas at market price instead of the highly subsidised rate it now offers to the private power sector.

Kamil Arshad said...

It is time for a new government that is sincere in helping the poor. I say ‘poor’ and not Bumiputras because it is obvious that the weakness of any assistance policy is providing too much help and help going to the wrong people.

The rich need no financial help. They need to develop a competitive spirit and that can never be achieved through ‘special privileges’ that makes things too easy. In fact, contrary to helping those rich Bumiputras, we deprive them of the need to change and progress through improved capability. As many knows, we provide them with unnecessary crutches which even the rich like Ibrahim Ali demands.

As for helping all Malaysian poor; since according to statistics, most of the poor are the Bumiputras, it is certain that the needy (those who truly need) Bumiputras who make up the majority will be the ones given assistance. As such, the aim of leveling whatever playing field the politicians have been talking about will be achieved. Well, that is the NEP’s original aim.

Even when helping the poor, providing good education and training to the rural folks should be given priority. Sad it is that after more than 50 years of independence, most rural areas are still not developed sufficiently to bring better education, more education facilities, to provide the rural poor with opportunities to get out of their poverty trap. We see most of the development in big towns and cities, neglecting the potentials of the rural folks.

When is the government willing to sit down and seriously think of really helping the truly poor instead of allowing the poor to remain ignorant so that they can be misled and misinformed about their country’s true development? When will the government start to rethink of their policies which have been proven by the time of 40 years to be failures in actually helping the truly needy?

Will there be a leader who can really serve the progress of country and all Malaysians and not just their own racial communities?

Anonymous said...

Since our own Govt don't give a shit to the wellbeing of the rakyat, can we turn the pressure to the Australia Govt? Australia has good governance surely they won't allow Lynas to dump the radiation waste to another country?