Friday, May 20, 2011


The FRU, UTK and assorted un-uniformed personnel were all around. But they were very cooperative. As I passed them, the Light Strike Force officers were gearing up. I picked up a helmet when it was dropped as an officer was strapping on his knee protection. I held it for him until he completed his dressing. I told him that if the government did not do anything wrong, people would not protest. His remark made my day: Itu betol. I shook his hand and went to join the rally-goers who were already stopped from proceeding towards the Aussie Hicom.

Speeches were made by PAS and PKR. Met up with YBs Charles, Eli, Tian, Haris and Clement Chin, one of the Kuantan organizers. Jeya and hubby came from Kuantan too minus the baby. Conspicuously missing was the kindie chap who initiated this STOP LYNAS MOVEMENT. I particularly asked for him.

The boys in blue were disciplined and what surprised me was the duration of the rally. It was allowed to go on despite the rain and after the shower. Usually they threaten us with the count of 10, 15 and once 5. I left the scene at 4:15pm.

I was particularly surprised to see a green-jacketed Lions member amongst us. Sure was a good sight because these SERVICE clubs hardly or openly support the causes like this one . They go for VISIBILITY. Their mileage is WHO they invite when they make check presentations … that we ordinary people contribute to. Its about time these elite service clubs come forward, stand with us when we make a stand against injustice or unfairness.



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Anonymous said...

We have good cops too. Just like many soldiers who have to fight in the war not becos they want it but it's an order.

Deep in their hearts a number of them are with the rakyat but life must go on becos of butter and bread and a family too.

Soldier of Fortune.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie," Thank You " for you guys showing your support for the Kuantan folks, by joining the demonstrations to reject the Lynas plant.Our sick politicans think that Malaysians have forgotten about the disaster that happened in Perak decades ago.What you guys were demonstrating for, was for the good of Malaysians.But as usual the snake had to rear its ugly head, to show that it can do much the worst for all Malaysians, including the people they are close to and see everyday.The brain dead Perkasa and Umno Youth held a demonstration in front of Utusan's office.They were showing their undying support for this trouble making racist and extremist garbage publication.These people have no shame and conscience, but members of their families, have to cover their faces when appearing in public.They were so ashamed and embarassed by what lowdown and cowardly members of their families did,that they didn't want to be reconize by the public.So for all those Perkasa and Umno Youth members who was there supporting Utusan,it's time to ask " FORGIVENESS " from your families, for embarassing them.Then, be " A MAN " and appologise to all Malaysians. p/s sorry couldn't be with you guys,being out of the country for a while.

Jeyasingam said...

Uncle Zorro
Vincent Was there! (The kindie chap). See Malaysiakini gallery.. photo no 7 (I think)...the one with Fuziah Salleh. He's the guy in the Red Tshirt next to her.

And thanks for remembering me. Yes, it was the least we could do for our beloved Kuantan.


flyer168 said...


Congratulations to the Organisers, Haris, your goodself, etc & the Lion's Club Official.

CHARLES HECTOR: Lynas: Pahang MB tries to shift blame to the BN Federal Government -

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lynas: Pahang MB tries to shift blame to the BN Federal Government

Question, isn't the Federal & State Government responsible for the wellbeing of the Environment & its Citizens' welfare?

The $$$ (Pittance!) for the Powers that be vs the huge immoral profits for Lynas at the expense of Destroying our Environment & Damaging our Innocent citizens' life especially the newborn & young...

Just to share this with you & your readers to "Remind" the Government...

Why I Am Leaving Vancouver British Columbia Canada - Thanks, Fukushima Japan -

04 on May 8, 2011

This is a RE POST of a conference held by Dr. Helen Caldicott, in Montreal, back in March of 2011.

She tells it THE WAY IT IS.

I was born and have lived in the Metro Vancouver BC Canada area all of my life.

All that comes to a swift end in the wake of a completely avoidable disaster.

The northern hemisphere is about to be forever covered in more than a dozen different radioactive elements, all lethal, all essentially permanent.

You be the judge.

Cheers & take care.

TheWhisperer said...


The Chairman was there with his family. Managed to get a pic of him with his boy before I introduced him to Haris..

Well, I dint see you there either but that doesn't mean you weren't there.


Miecyber said...

Get out Lynas....

Gambar Perarakan Bantah Lynas 20 Mei 2011

zorro said...

Vincent, I am sorry to assume you were not around because I did not see you. Pls accept my apologies.

Anonymous said...

Unker Z..

Mata matas merely follow instructions. Political leadership(read UMNO) decides LYNAS gathering too hot a potato to disrupt. Hence IGP told no disruption and word filtered down. So u find kind mata matas around. No tear gas.

Wake up rakyat. Something NOT right with approval of that Lynas construction in the home state of UMNO minted PM Najib,who is exceptionally passive, after all that APCO million dollars hype on Rakyat Di Dahulukan, eh..


21 May 2011

wandererAus said...

These blue uniformed assholes do have a heart after all...maybe, they realized the environment we live in are shared by all!!...irrespective of their color of their skin and the religion they believe in.

mauriyaII said...

Zorro, it is not apathy that keeps service clubs such as the Lions or the Rotarians from coming out in the open to support any anti-government initiative.

Though they are service clubs who donate large sums for civic activities, thier hands are tied because they are answerable to the misguided and running dog called ROS.

As it is the Lions are branded as Zionists by the rabid UMNOputra supporting teachers in schools. Malay Muslim students are prevented from joining the Leo Clubs by the hooded religious teachers.

No service clubs would like to jeopardize their positions to answer silly letters sent by the ROS. I personally know of Lions and Rotarians who are very proactive and congnizant to what is happening in the country. They are doing their part in their own way.

Kudos for the braveheart Lion and all who took part in the anti-Lynas gathering.

Anonymous said...

Mixing politics and activism like this is very bad. A cause can be tainted by political motives as proven by a rally like this

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you, En Haris and all those who were there to support the cause; Wish I could personally show my gratitude.
TMI today has something on Lynas and some payment, it sure sounds fishy!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, Cop are also people. Teir IQ is as good as ours if not better. I'm sure they ask the same question: Why should the Aussie build Lynas in Kuantan if it's indeed harmless to the environment? Aussie can keep everything at home. It's illogical to build the plant first and proceed to assess the environment later, and halt the project if the EIA indeed found it unacceptable environmentally.

Antares said...

This is fantastic, Zorro... the good turnout... the restraint shown by the cops... the determination and resolve of the protestors who came from all communities... I'm so sorry I woke up too late to join you all... but I was very much there in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Were the UMPHONO and PERKOSA guys there? Suppose you guys did not promise allowances, right ? No ?

hudson said...

Tis is to YB ng Y.Y. After spending millions of the rakyat's $$,tis plant will surely drives the tourist away from the East Coast area,then to the whole of Malaysia.Might as well closeshop the whole Ministry.