Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In response to my posting THEY TAKE US TO BE STUPID?, a Lynas employee made this comment:

Anonymous Lynas Worker said...

Dear All

Where do we go to make our voices heard in support to the Lynas project?

We are a group of people that will be employed in this plant and we also believe that this will be an important mechanism in driving our nations economy from job creation to various trickle down effects of the economy.

We believe that the government had closely studied the cost-benefit analysis and found this project sustainable. Such reports from independent bodies are well available to the public if your were not utterly blinded by political agenda. Some people who do not support this plant have nothing more than propaganda and mere rhetorics and hardly know the facts of our government's plans for lynas.

Me along with a few hundred other voting malaysians support this plant, and we outnumbered the protesters of an alien race who invaded the malay heartland of lynas.

Let Lynas proceed, the government has the blessings of those on the ground. Do not listen to aliens with political agenda.

-Lynas Malaysian Engineer-

May 25, 2011 4:57 PM

I am a bit perplexed by his last two paragraphs. I know some of you are angry at his outburst, so please disagree agreeably can? Don’t be abusive …..let’s try to win him over, yah?.....that is if we can!


new fart said...

It's quite obvious this fellow is utterly confused and self-centered. He has every right to say what he says so that's okay. But once again to use race to argue his point of view is not going to win him any friends.

Chen said...

Dear Lynas Engineer,

Thank you for sharing your concern re the Stop Lynas movement.

We are genuinely concerned for you too because you are a worker and you will be the one facing the occupational health hazards of Lynas' waste every day you work there.

Like the victims of Bkt Merah, you are the one who will be most exposed to any radiation and hazardous substance.

We wish you well and we hope you will be careful to take care of your health.

Anonymous said...

With all due respects to dear Zorro and I shall strive to keep this as civil but direct as possible to Lynas Engineer.

What year did you graduate from BTN and; have you Actually done your homework? Articulate your perspectives as a professional for; your views are wafted with the vapors of DUMBNO stink. Wake up & smell the roses dear fellow, rather than sticking your ignorant & misguided nose up Senor Ib's... hmmmm. posterior. Cos, that's where his brains are located.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone believe this paramecium is an engineer and not an UMNO or Perkasa mole? Its writings give it away. You see, a competent engineer will know the hazards, calculate the risks to its personal health if it work for 8 hours a day, 6 days week at the plant and decides it is better to get an engineering job at an automobile plant.

It also would not write the last 2 paragraphs because competent engineers have enough self respect to write a professional, rational and factual rebuttal, the only exception, being engineers who received the certificates from the backdoor and does not know the difference between a spanner and a wrench!!!

It has extremely limited intellectual capability and knows only how to differentiate Malays from alien.

You would notice that I refer to the writer as "it" ... because that's how you call a paramecium.

Man! I would be pissed if I'm an engineer reading its writings.

Anonymous said...

Protestors who invaded the Malay land! Are u from Perkasa? Go find another engineering job lah.

Anonymous said...

He stands to benefit from the project in the short term through being employed by Lynas but does he care if the project result in catastrophe to the general populace including himself?
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynas Engineer, You totally missed the point! It's NOT about creating jobs in the first place, BUT IT'S ABOUT HEALTH SAFETY of the Kuantan and Malaysian people. There are so many other ways to create jobs as Malaysia is a land full or natural resources. But the people on the ground are concerned about the potential threat and ill effects to their health. Can you guarantee their safety when even the Aussies are voicing out their concerns. Even your beloved mahatir expressed reservations; remember Bukit Merah.
Sorry, You seem to be the alien, need your head checked, not the people in Kuantan.

Anonymous said...

Engineer, sure or not?? More like a half-baked technician who got the job so that the company can meet the quota to fill the position as a requirement to open in Gebeng! Hell, how can we trust a guy like this to process rare Earth?? Not only is he grey-matter deficient, he is clearly myopic! How to differentiate what kinda of materials he's getting and sorting?? He might mistakenly release radioactive waste into Kuantan town!!If Lynas is employing people like him, better stop the material from reaching our shores!

Antares said...

This guy is obviously in cari makan mode - like the loggers in Tasmania who behaved like louts to disrupt a meeting of local conservationists unhappy about Taib Mahmud's proxy company Ta Ann chopping down the forests. To them the rice bowl is what's important. They don't see the bigger picture. It's the same with your typical policeman who earns just enough to keep his family alive. He doesn't want to think too deeply about the long-term consequences of his carrying out orders from above. He doesn't know he has other options, other ways of getting an income that don't create such massively negative side-effects. When I had to deal with local loggers, I kept suggesting that the kepala of the logging crew set up a pau stall instead. Promised I would support his business. Of course, he didn't take my suggestion to heart.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

There is no such thing as independent reports! Ever heard of "capture theory"? The regulated (Lynas) has controlled the regulator (BN gov't and so-called independent environmental agencies).

For me, the engineer above is only in for short-term gain. Once he knows how dangerous it is, he will leave and live somewhere else, simple as that.

However, there is also a possibility that this is an engineer in disguise. Look at his last two paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Engineer

Imagine if you and anyone in your group of people wants to start a family.

You ended up shooting blanks and no babies! Fine ... maybe you had a good time, so be it!


Your baby comes out looking more like an alien than human ... maybe you will be damn excited to be a parent ... or maybe not ...

but you have to live with the consequences for the rest of your lives ...

... because you want RM4000 a month salary from Lynas ...

... but then, you are too absorb in the Malay vs alien thing to realise anyway ...

elizabeth said...

Good luck to you, Lynas engineer. U will not just be expossed to radiation, but I suspect, you will either not be insurable or subject to loads of exclusion clauses. Better buy all the insurance u need before reporting to Lynas, and yes, dont even tell the insurance underwriters about your new job!!!

KoSong Cafe said...

This reminds me of Perkasa's 'jangan campur urusan JPA' which seems to be the main stumbling block to our progress. They want to do things their way only, based on narrow mindset and perspective, short-term gains and selfish interests.

mauriyaII said...

This little pimp calls himself an engineer. He is in disguise to earn extra ringgit from his misguided and brainless masters or he is the scapegoat send in to do the dirty work.

The last two paragraphs expose him as a pimp from Perkosa sent by the bapa ayam to vent his racist mindset.

This dim witted guy is an insult to Malays and engineers who are more knowledgeable.

Another brainwashed BTN product.

Anonymous said...

"Me along with a few hundred other voting malaysians support this plant, and we outnumbered the protesters of an alien race who invaded the malay heartland of lynas. Let Lynas proceed, the government has the blessings of those on the ground. Do not listen to aliens with political agenda."

Right-wing (fascist), racist (Perkasa-type)politics go along with disrespect for the environment. (Does this "engineer" understand the grave threat to the health of the people of NE Pahang and S Terengganu? Possibly even the health of the people of Pekan if the sea currents carry toxic material in Sungai Balok southward? Does this person realise that the anti-Lynas movement is multiracial? Just take a look at the videos available on You Tube!)

Phua Kai Lit

Miecyber said...

Government not always right.
Government must not make same mistake as what happen at Bukit Merah..!!!
Get out Lynas forever..!!!!

Hotel Gantung

Lynas Worker said...

Still, no one has told me where I can go to show my support for the Lynas project.

RM4,000? try RM 15,000, Anon 6:56 AM.

Yes, my rice bowl and many others. So you show me a detailed feasibility study that quantifies the risk that you mentioned and I will gladly show you the report that clearly states the risk being very low, in fact almost zero from an independent body. Facts for facts, No politics like you always play it out to be.

PS- Old man, there is no winning me over, polite or otherwise, unless you are willing to pay me RM15k per month, with a healthy increment and bonuses ,Australian salary scale and other perks.

-Lynas Engineer-

Jong said...

So for working near the engine for RM15,000? :D That's peanuts my friend!
Even if it's RM30,000 that can't buy you a year's medical to restore your health?

You probably won't even have time to enjoy the RM30,000! The choice is yours Lynas Worker, live today, tomorrow comes what may, eh?

Tak Nak Lynas said...

Lynas Worker said...
"Still, no one has told me where I can go to show my support for the Lynas project."

Maybe that's because no one in their right mind actually supports it.

And yeah, the racist tone in your earlier comment is just plain stupid. Ko ingat Melayu kebal radiasi ke? Kalo kena semua kena, tak kira ko Melayu, India, Cina, Melanau, Kadazan, Iban...

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynas Worker/Lynas Engineer,

No wonder you are up in arms because you stand to lose RM15K a month plus perks. By the way, do you and your family live around the vicinity of the proposed refinery? Please share with us where your home is located so that we have a better understanding and appreciation that you will be like the ordinary Gebeng residents who will be breathing in the same air and eating the same food/produce around the Lynas refinery.

Also please give us the assurance that you will ensure the safety standards (waste water, exhaust air emissions, etc) and SOPs of the Lynas refinery will be adhered to. Also please give assurance that the thorium waste products will be stored in accordance to the international safety standards and then be transferred back to Australia or a third country for final disposal.

If you provide us with the information of your home and give us the assurances requested above, then perhaps you deserved to be heard. Otherwise you are nothing except a selfish person who only looks after your own selfish needs at the expense of the safety, well being and future of the Gebeng/Pahang residents and polluting/contaminating the environment. And I do hope you, your children and grand children will have good health.

- A Retired Licensed Radiation Safety Officer -

Anonymous said...

That's why they are willing to pay rm15.000. Its your life they are buying, and sacrifice the lives of all innocent people, from the contamination, like what we see in Baogang, China.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynas Engineer / Lynas Worker,

I'm sure the State Government of Pahang will be more than happy to have your support. Please contact the Menteri Besar's office so that they can welcome you with open arms. You are exactly the kind of supporter that they are looking for. Eloquent, educated and a qualified professional.

But, before you do, can I just ask if you are aware of the Asian Rare Earth debacle in Bukit Merah circa 1992?

Perhaps you have statistics / reports to show us how safe the operation of that particular facility was supposed to be.

At this point, you will probably revert with facts showing how low the level of radioactivity will be for the materials processed in the Lynas plant.

In return, I would like to ask, if the risk is so low, and the procedure so safe, why oh why, was the plant not set up in some remote area of the outback instead of 25km north of Kuantan? Australia has no shortage of land to build such a safe plant. Why the need to travel all the way to Malaysia?

Malaysia is OWN by Malaysians said...

Lynas Malaysian Engineer:

Your "Me along with a few hundred other voting malaysians support this plant, and we outnumbered the protesters of an alien race who invaded the malay heartland of lynas"...

..i just want to point out you nor ALL of the residents of lynas (alien race or not) DO NOT own Lynas nor Malaysia as a whole to yourselves. If radiation risk is there, then even the beggar we find on a street in Ipoh (or as faraway as in JB) has a right to voice out.

Work with me on this. Say oneday the government Japan decides to blow Honshu island away with a nuclear bomb, with the intention of wiping 'ITS' island off from the world map for some reasons. Do you think the people of China, Taiwan or even US has no right to question the move? That all other countries have to continue its daily activities until the radiations hits them, that then only they can protest? Or is it in your point of view that even then, other countries has no right to open their mouths?

Dont be selfish.

Dont be one of those who are willing to even sell his/her own daughters. simply for the sake of a mere few thousands.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

You should start up your fart chamber again as we have a Lynas engineer who needs to be "farted" upon to regain his senses. I'm assuming the Lynas engineer is indeed an engineer and has some degree of intelligence. However I am more prone to believe the Lynas engineer is a rabble rouser with radiation zapped dead brain cells populating his shrunken brain. Regardless of who and what he is, he qualifies to be sent to your fart chamber instantly.

patrick said...

Now why would Lynas employ a race engineer,I wonder?Fast track to perdition,perhaps?

Anonymous said...

No big deal. The Engineer and his friends who support the Lynas project can apply a police permit to demonstrate in support of the Rare Earth refinery project in Gebeng. The people will then find out who they are.

Anonymous said...

Alhamdullilah, nasib baik ade yg mengingatkan!

Anonymous said...

Dei Engineer, You must been watching too many re-runs of Alien and its sequel! Your mind must set to see everybody as Alien! When the first bag of Rare Earth arrived please eat some it and rolled in it! Imbecile!

Anonymous said...

What is there to be nice to this fella. He is probably an UMNO stooge. pftui on him.

Anak Perelih said...

lets this engineer guy suffers of radiations...


Anonymous said...

Biarlah aku sorang2 cakap melayu kat sini.

Ko kalu blajar tak habis jangan nak ngaku engineer.

Kalu btul2 engineer tak kan mcm ni kepala otak penuh bisul. Ni bisul dah mola meletop satu2. Sbb tu idea mcm bongok je....

Kalau ko nak sngt teruskan projek lynas ni hah pergilah planet lain or cari bumi lain selain dari bumi Allah ini.

Planet marikh, Pluto Musytari & lain2 tu sesuai coz alien ramai kat sana.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Lynas an Australian company and by your logic, an alien company? Hypocrite!

Lynas Worker said...

Lynas is just being a victim of unfair accusations and political propaganda. Most of this accusations come from people with little or no knowledge on rare earth processing.

I bet you those who are campaigning against lynas all have mobile phones? Work in an office or live in homes or ever been to venues with air conditioning? Heck, you idiots are typing away on your PC's and laptops to talk smack about me. But guess what your iphone or your nokia or your York aircon or your HP laptops contains?
See, you are ALL part of the global demand for rare earth but now you want to be hypocrites and protest the processing plant of this "evil radioactive element" ? What bullcrap is this?

I am a qualified engineer, do you think that i will be stupid enough to put myself in harms way? Oh, I forgot, your kind all smart and think that my kind are born stupid and the only reason why I am an engineer is because I have bumi advantage, government assistance and tongkat.. right?

You people seriously think the huge investment Lynas is putting into this ultra modern plant won't include waste control? Are they that stupid to risk a heavy legal battle if anything went wrong?

So for the uneducated - The naturally occurring, slightly radioactive Thorium will be MIXED WITH LIME to a maximum of 0.05% which meets INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS for disposal with NO or few restrictions. Lynas however is going to use this harmless mix in making large concrete shapes known as tetrapods to build artificial reefs for fish and sea walls to not only prevent beach erosion but also hold up against any threat of tsunami.

Educate yourself and open your eyes. Stop echoing the opposition who loves to oppose just for the sake of opposing. Many a times, the opposition even opposes when something right is done. Isnt that just plain idiotic?

-Lynas Engineer-

Malaysian said...

"Lynas however is going to use this harmless mix in making large concrete shapes known as tetrapods to build artificial reefs for fish and sea walls to not only prevent beach erosion but also hold up against any threat of tsunami."

Good! Then Lynas should ship back those radioactive waste to Australia to build artificial reefs cos' the Great Barrier Reef corals will be largely dead by 2050,says Australian study. Why don't you tell that to the Australians? Oh, I forget, they are also uneducated!

Presuming that the radioactive waste is safe after the special treatment, why is the Western Australian govt not willing to take it back? They have so much land at their backward to bury the waste! After all it originated from their ground! Oh! I forget, it has little or no knowledge on rare earth processing.

And you know what is the best part about Lynas waste control??? By saying it will set aside some part of its earning to help our govt research into how toxic rare earth can be disposed off SAFELY, is like saying "Let's us start the factory first, with the profit earned, we will donate in your research to dispose off safely those toxic rare earth! At the meantime, trust our waste control" Wow! I'm flabbergasted by Lynas generosity. My eyes more than wide-opened, they almost 'pop-out' when I read this article!

Sure, we are part of the global demand for rare earth but other global users don't want a Rare Earth plant at their backyard too! This other global users are just as hypocrites while a qualified engineer braved his life so that they can continue to have hi-tech gadgets! What a hero, this Lynas engineer! I almost cried.

Governments and users around the world don't want a rare earth plant in their backyard or closing down its plants! OMG! These echoes around the world are just deafening!

And to think that the our govt (witht help of an engineer with deep knowledge) can't wait to embrace a rare earth plant here.

Now, who is the IDIOT here???

Anonymous said...

Dear Tuan Engineer,

Go work for Proton and help them make better cars. I drive a Gen2 and I’d say it is Murphy’s favorite car as anything that can go wrong with it has gone wrong.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This guy must one Adnan cronies be give a job at Lynan or Adnan's cybertrooper.

If it so save as Adnan'said, this what he has to do.

1) Move his residence there and live there everyday with his family within 2Km
2) Move his MB's office there all together with his EXCOs with 2km

or otherwise move this project to nearer HRH Sultan of Pahang's palace or Pekan.

Anonymous said...

For rm15,000/= , his soul & @#$%^&* is being SOLD !!

Anonymous said...

...and he claims as a non-alien !

Anonymous said...

Aliens made legitimate via Project M?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
This guy must one Adnan cronies be give a job at Lynan or Adnan's cybertrooper.

May 29, 2011 3:02 PM


Thats right, for a Malay to be given a job by a foreign company, it cannot be based on merit but because he is a crony right? That seems to be the typical pitch by your kind.

And you wonder why Malays call you aliens

new fart said...

Lynas Engineer....I think you have put up a valid argument there and that's the kind of argument that we should all indulge in, but please don't bring in the racial bit, with your kind and my kind....Malaysians from all walks of life and that includes all racial divides, are concerned and worried when it comes to health issues and it's only natural that they voiced out their concerns. Not everyone is politically inclined, whether opposition or otherwise so please don't accuse the ordinary folks of using this as a political tool to oppose the ruling parties. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Lynas Worker/Engineer,

You are selling yourself short by asking only RM15,000 monthly salary. You mean your life is worth is only RM15,000 per month? You are quite a cheapskate. You should ask for A$15,000 per month as none of the Aussie engineers want to work in a radioactive refinery back in Australia, simply because the Aussie government will not allow the Lynas refinery to operate in Australia that will contaminate the country and its inhabitants with the radioactive wastes.

Anonymous said...

huh???when the immigresen of malaysia change the defination of "aliens"?

MIB, please help!

motherchell said...

Dear Lynas Rocket Scientist",
May i also assume that you are aka Apco??
Reading you letter with the "" we believe"" and "" we are" lets the cat out of the bag about who you truly are-- especially the mistakes in your tenses, adjectives and participles!!
You sure have to try to justify your patriotic actions in a better place!!
For your letter's sake --let me put you in a better light today.
When Madame Curie was awarded the Noble prize for the discovery of polonium and radium . It was not as a Datukship is awarded in your Bolehland. Alexender Litvenko saw himself a different man when he fled the KGB a few years back. Even his waiter was not spared with what Curie told us about what the dark side of polonium is.
Time and again you see what the Industry is all about-- you have seen the tobacco industry;- They buy themselves into organizations , Political Ruling groups OR they set up a fully paid up with commissions study Fronts. In a land you live that has a craze for acronyms to fool the public--- you are nailed big time though i find you fictitious. It is sad to note you don't care for the fetuses that may be developing in your daughter , wife or your daughter -in -law!! You are living under a fundamentally dysfunctional regime held with a price tagged esteem. You are just one mute who has been given that so called counter web polity to raise the dead "beast" from its tomb. Your show of pseudo patriotism is like burning yourself to teach us the way to barbecue steak .
To accept with your beliefs and your dutiful submissiveness does not prove your readings of the evaluation of the govt findings. You have not done any sleuthing to enjoy your 8--5 pastime that you are so eager about in a country where oil and natural resources give abundant economic options. Im sure you are coy to even open your heart and tissues to you employers----- but do remember dear Rocket Scientist--- dead man tell no tales!!!--- and even if you rise from your grave the Home MINISTER WILL DISAVOW ANY KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR EXISTENCE!!!

To my Dear Zorro, thank you for keeping an eagle's eye on the ones who misinform. Your service for the health and well being of our communities is always noted the world over.
As always,wish you good health and lots of joy,---- and you take my friend,
Much regards.

Anonymous said... he claims he's created from the local soil or ...or hatched from the local durian seed ... & others are ALL imported from ...e.g kerala & .....!!??

Jong said...

HahHHaha! You said it all Motherchell, luv it!
hmmm, this who works near the engine will wake up when his ears and his dick start dropping off! :D

Anonymous said...

Satisfied with pay of only
RM 15,000 per month?

Let's see, medical expenses (for treatment of cancer and other serious illness associated with radioactive contamination, toxic waste poisoning etc) at a private hospital will cost between
RM45,000 to RM60,000 a month (at average cost of between RM1,500 to RM2,000 per day of hospitalisation)

I suggest that "Lynas engineer" should ask for a minimum pay of at least RM45,000 per month! (Don't worry, Lynas can afford it)

Phua Kai Lit

pak surimat kampung duri jalan wangi 4 said...

jangan nak bodo engineer lynas..

kalo dah semuanya oke takde masalah, pikirlah hang sendiri, kenapo seluruh dunia nak ban benda ni!?

kalo dah ohhhh macam hang kata tu... kenapolah kerajaan australia pun tak bagi depa bina kilang kat sano!??

hang jangan ingat hang dah pi universiti sekarang hang pandai.. walaupun atuk dah tua dan tak pernah belajar universiti.. atuk tau kalau majoriti kerajaan ban kilang jenis ni, mesti ada kesan san sebabya.

duit tu tak penting. maruah lagi penting. jangan kerja bodo!

barang seluruh dunia tak mau, kita ambik!

apa lime mix apa barrier.. cubalah anak tengok kat jepun tu.. teknologi mereka lagilah hebat tapi tengoklah sekarang..

jangan jadi rakyat yang tak bermaruah hanya bertuhankan wang!

Anonymous said...

My dear Engineer,

Your argument said it all, how can we trust you to enlighten us with the radiation hazards associated with your process.
BTW you are actually supporting an alien company to bring in those hazards into our country and malaysian who love this beautiful land are against it.