Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dia is actually Datuk Ibrahim Ali. But the two Ms refer to him as dia as though calling his full name would leave a bad taste in the mouth. So it is “mana dia”, “suroh dia datang”, “apa dia buat”, “bila dia keluar hospital?” so it is dia this and dia that.


Over a tumbler of the best margarita in town to just go with the best Manhattan Seafood Chowder, ever, ever, ever, the WHISTLER walked me through how the two M finally picked dia to be their front man.

Things were not going as planned when Nazri shot back and called Big M a racist and Round M said that he was Malay first and Malaysian second. Continuing this route, Round M would not be the PM that would pick Small M, the son of Big M as his deputy. They had to distract the populace but keep Najib in their cross-hair.

They need someone who is hated. Somebody suggested the she-frog from Jelapang. Big M snarled, “Malay, we need!” “Sabah Bung?” “Too much baggage below the naval navel base”, “Rais?” “Reactivate Botak Hamid”, “Riduan Tee Abdullah orBadawi?” The last 2 names got Big M frothing mad. “Enough!” He thundered, “Get me a man who is not intelligent, a clown, a court jester, not owned by any party, rejected by most, must be a natural loud-mouth, shitty command of English, must not be pleasant looking, must not have a clean history we can use as bargain should occasions arise, somebody who will not be nominated for GE13. Give me a discard that we can easily discard in exigencies. Give me a desperate man who will do as I command. I want the man now! WHO?"

And the pack chorused, “Ibrahim Ali!”

“Oh, dia, OK. Dia seems tailored made,” Big M sarcastically mused.

So that is how brother dia got chosen….and the poor guy is kicked around from goal-post to goal-post and told to kick at any issues as long as it makes PM looks bad. He has to obey. So don’t be too hard on dia…..for all you know he is even scared of his own………….

SNEEZE. The Whistler said that this did happen when he he sneezed into the mike in front of the 150 crusaders-to-be. He shuddered…….






Nothing is more despicable than a professional talker who uses his words as a quack uses his remedies.
Francois Fenelon

Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.
Albert Camus


wandererAus said...

When "DIA" gave his infamous speech recently, his facial expression looked like he has Mamakutty's dick spiked upright into his posterior...was he in agony, or, was it a determined face challenging Sinful for the top honor for belakan masuk!

Bennyloh said...

"he sneezed into the mike in front of the 150 crusaders-to-be. He shuddered……."
Bugger nearly catch cold

Anonymous said...


He begins with shitt and ends with shitt but Forgive him cos he does not know what shitt he is shitt-talking.

When the party is over and no one recognise him and he will be murmuring alone -Oh shitt , Oh shitt , oh shitt ....nothing but shittt...I shud have listen to my mama and not that dirty oldman and go home to shittt.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie,Big M is the master of Round M. Round M got his job because of Big M.When Round M get his promotion, Small M will get to be his assistant.That is the deal between Big M and Round M.All the hohaha we have been hearing lately is just a distraction to embarassed Round M's boss. Round M's faction is making a power play for his boss's job.

bumi-non-malay said...

you guys forgetiing BIG MAMA M....who will not hesitate to C4 you she thinks you can dethrone her Hubby so quickly.....

Maybe she will be asking someone in Hospital to give some poison to sick Big - win...cover up and then RCI.....another 18 months to figure out who did that time Billions left Malaysia again.and rakyat suffers.....Just Keep up the Disruption to Malaysian Cronies company!!

Anonymous said...

We all know ibrahim ali is Mamak Kutty 'His Master Voice'.
The Mamak is worried that should a new Govt come to rule his theft of billions of public funds and the IC -Citizenship East M'sia scam will be investigated. Mamak MahaTHIEF illegal IC-Citizenship scam in East M'sia where almost overnight millions of illegal indonesians muslims were certifed by corrupt village heads as being 'BORN in East M'sia State 'thus suddenly being conferred citizenship... Yes this so called scandalous Mamak MahaThief sponsored Scam to boost his power base has been exposed previously and recently .... will be investigated and he will be prosecuted- this is his biggest concern NOT about the poor Malays . Thus Mamak continue his racist chants via 'His Master Voice'.
Thank God we have Good Muslims in Pas & Keadilan.......REFORMASI !

Jong said...

DIA - yeah liken him to the discarded menstral pad, that's about all he is!

mauriyaII said...

Dia, Big M, Round M and Small M. All these the work of Mamakthir Mohamad Kutty? All these shenanigans just to safeguard his illegal loot? All these sandwara just to install Round M as the next Pee M and his good for nothing, brainless botak as the DiPee M?

God willing this public menace of Big M would meet his Maker to answer to his devilish designs on the innocent and poor Malaysians.

If this apa nama devious mamak's agenda is unchecked, he will be up to more mischief through Dia who is nothing but a retarded, dense and beyond salvation mongrel. This cur on a second lease of life does not repent and understand simple logic. He is so stupid that he listens and wags his tail/dick at the beck and call of a recalcitrant mamak.

What a bunch of idots?

Anonymous said...

You can hear BONEY M singing again-

There was such a man ( M MAN) in EasyLand ong ago , He cud preach like a holyman and perform APANAMA miracles.....


Anonymous said...

Haha the pic looks like someone in the video...the stomach shows.