Sunday, May 22, 2011


KUALA LUMPUR May 21 — Lynas Corp has revealed it deposited money with Putrajaya as an indemnity for potentially dangerous residue that may result from processing its radioactive rare earths in its Pahang plant which is now under review However Lynas did not elaborate on the deposit It also did not disclose the sum paid to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board AELB under the purview of the science technology and innovation ministry in charge of approving and monitoring radioactive industries “Lynas has also agreed to place funds with the Malaysian government to ensure safe management of any remaining residues as required by the AELB ” the Australian miner told The Malaysian Insider in a statement But AELB’s director-general Datuk Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan denied his agency had made the deposit a requirement Lynas and the AELB insist the rare earths ore is safe “It’s got nothing to do with AELB You got to check with Mida Check with MITI ” he told The Malaysian Insider

May 22, 2011

H.E. Miles Kupa
Australian High Commissioner
Australian High Commission
6 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Telephone: 2146 5555
Fax: 2141 5773

Your Excellency,

We, concerned citizens of Malaysia, are of the understanding that Lynas Corporation has made one or more payments to the Malaysian Government.

We suspect and fear that this has somewhat helped to fast track the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) approval process - without public knowledge and through a very loose Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) despite a complex and hazardous project.

Under Malaysia's Official Secrets Act, we will have little, if any, hope of getting any truth out of our Government, even though this matter is of utmost national interest.

In the interests of both Malaysia and Australia, both Lynas and our Government should be transparent about the approval process.

As Australia has been a strong advocate of good governance and is committed to stamping out corruption, we call upon your good Government to compel Lynas Corporation to adhere to its stated value of honesty and transparency to reveal the deal it has struck with the Malaysian Government and also to make all payment records public. This is of interest not only to all Malaysians but also to the Australian shareholders of Lynas Corporation.

We trust that the Australian Government is committed to protecting the good name of Australia and will not risk one corporation's headlong quest for profit , at the expense of the health of Malaysians and the local environment, to tarnish the good reputation of Australia.

We therefore urge the Australian Government to investigate Lynas Corporation for any possible wrongdoings in its dealings with the Malaysian Government. We were appalled and disgusted to learn that Lynas Corporation had offered a job to the soon-to-be-retired Director-General of the Malaysian Atomic Agency Licensing Board (AELB), Yang Berbahagia Datuk Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan, by his own admission. I am sure you will agree with me that such an offer is tantamount to fair dinkum conflict of interest, collusion and corruption.

Thank you,

Azlan Adnan
Founder, Green Party of Malaysia

Correspondence Address:
Letter Box 20, Wisma Chartis
99 Jalan Ampang

Fax: +603-7732 3300


Lynas oh Lynas HERE


Antares said...

Waaah... great bloggers think alike! Hahaha... just published Azlan Adnan's letter too (thanks for the video! :-)

Anonymous said...

Too late folks, the fellers at Putrajaya and the one at Pahang have been "bought".(read commission). There is no way out for the Putra fellers to call it off! Too late, too late...
Better for the Gabeng folks to sell their properties to Lienas and migrate! The beach is gone, the fishes radiated and mutated, the green grass turned grey and dry, the waters poisoned, the air polluted and etc etc A very pathetic future to those who still insist in staying there!

Anonymous said...

Pahang is slowing dying from radiation and other poisoning. Remember the Raub Gold Mine ? Arsenic is killing the rivers and the surrounding areas.

Now we have this Lynas in Gebeng, Kuantan. What a smart game they (govt) layed. Eve before the DG retires, he was already offered the job at Lynas. Now that's business connection in Malaysia for newbies !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie,After the admission of Lynas officials having paid off Putrajaya,there is only one option left.It is the specialty of the Najib administration.C4ed the bluddy plant to smitereens.Then blamed it on Osama(deceased).

new fart said...

If this plant goes ahead as planned, I would be ashamed to be an Aussie!

Jong said...

Arhhh ..slowly ..slowly everything's coming out and fingers are pointing everywhere. Soon we'll find the monkey!

Lynas may want to its money back, Australia's Monash U - the doctorate award recently given to PM Najib, also MP for Pekan, Pahang.

Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaacob may be out of job soon for threatening investors in Gebeng he'd close down the whole Gebeng Industrial Estate if Lynas is asked to go, no?

Anonymous said...

It does appears the worms are crawling out of the Lynas woodwork BUT hold on, this is 1malaysia where anything and everything can be settled, if the price is right and paid to the correct people. There are plenty of full blown examples of how deals are pushed through despite evidences proving the companies do not have the expertise and know how. In 1malaysia, all it takes is to know WHOM that will get the deal done. And the Lynas deal is a DONE deal by all accounts as far as the 1malaysian government is concerned. Only the Aussie government can stop Lynas if the Aussie government is brave enough to investigate Lynas.

Anonymous said...

The BN ministers can say whatever they want. We the public are with the inhabitants of Gebeng in their fight against the construction of a Rare Earth Processing Plant in their neighborhood.