Thursday, May 12, 2011


I read Mind No Evil regularly and this morning I chanced upon his latest posting. It is appropriate, on the eve of 13 May, that I lead my readers to this blog.

BRIGADIER GENERAL (RTD) DATUK MOHD ARSHAD RAJI occasionally post comments on my blog. I have not met him personally. As such, no one knows him better than those who served under him during his illustrious career. One of his men is Major (Rtd) D. Swami:

Major (Rtd) D.Swami blogs* under Seventh Rangers(Mech) introduced his former commander thus:

The blogging Brigadier General (Rtd) Datuk Mohd Arshad Raji

Friday, March 06, 2009

I have established contact with my former Brigade Commander who was commanding the 4th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, he is now retired. He commanded Malaysian Troops in Cambodia with great distinction. The troops who served under him in the Brigade, used to refer to him as the "Soldier's General". He blogs at I have placed him in my blogroll under 'Local Bloggers' in my left side bar. He was commissioned into the Royal Malay Regiment. He had this to say about the Rangers whom he commanded in Cambodia, "Sincerely, my command of the Ranger battalion in Cambodia is the best command that I ever had. Yes, I had Major Christopher Joseph with me and the last I heard, he had left the service, and I still honour his soldiers that had protected me, and their hard work".

*seventh rangers is on my blogroll.

Here are some excerpts from his posting:

What words can I use to describe Utusan Malaysia’s (UM) recent report that some Christian group is plotting to turn Malaysia into a Christian State? What words can I describe a UM report which says that a Christian group together with the DAP is plotting to appoint a Christian as the Prime Minister? The only words that I can used to describe all this are DISGUSTING, IRRESPONSIBLE, DANGEROUS and a pack of LIES.

…….. Let me tell this to the entire UM editorial board that you don’t know what it is like to go without sleep. You do not know what it is like to be shot at. You do not know the ordeals that your parents have gone through to protect you. You do not understand what fear is and how it affects your physical and psychological well being. You do not understand what pain is, and there are thousands of others that you do not understand. So please cease writing all this

Datuk Mohd Arshad ends his posting thus:

To the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein, you have to act mean and fast, and do not let the instigators and those behind these reports be left scot free. The people know who owns UM and if you fear to act professionally, then you deserve to be called a COWARD.

So Mr Home Minister, would you do it. Your father would, as a former military man. Your father ain’t a coward. ARE YOU ONE? No! You are not! You are a JOHANIAN, YAH…..NOT A COWARD! SO JUST DO IT! MEAN AND FAST!



Datuk Mohd Arshad is on my blogroll under DG ARSHAD


Anonymous said...

Wonder whether he is Tok Chik in Din Merican's blog?
Don't have nice things to say about the government just like Din too.

wandererAus said...

It is a shame that patriotic Malaysian serving the nation, protecting the Constitution and be rewarded with deranged low being bastards in Uutusan Melayu. As long as there is one good Malay, the country we all share to live in has hope. Where are all the good Malays gone, why the stone silence?

john/PRAY it works said...

"The people know who owns UM and if you fear to act professionally, then you deserve to be called a COWARD."

Someone is calling you a coward, mr home minister. Are you a coward. In the www (wild,wild west) this means a gun duel. But this is the 21st century. You just need a place to hide. Just tuck in your tail properly.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Sir, I have known this Brig General for several years now. He is a true gentleman who truly lives a life of love and service for this country. Even in his vintage years he is still pasionately standing up for truth and justice, honour and loyalty. If you met him you are bound to be overwhelmed by his humility. If only we had more men like this Brig general, Malaysia would have attained developed status a long long time ago.

La said...

Almost all of the Utusan's Chief and senior editors are mentally 'sick' malays. That is why they could follow Umno's directives without questioning it.

Hata, NUJ President did say that Umno determines Utusan's strategy and policies in news reporting. So the Christian's issue reported by Utusan was made on Umno's directives which include Hishamuddin.

Ironic isn't it for the ex-Gen to ask Hishmuddin to take action against Utusan editors.

telur dua said...

It is ironic that the Military protects the country and people like UM so there is peace and harmony.

But UM is undoing all that by trying their level best to forment chaos and instability in the country. The name for such people is traitor. And the people tasked with governing the country and yet do nothing to punish such troublemakers can be put in the same category.

Anonymous said...


You and I and a lot of malaysians know that H is a damn no-balls sissy. He is probably attending to the beck and call of the Awang Selamat.

He is in the same boat as the leader who once was rumoured to say< "How can you expect to say I am Malaysian first, Malay second".

Johanian or not, H is a faggot.

Anonymous said...

If only the malays could think like him.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time hoping that immature useless minister to turn over lah, he's hopeless & a real cheapskate, really want to tell him in his face he has no class

Anonymous said...

I always believe that every Malaysian citizen, irrespective of race or religion, has a right to become the Prime Minister of this wonderful country.

Anonymous said...

Arshad makes more sense than Zorro who is getting to complicated to understand.

zorro said...

Anon1210pm....sorry yah. I try my best to be uncomplicated but I seem to fail where you are concerned. Anyway, will try harder.