Monday, May 23, 2011


BERNAMA reported that the focus of the anti-Lynas campaign has shifted to the panel itself. Some critics are faulting the government for asking the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to appoint an expert panel to give it a second opinion on health and safety issues surrounding the proposed Lynas factory.

They allege that IAEA is "pro-nuclear", the suggestion being that appointed panel members may have a "built-in" bias which may favour Lynas.

8 paragraphs lauded the miracle that is IAEA. As laymen we will not dispute the workings of this august international body. But like us they are also humans, no?

But let’s get straight to the point. In Malaysia MONEY has worked miracles. Already money has changed hands and our nuclear headman is promised a job after retirement. With money, we can make elephants fly and entice a man-eating tiger to morph into a covetously coquettish shaved pussy! We have amassed encyclopedic volumes of how money moves openly, fluidly and UNASHAMEDLY.

When the 9 member-panel comes into Kuantan we will afford them the brand of hospitality that is Malaysian although they will invariably be gifted with thousand ringgit batiks, lavish dining, branded gifts (?) etc etc etc by our overly- patronizingly grinning government officials. If Lynas were to throw in dinners etc. it would be considered as a conflict of interest. However, the Kuantan public must insist that IN THE SPIRIT OF TRANSPARENCY, Dr Jeyabalan and YB Fuziah must INSIST to be present as observers when the panel conducts their investigations at the Lynas plant.

Aside from this we will put no impediments in their quest. BUT when they finally release their findings we want them to do it publicly in front of Kuantan rakyat. The people of Kuantan will insist that the findings in writing be available for anyone who asks for them.

YB Fuziah talked about the buffer zone where several hundred thousands reside. Lets have answers from the IAEA panel bout this! Hopefully the panel will UNEARTH SOME RARE RESULTS.


This toxic lake poisons Chinese farmers, their children and their land. It is what's left behind after making the magnets for Britain's latest wind turbines... and, as a special Live investigation reveals, is merely one of a multitude of environmental sins committed in the name of our new green Jerusalem.....

The lake of toxic waste at Baotou, China, which as been dumped by the rare earth processing plants in the background

On the outskirts of one of China’s most polluted cities, an old farmer stares despairingly out across an immense lake of bubbling toxic waste covered in black dust. He remembers it as fields of wheat and corn.

Villagers Su Bairen, 69, and Yan Man Jia Hong, 74, stand on the edge of the six-mile-wide toxic lake in Baotou, China that has devastated their farmland and ruined the health of the people in their community



Anonymous said...


you just don't get it, do you? Malaysian lives are cheap, especially those who do not hold important government positions and lived lavish lifestyles at the expense of taxpayers.

and you totally lost it about the IAEA. They are just a bunch of so-called experts who have not done any real research work in any lab since the Beatles broke up. Their speciality is to fly in, be wined and dined to, listen to what the host say, put what the host says as their official findings, receive expensive "souvenirs" and fly home. So what if their report turns out wrong ... "someone did not disclose important info to them" ...

and do you know what's the best testimony that this plant is safe? Have the Menteri Besar, government officials and state reps move to stay near the plant. If they do that, they will make you (i.e. you, Zorro) look like a damn fool!!! ... I look forward to that day, wouldn't you too?

zorro said...

Anon747am. Honestly I don't know what you are rambling about. I am tempted to accuse you of not understanding the nuance behind my posting. If you have read or followed all my previous postings on this subject, perhaps you will know the direction of my thoughts. Anyway, I don't mind being called a damn fool if my message gets thru, even if some other fools don't believe so. Thanks for your comment, though.

Alim said...

These people can protest all night long. But when come to election, they will still vote for BN.

That's why things can never change unless they exercise their vote wisely, assuming they have registered as a voter in the first place.

Anonymous said...

The worsening result of the global competitiveness ranking for our country shows that Pemudah and Pemandu are as much clueless as the BN government.

Minister Idris Jala, who is in charge of Pemandu, had been spending obscene amount of taxpayers’ money organising public seminars with plenty of colourful charts, placing expensive advertorials in the mass media and giving out ‘feel-good’ statements that Malaysia is on the right track.

All were mere rhetoric that are self-delusory. Finally, you are now caught by the very mechanism of measurement of performance that you have adopted – the KPI thing that you had been so gleefully used. The KPIs of Pemudah and Pemandu have shown that they have failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

You hit the nail exactly on it's head. I foresee the IAEA panel will give it's thumbs up for the Lynas refinery based purely on Lynas theoretical promises of ensuring the safety standards and SOPs will be adhered to. Of course the lavish dinners, gifts and sight seeing tours will also help the IAEA penal in their favourable decision.

The IAEA panel will totally miss the point that human lives are at stake if the thorium waste products will remain forever in Gebeng. The IAEA is just like any other international world body.....making loud noises at best but impotent just the same. Remember the IAEA could not do anything against North Korea or Iran, both countries still happily continuing with their nuclear programs.

The IAEA panel is just for show and to lend credibility to Lynas and malaysian government.

Anonymous said...

I agree that spending billions of Ringgit on computerisation is a waste of public funds when the Federal Government and JPA cannot even correct the simple but silly mistake of not granting top scholarships to top students.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Zorro

Fukushima is turning out to be worse than Chernobyl.

I wonder how the IAEA fellows are going to spin this and keep on defending/promoting the nuclear industry.

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel (with a PhD in physics)has intervened in the German nuclear industry and stopped a few nuclear plants from operating.

Phua Kai Lit

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

This is very good analysis about
the Lynas plant and the irregularities in its hasty approval:

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, no more FART CHAMBER, please. Replaced it with RARE EARTH CHAMBER and send the whole gang of IAEA there.

Not forgetting the chief of state that shown lewd hand signs on opposition. The man without class and let them taste hell on earth. The fart chamber is too mild for these scums. Maybe better if the Almighty calls them to the hell chamber instead and save us the trouble to even protest.

Anonymous said...

Dear Voters of Malaysia,
Consider this, the govt is willing to spend money on Sodomy I and now on Sodomy II at public expenses.
Remember this, the money spent, can feed the orphanages, the homeless, and subsidies.
How much money spent is unknown as there were demos to control and the business interruptions.
Do this, in the GE! Vote the right government in!

Anonymous said...

The issue is about trust or the lack of it with our govt. We know how easily ppl can be bought - which accounts for all those sudden multi millionaires politicians. Nobody can blame us for not trusting wht money can buy.

As for our "strong" ties with IAEA, plse google the brother of Pahang´s uncouth MB who was not only unsuitably qualified to head IAEA (what nuclear experience??) but who was miraculously listed as Governor of Malaysia by IAEA in 2009

Another top man of our own nuclear agency was also with IAEA as director of a dept there in early 90s, again without relevant nucelar power experience although with a chemical background.

This shows us how qualified IAEA really is! It´s more political than nuclear or radioactive contamination. When IAEA moves to Gebeng & all the families of their staff do (let´s give them permanent tax relief!), will IAEA be seen as truly neutral to me

JinHou said...


For the record, Kuantan people voted for Fuziah Salleh from PKR to be their MP. Gebeng people voted Syed Mohammad Tuan Lonik from PAS to be their DUN. We didn't choose BN and this project is shoved down our throats.


Anonymous said...

where is PERKASA? they are the experts n can solve the problem easily. PERKASA where are YOU? come to kuantan n saved the people LAh, PERKASA PERKASA

najib manaukau said...

Money can work miracles, that is what Umno thinks and that is why Umno set up Talent Corp. and once again offering the targeted professionals with incentives and added incentives , obviously with few success. And in desperation they now offer reduced taxes as an added incentives but even with these added incentives the initiative will fail !
Umno can offered the less educated electorates each time when an election comes money to have the morons get elected. But Umno forgot they are now dealing with educated professionals who can use their brains to think what is best for them and their families. So the bribes they are offering is not going to produce any results they so desired.

Anonymous said...

PERKASA/UMNO want some pieces of the action in construction. Still, I will fully support the processing..........................................if done in Australia !

Linas said...

UMNO has given up on MCA and Gerakan. They know that 80 pct of the Chinese will now support DAP/PKR. In itself, this doesn’t represent a problem for UMNO, but they become paranoid when the DAP tries to spread its tentacles to the Malay community. Hence UMNO now has a two-pronged strategy – try to get the Malays to accept UMNO as champion for the Malays and try to portray DAP as a chauvinistic Chinese party in the eyes of the Malays.