Monday, September 27, 2010


My stand as far as Pakatan Rakyat is concerned is that I will support any means to change the Government, BUT NOT THRU DIRTY TRICKS AND DEVIOUS ,MACHINATIONS, (HERE), that we are witnessing now in the PKR elections.

We have always faulted BN for every conceivable evil in the book and it is unmistakable that PKR has taken chapters out of this book and applying them without impunity. It’s a REAL SHAME.

How will PKR answer to their coalition partners, PAS and DAP for such blatant transgressions? If they can play Brutus with their own party members, what is there to prevent them to do likewise to PAS and DAP.

Two things need to be done if PKR wants to redeem itself:

First, Anwar and Syed Husin Ali must apologise to their coalition partners for bringing Pakatan Rakyat into disrepute by their obvious backing of Azmin.

Second, Zaid Ibrahim must march up to the Election Committee and PUBLICLY demand for some semblance of integrity of this seemingly decaying body.

We will know how this committee will respond when the PJ Selatan, Klang and Kapar elections, earlier marred by violence, will unfold when it resumes.

Till then the MSM will have a field-day tomorrow. Thanks PKR.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Relax la brother and be collected!!!
It only shows the immaturity of the country population and it is a clear indication on how easy to manipulate the people and win the election especially when you have the resources.
This is the package citizen groomed by the people in power.
Tepuk dada tanya selera as in politics anywhere you go " there is no permanent enemy and friends but interest" if the people know that then they will not resort to violent but the bigger picture is national interest.
So tell PKR don't pandai pandai when many are not prepared to face the consequences be it the party leaders and the members. Look before you leap or else many frogs will appear soon!!!
Hold your breath and blood pressure and keep healthy brother.
Get Idris Jala to open more labs....hahahahahaa..... pi mai pi mai tang tu jugak!

Sang Kancil Guru said...

I definitely agree that Zaid's campaign team should collect and record all these hanky-panky going on (cannot be that hard right? Just bring in a tape or video recorder, even your mobile phone can do it nowadays) and present it as evidence. If the PKR election committee tak layan, then release it to the final courts of appeal, the Rakyat, through YouTube.

Anak Feringgi said...

Koh Tsu Koon, where were you when the school principals made the racial remarks? Where were you when the DPM said he was Malay first? Where were you when Ibrahim Ali said Chinese should go back to China?

You only have the guts to call LGE 'Hitler'? What hope does Gerakan have under your leadership? Zero! By the way, where are the KPIs, Mr Backdoor Minister?

Be honest and ask yourself whether you had the guts to speak out against all the unfair policies of BN while you were chief minister and had the gumption to stick to your principles at all times.

To me, you were just a blade of grass in the wind.

Kian Ye said...

If PKR can bring themselves to GO AGAINST their fellow comrades simply for the sake of POWER, POSITION, FAME & MONEY......

"PKR will also be CAPABLE to go AGAINST 'the rakyat' wishes should we VOTE for PAKATAN RAKYAT in the next G.E."

One is WORSE than a DONKEY to continue supporting PKR or PAKATAN RAKYAT!!! Vote them OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

Najib wanted to cure USA of Islamophobia?

There will be more chaos and confusion if Islamic scholars from Malaysia are sent to the US to allay fears of Islamphobia.

The whole world knows how Umno is using Islam to further the stranglehold on the rakyat of Malaysia. There are excellent Islamic values, virtues, tolerance, compassion and understanding in other Muslim countries, but in Malaysia even the usage of 'Allah' by Christians is being prohibited by law. Please stop making a fool of ourselves.

The BN Islamic scolars/lecturers should not fail to mention the tribulations of Lina Joy in Malaysia, freedom of religion in Islam, body snatching of the Hindu dead, the conversion of minors, the demolition of Orang Asli churches, minorities treated as second-class citizens and the many other injustices inflicted on the minorities in Malaysia.

That should take away their fear of Islam.

Al Tugauw said...

Sarawak Headhunter supports this call by Zorro. Shameful is the word for all these shenanigans, all because Anwar wants his chief crony Azmin to be No. 2 in the party. Why can't they be happy, after the party has decided to allow full membership voting, to really let the members decide? Why the need to interfere in the process?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

It is unfortunate that these PKR fellows can leave their previous party UMNO but the UMNO in them can never leave their soul.

I feel sad for Zaid to have to put up with these UMNO-PKR diehards but I hope that Zaid and real sincere PKR pary members stay on and fight for the real cause of a united Pakatan Rakyat.

thinking twice about zaid now said...


what's your opinion, zaid front page inteview with utusan.?

Anonymous said...

PKR has always been a troublesome party. The members were ex-UMNO idiots. Anwar just leveraged on the anti-establishment sentiment, so they gained some ground. Anyway, GE13 still belongs to BN. The non-malays are going to be SUPPRESSED even more harder. It's time the non-malays plan an exodus.

To gain fairness and justice via PKR,PAS and UMNO is a fairy-tale.

Navi said...

The way the elections were conducted by nincompoops send in by PKR HQ. In Shah Alam, they arrived late, took an hour and half to be ready while keeping the early arrivals waiting in the heat of the morning sun.
Surprise was seeing close confidants of one the candidates appointed to monitor the voting and the ballot boxes. They did not disappoint as at least on of them was instructing on who to vote to the undecided.
Campaigning was in bad taste. While both the presidential candidates kept themselves aboveboard, the supporters of one them slandered the other with lots of untruths and lies.
It was disgraceful. Reminded one of MIC elections on one hand and UMNO on the other.
I salute YB Roziah Ismail, who refused to allow her supporters from doing likewise. Hers was a dignified lose.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a 3rd force party (Zaid should lead with Nurul) is immenient since you guys cant get the house in order.By the way, all mainstream newspapers are poisoning PR image front-page now.Good luck gentlemen

Anonymous said...

Zorro, I fear the people will soon run to the new Dr Mist party. So go to hell PKR and Pakatan. And people like me will rip my citizenship up and go to Kuan Yew land. No more choice. The fool PKR and the resolute iron man Mahathir. People will choose the honest and straight forward Mahathir any day since he is hardworking, straight talking and incorruptible, and uses ISA for discipline only. Cheers, Anthony Goh.

pinsysu said...

shit! UMNO shit!

wandererAUS said...

Folks, be patient! "Rome was not build in a day" PKR was formed basically with members having the same UMNO DNA, so even with political cleansing and weeding were to be carried out, the removal of disloyal mudheads wlll take some time. This democratic system of choosing office bearers in PKR will eventually, exposed the remaining undignified and tainted self serving members ...which PKR can do without!

sampalee said...

Zorro,dap is worse as the leaders stood by and see mob justice descend on an innocent member Tee Boon Hock[TBH2]
All conspire to kill the one ship,while the lord Jesus will leave the 99 for the safe return of the one.Umno is hypocrital,but have sincwe lost the position to dap.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, you being an elder should play the compromising role and not a mouth piece for Zaid. It's too obvious.
Do you think any 'open' election can be controlled 100% ? Even SPR can't do it without the police standing by to keep an eye on trouble seekers.
Can you Zorro help offer your assistance to conduct and control this election?

Anonymous said...


I like the way you stand up for Zaid.
Looks to me Anwar is too soft with existing PKR leaders. They are showing their UMNO's belang.

Anwar is neither here nor there.

Azmin is looks more like machai than leader to me.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Where is the sense of deep shame
When there's nobody else to blame
Whosoever wants instant public fame
Whatever may be the price for such flame

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 270910
Mon. 27th Sep. 2010.

Burung hantu said...

Sekiranya PR berjaya mara ke Putrajaya, Melayu bersama rakyat Malaysia yang lain akan terus memegang kuasa.

Yang akan hilang kuasa bukan Melayu, tetapi UMNO dan kuncu-kuncunya yang meranggul kekayaan kebendaan untuk memuaskan nafsu peribadi mereka.

Jelas bahawa UMNO kini terdesak dan tidak tentu hala tuju. Pada ketika UMNO cuba mengenepikan puak perkauman seperti Perkasa, Bekas Presidennya pula menonjolkan diri untuk menyokong pertubuhan perkauman itu. Perasaan serba-salah dan hilang hala tuju jelas terbukti “Gagasan 1 Malaysia” yang didokong oleh Najib telah terurai dan menemui jalan buntu. Rakyat Malaysia tidak akan terjerat ke dalam perangkap UMNO lagi dan bersedia untuk menyelamatkan tanahair kita dari puak perkauman yang cuba memporak-perandakan ketenteraman Negara kita.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is leadership by example??

By the way, this episode makes MIC look like freshies. Chair throwing? Huh, they'll probably throw their Chairman too, with their super FIGHTING spirit.


Puchong Gurl said...

Is the real reason for the 46-day government inaction against the two school principals who publicly made a mockery of Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Raza’s 1Malaysia policy is because they could not be faulted because what they said was exactly the “official ideology” which Biro Tata Negara of the Prime Minister’s Department had been indoctrinating civil servants in the past two decades!

Is this the reason why Muhyiddin had been thunderously silent in not condemning the two school principals for their incendiary, racist and insensitive statements, telling Chinese students to go back to China and likening Hindu prayer bracelets to a dog leash, because such offensive remarks were quite in line with the poison which BTN had been dishing out to civil servants in the past two decades?

Anonymous said...

I watched the zaid interview with malaysiakini. He should realise that he was really whining. Anybody else is a problem according to zaid. The thing is, he should get involved in problem solving, be a team player not just complaining.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:21 pm...Zaid was never, is never and will never be a TEAM player. Zaid is himself, himself n himself ONLY ! GOT THAT ?