Friday, September 3, 2010


This Deputy President cannot abandon ship when in trouble waters. His stepping down will cause a battle royale that Pakatan Rakyat cannot afford at this point in time. The road to Putrajaya will be more bumpy for the “vehicle” which will suffer knocks and dents should the pitbulls be let loose, as sure they would if Senator Syed Husin Ali decides to take a final bow. This final bow may even contribute to a final blow to efforts for a new Malaysia.

I cannot remember him as a quitter. The scholar-politician stood for elections after elections. He lost all. A lesser man would have called it a day. This former Kamunting detainee did not because it is in this chosen arena that the man and his ideals and philosophy continue to pervade and invigorate an otherwise currently insipid and tantrum-plagued PKR.

In his best-seller Two Faces I recall this line: "Even if I had the opportunity to save the country from Mahathir then, there was no guarantee that he would be replaced by someone better."

Prophetically spot on SIR!

In the introduction, added just before the book Ethnic Relations in Malaysia went to press, Syed Husin wrote: "The agenda for national unity in Malaysia, 51 years after Merdeka (Independence), has still not succeeded but, instead, appear to have receded further and further into the distant mirage."

A few days ago it was 53 years after Merdeka.

Not a time to take a final bow SIR!

Take your final encore after GE13, win or lose, and no man can say you did not try and that when the going gets tough and rough you would “die” with your boots on.



LibangLibu said...

Tuan Zorro,

nice new template.

forever young ha ha.

Hawkeye said...

Correctly written! The battle for Putrajaya awaits.,. And we need a united front. Syed Hussin, your presence will provide the stability to Pakatan.
Well Done Guru!

nstman said...

Once in a while, a giant appears. And that man is Syed Hussin. This is a man no evil force in the world can brow-beat. Here was a man, whence comes another (with apologies to my good friend Bill Shakespeare).

baDboyzs said...

As the old man used to say each and every night, one more for the road baby

Anonymous said...

Dr Syed husin ali- The party and country need your services at this critical times. history has proven you are a fighter- 6 years in Kamunting and incarceration- you still hang on to your beliefs. our nation is at the crossroad of major changes soon and the sarawak election could start this process. please reconsider and soldier on

sampalee said...

We all age and get tired.Go with the flow of life and the good lord will look after the seeds you have sowed.
We thank you for your contribution all these years and your courage to quit.AI,LKS and KS should learn from you.

Rosey-Posey said...

Isn't this guy a puppet to Anwar and Wan Azizah??

Jong said...

Dr Syed Husin Sir, Pakatan Rakyat needs you as much as PKR does. You simply cannot leave at their hour of need when your contribution, experience and guidance is badly required. Please, you must stay on till after GE-13.

Jong said...

Senator Dr Syed Husin - the co-founder of PKR is no puppet but the strength behind the party! His patience, wisdom and resilience is most admireable. I am sure without him there, the party would have been a goner long time ago.


Dr. Syed, I do not see any reason for you to leave just yet, unless you view yourself as a failure.

Anonymous said...

I suppose Dr Syed was never invited by Asro Awani 501 because he is not an umnoputera?

Anonymous said...

De. Syed Husin Ali should stay on as Deputy President of PKR. He has been in politics long enough and himself an ISA victim to understand the tough life in politics. Above all the general public trust him because he always speaks out for the oppressed.