Monday, September 20, 2010





Anonymous said...

Zaid, we all know you are the better one,whatever your PKR folks do,we sure will get you up in nx GE

Anonymous said...

Malay first? and this guy is Dep president of PKR? the so called govt in waiting?

think b4 u vote, fellow malaysians

Anonymous said...

I wish people like you would allow the democratic process to take its course without BURNING BRIDGES and widening the gap too far for people to close ranks after the elections.
YOU ZORRO are acting in the way of UMNO /MCA/MIC.
YOU forget that this is an internal party elections. Forgot who the enemy is?why swing mud at the other candidate? are they not of the same team? What is this? winner takes all and loser go to the dogs?
why you behaving this way?

You hanging dirty laundry basically kills the party image. You could very well be one of the reasons why voters lose confidence in this party!
How can you slander someone in the same team? you forgot that he will also be running in the next GE under the same team?

you need to reflect and be smarter la.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

If Zaid did not win this party position it is perfectly fine but we must make sure that Zaid will win as an MP in the coming general Election.
It is ruthless in the political world and we cannot deny that we have schemers and scammers inside PKR. Sad to see that PKR have bn clones as members.

Anonymous said...

Zaid go for the President post, then all problem will be solved?

zorro said...

Have you heard of housekeeping,sanitize for cleanliness....someone has to do the dirty jobs...may sound menial this manual labor, but it has to be done. Let me be the bad man whilst you do the rah rah bit because at the end of the day you and I want a UNTAINTED PKR. BTW who did I slander?
Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Extracted from RPK's

The Chinese do not stop to think about God too much. They just go out and make money and once a year during Chinese New Year they devote to God. That is why the Chinese are successful, economically at least.

The Indians appeal to God every day but God Samy Vellu just enriches himself, his friends and his family and ignores the Indian community. But the Indians do not appear to see that God helps those who help themselves. You can’t expect others to help you. If India maintained that same level of thinking as the Malaysian Indians then India would probably still be a British colony until today.

The Malays know that praying alone does not help (they need to help themselves) so they go out and steal all the money (help themselves to the taxpayers’ funds) and then fly off to Mekah to pray for forgiveness and then come home to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

Basically, the Chinese look after themselves. The Indians want their hands to be held. And the Malays live by the principle that the ends justify the means just as long as you repent later and pray for forgiveness just before you die and leave this world. In fact, the closer to the point of death the better because repenting and asking for forgiveness too early in life would mean you run the risk of repeating your sins and therefore would have to go through the entire repentance process all over again.

Sang Kancil Guru said...

Ai, Zorro, the cyberbots for Azmin Ali are so touchy. Any posting they see in support of Zaid, they immediately think there must be some hidden words attacking Azmin Ali, when the fact is that Azmin Ali that has been doing all the attacking.

See their latest post, now twisting Zaid's statements in the worst way possible:

Very unfortunate.

new fart said...

Anon 3:35....Zorro was referring to the DPM Moohidin lah! Don't you know he is also the Deputy President of UMNO and he was rubbishing his boss, Pink Lips' 1Malaysia, when he said I am Malay first and then Malaysian, remember?
As for Anon 9:12...I wouldn't take this guy Syed Apanama too seriously lah if I were you. He is the author of the book titled "To Digress A Little". If you haven't read it, I'd recommend that you go read it. This guy is known to be a Mamaktir's balls carrier. Maybe because they are both mamaks that's why!

kang said...

Seriously, I think Zaid is rocking the wrong boat with PKR. Most of them are still trap with BN yesteryears mentality. Should take Harris suggestion to be the third force like what happen in Australia, Britain, Japan.

Habib RAK said...

I am totally dissapointed with the choice of words used by Zaid Ibrahim to refuting Dr Syed Husin's criticism. Calling his own leader as "nyayuk" is indeed uncalled for. Zaid should rightfully be reprimanded for it. When Zaid felt that Dr Syed Husin did not fully acknowledge his contribution towards the Common Policy Framework, Zaid should simply reiterate his contribution and simply let the members and the rakyat at large be the judge. To attack Dr Syed Husin as 'nyayuk" is below the belt.