Thursday, September 23, 2010


I suppose I am getting back what I dished out those yesteryears as a school teacher: Why are you late? Where is the homework you owe me? When is the school fees due? How many times this year you are telling me your grandpa passed away?

These were the sms I got this morning: Why no post yesterday? Not well ah? Notebook kaput? Car repair whole day meh?

Actually none of the above.

Yesterday was a bitter sweet day.

The sweet part was that Raja Azman was acquitted and discharged of those two charges against him. I was in seventh heaven, thanks to Chandra and Amarjit, true friends and champions of the oppressed. In the evening I was looking forward to hari raya dinner with my immediate neighbor Shah and Sophie, their son Danny (blogger Kerp) and wife Mollie, Zeff (TMI columnist) and wife Norlie, Suzy (minus hubby Khairi).

I did not blog yesterday because I did not want to spoil yesterday with the bitter part:

That is, Nurul being questioned by the police because some puteri perkasa village idiot made a police report on her being seditious. I am beginning to wonder how speedily the police act on idiots complaints. However, I was not going to worry about Nurul. Chances are this gutsy lass may even do most of the interrogating!!!! Just you wait.

The more bitter and most unexpected was of course Tuan Dr Syed Husin Ali’s coming into the Deputy President’s contest with allegation that Zaid Ibrahim Common Policy Platform was not entirely his. I do remember Zaid took off for six weeks to work on this. I considered myself privileged that I was given a copy of the framework.

It takes a lot to rile this man and I think he was incensed with this uncalled for allegation from no less a personage than the former Deputy President.








Anonymous said...

My sisth sense tells me that the victory of Azmin will mark the downfall of PKR and PR in general.

Umno intelligence wants Azmin to sendiri pikir la, org2 PKR.

partyless guy

Sang Kancil Pundit said...

Yes, Syed Husin Ali was keterlaluan in how he belittled Zaid's contribution. At least he has revealed his true colors now. Whether Zaid called him nyanyu or nyanyuk, both shoes fit Syed Husin Ali.

charleskiwi said...

Only when the racists like Ibrahim Ali and the like make a police report that the Malaysian police will investigate. Just look at the past few months whenever Perkasa made a police report the police will promptly investigate. Why ?

Jong said...

On Dr Syed Husin - I have had alot of respect for the man but not anymore after he failed to conduct himself the way he should, expected of a deputy party president, took sides and belittled Zaid Ibrahim and accused him of sorts. I think Zaid responded well, the guy is nyanyu or nyanyuk whatever! Certainly he merepek and melatah - all aptly described the man!

Anonymous said...

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has again rubbished Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s slogan of “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” when he made the startling statement yesterday that he is completely powerless to act against the two school principals, one in Johore and the other in Kedah, who had made racist slurs against students in their schools.

The previous occasion when Muhyuiddin rubbished Najib’s “1Malaysia. People First. Performance Now” concept was when the Deputy Prime Minister declared that he is “Malay first, Malaysian second” – diametrically contrary to the 1Malaysia objective to create a Malaysia where every Malaysian would regard himself or herself as Malaysian first and race second.

Muhyiddin’s latest gaffe was made at the opening of the Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific regional seminar on the Criminalisation of Bribery in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, substituting for Najib who has left for New York to address the 65th United Nations General Assembly.

Malaysians wonder whether Muhyiddin would declare that he is “Malay first Malaysian second” or “Malaysian first Malay second” when his turn comes to address the UN General Assembly in his capacity as Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia!

Wain said...

Umno ialah party yang hilang kuasa kerana Umno dikuasai 22 tahun oleh seorang mamak dan masa itu semua ahli Umno tertidur.

Ha! ha! ha! sekarang mereka sudah bangun and menakut Negara akan dikuasai olih kaum lain.

Siapa yang membangunkan mereka? Mamak yang sama.

motherchell said...

My Dear Zorro,
Thank you for keeping Raja Azman safe . Your efforts and beliefs will always be remembered by all Malaysians. God Bless you Zorro.
Nurul will shine and in the coming space of time there will be a flight of crooks from the Malaysian shores. They know whats coming! They have belched too often.
You take care Zorro, with you all the way.

Anonymous said...

That cow brain Mooo...din guy is a DPM is amazing indeed. It is even more amazing that as an Educ. Minister he said he cant do anything about those equally racialistic dickheads headmasters and headmistresses in our so called national schools.This cow is not even fit to be Education Minister in the very first place. Just look at some of his Deputies under him. These idiots do not know even the very basic duties of an Educ. Minister from the way they speak and act. No wonder, all our so called universities are place well below par in world rankings.