Saturday, September 11, 2010


PKR’S Sec Gen said it well: Stop reverting to the Barisan Nasional sense of hostile campaigning, it is old school and would be counter-productive to PKR's message of reforming the country.

What then is hostile campaigning?

One could be money politics fine-tuned to an art form by PKR’s former colleagues in UMNO.

Whilst PKR cannot boast of a treasure-chest, the possibility of money-politics cannot be brushed aside. One cannot discount this hydra rearing its ugly head. Old habits learnt from UMNO seem hard to shake off, even indelible? Some money-bags sensing an opportunity will start offering candidates cash in the guise of campaign funds that must/could be refunded in many forms.

Two PKR members, bought over, contributed significantly to the loss of Perak. Two PKR elected members in Penang using sabun donated by BN was sufficient for them to wash PKR dirty linen in public. Money invariably finds a willing receptacle.

PKR members should reject outright and expose any candidate tainted thus. PKR members should do the RIGHT thing RIGHT this FIRST time and ALL THE TIME.

This would be the RIGHT thing to do – REJECT and EXPOSE. Give us in the alternative media the evidence and we will help decapitate these hydras.

What else constitutes hostile campaigning?

Backstabbing and defaming. We are not interested in what you know about your rival’s insufficiencies, inefficiencies, foibles and faults. Instead tell us your VIRTUES, what can you deliver! Don’t just give us what you have. Give us WHAT WE WANT - a clean and trustworthy candidate.

Is declaring support like recently happened amongst PKR’s MP and State Aduns hostile campaigning?

It is! Typically UMNO! The candidate who cannot stand alone on his self-worth and self-esteem and needs to be breast-fed is not my measure of a candidate primed to take leadership. PKR members should send a clear message to these “backers” – mind your own backyard and let us be the judge as to who is a better leader. Theirs was a shameful manifestation unbecoming of people who want a place in Putrajaya.

Should any candidate need crutches like what the above MPs and Aduns pledged, then I say this to these: You just disqualified yourself, you are not wholesome, you need crutches and thus you are a handicapped candidate. If you are fighting fit, why do you need these steroids? Using these performance enhancing drugs is always illegal in a race. It is called CHEATING and thus undeniably hostile campaigning.

PKR members, do us Pakatan Rakyat supporters

this favor.







sampalee said...

Harp on it till they get it within their system.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

This is the type of message which PKR members must knocks into their leaders hot heads.
Leaders must not think that they have the power and able to dictates terms and conditions as they are the ADUNs and MPs now.
They forgot that it was the Rakyat's power that kicked umno.
That MP from Gombak clearly forgotten that golden rule.

Anonymous said...

So... does it mean PKR is a celup version of UMNO? Hate to think it is, pray that it is not ... recent news suggest:

a. UMNO style politics are still pervasive in PKR; OR

b. Barisan Nasional is planting these type of news to sabotage PKR.

Which is which?

Anonymous said...

I think the US government (particularly New York) should learn from the Malaysia's 'guidelines' that specify places of worship cannt to too close to one another.

Then there will be no 'burning' issue.

Anonymous said...


Your PR-PKR are a bunch of arse wipes. They are no different than UMNO.

Your support to them is a wasted effort. Whether BN or PR, they are all fucked. And they are out to screw us.

remie said...

Rightly. The PKR MPs & ADUNs had better retract all that public support declarations. Otherwise, they can kiss their next term of office "Goodbye". We don't need people to TELL us how to think. Just show us the facts and WE decide.

zorro said...

Anon1032pm, So what is your advice - choose Perkasa? I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't
seem to get my head that far up my ***.

Anonymous said... like most big mouths just come out voting day and vote.
We in PKR will work our ass out there constantly till the next GE we don't know when.
So shut up or smoke cigars.
Zorro, give u what? You give us NOTHING !!

motherchell said...

My Dear Zorro, your write is timely!!
It has come a moment when Malaysia has to be taught what leaders are made of when She gave away one of her citizens and opted to give away blue cards to numskulls and scalawags just to give the Powers more counts at the ballots to plunder till kingdom come. Australia is celebrating with our very own Penny Wong as their Finance Minister!! Alibaba can eat his heart out!!
While UMNO is imploding with shenanigans and rogues , time PKR set things right Its a touch of fate that we still have the brilliants left in the landscape --and they are all in PKR while UMNO is filled with the scums from the monkey that dances in the street to the PM.
PKR just cannot afford to have amoebas who love to free load by traveling K miles to meet the PM overseas to show him how billiards is played or Rm 2 MPs who stay with their tongue cuffed these days when stories of MAS can be blasted from London and hard landed in Putrajaya.
We need vision setters and trail blazers as YAB Dr.Zulkefy Ahmad,Zaid, LGE etc .
The salinity of the waters around has been tasted well--PKR has no more options but to walk right this time around!

Anonymous said...

So Mr PM, now you admit that the government under BN for the past 53 years has not been fair to the non-bumiputeras. But most of us who have been victimised are now in our 50s and 60s. We can't buy back time. Don't victimise our next generations. We can't buy back time, but our children and grandchildren are our hopes.

We shall open our eyes big and see what you can do before the next elections, and then we shall decide which way our votes will go to: either to let you and your BN gang remain in power, or put Pakatan Rakyat in Putrajaya.

This is what you can do:

1) Give equal opportunities in higher education, don't reserve the good courses for bumiputeras and place most non-bumiputras to the lousy courses;

2) Give equal business opportunities;

3) Employ more non-bumiputeras in higher and strategic management positions in government and government-linked corporations; and

4) Restore order in the police force and judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming UMNO or linking UMNO to any of PKR's 'rotten' people.

Be a man and stand up and accept that there are rotten people in PKR and have nothing to do with UMNO

Choose the 'good' candidate or else PKR will die with Anwar Ibrahim

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a case of "You can take an umnoputra out of Umno but you can't take Umno out of an umnoputra". PKR members must not fall into the same trap as Umon or they will see their party destroyed in the process.

big cat said...

Only a circus need a ring leader.

najib manaukau said...

It is easier said than done have you ever heard ?,Amongst the present Umno leaders are there really leaders and not ring leaders ? Hence the ring leaders instead leaders !

Aweng said...

An editorial in today’s Mingguan Malaysia, the Sunday edition of Umno’s Utusan Malaysia newspaper, backs Perkasa which raises questions about whether the daily is still supporting party president Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“Is it appropriate for all the (Barisan Nasional) component parties including Umno to reject Perkasa?” the newspaper said in the editorial written under its Awang Selamat pseudonym.

In the editorial, the Umno-daily comes out batting for Perkasa and pointedly echoes the views of the Malay rights group in response to Umno’s decision to distance itself from them.

mauriyaII said...

A very timely and thought provoking article indeed. Lest our Pakatan Rakyat MPs & Aduns, especially from PKR think they were elected because of their high qualifications, calibre or trustworthiness, let them read zorro's article. It is what every layman who voted for Pakatan Rakyat in the 2008GE expect of them.

We want true leaders and not handicapped ones begging for support from their peers and the same time defaming and ridiculing their opponents in their campaign.

It is most unfortunate that we have PKR leaders who hail from UMNO and who still fail to realize that they came into PKR for 'REFORMASI' and to end the diabolical reign of the UMNOputras who had highjacked everything in sight for their selfish gain.

It is better for these socalled leaders in PKR to form a nucleus or cartel and to become the neo-warlords of PKR. If you do not distance yourselves from hostile campaigning, cheating and mudslinging to gain political milage, REMEMBER whatever post you hold today might just vanish during the 13th GE.

We the voters decide what we want. We DO NOT WANT frogs, would be toads, rebranded UMNO warlords or leaders without self-respect, calibre, intergrity, common sense and above all the will to serve the rakyat who voted for them.

Count Largo said...

"Zorro's" blog pieces does not impress. His views does not impress. And his writing certainly is of very low standard and thinking as well as e.q.

And not forgetting that boastful remark - "Zorro is willing to lay down his life for the cause" - is just what it is - an empty boast. Remarks normally made by your typical of cowards and charlatans in our society. Knowing full well there are many gullible fools and impressionable young minds reading his cr*p!

And him being an ex teacher, I say this man is a bad role model.

Any expletives?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.01, you are indeed too naive and gullible. After 53 years your eyes should already be wide opened. Not voting BN/UMNO in the GE13 is no longer an shall be our last hope for a better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Count Largo

I may not agree fully with Zorro.

But I still find his writing more meaningful and more thought provoking than any mainstream media controlled by bn.

I think you better stick to Utusan to syiok sendiri.

Anonymous said...

PKR is a reconditioned UMNO car. It has the same framework, the same model of engine and the same mechanism in order to run. While it has been slightly upgraded with a few cosmetic changes like new tyres, bumpers, absorbers and sound system, essentially the body, engine and transmission are still the same. The PKR recon will suffer the same fate as the decrepit UMNO car. PKR need to quickly get a new car suitable for present-day realities. They need new drivers and new supporting teams without the old UMNO way of doing things. The old UMNO car might be ditched in the coming days but PKR must change its infrastructure quickly before UMNO get a better car.

Anonymous said...

GE13 and the State Election in Sarawak are around the corner. The PR partners in general and PKR in particular must pay special attention to their candidate selection procedures, and make doubly sure no potential froggies are in their list. The loss of Perak State Assembly are still fresh in the mind of the public.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

If its low standard, why keeps visiting.
If its craps , why keeps coming to swallow.
If its empty boast ,Do us a favor here why not you go and do your own blog.
If Old teacher Zorro is setting a lousy example, why dont you go and set a better example.
But please, we had seen enough and heard enough of "cakap Tak serupa Bikin" types .
Do take up a new hobby . Learn to fly a kite might be good.

motherchell said...

Count Largo, I quite understand that you are tired and disorientated after your long journey with flying time lag from Transylvania. Your caprice with the cross of intelligence and quotient is supposed to be at blogs as Utusan's and Satu hala's. You could even choose astrophysics or stick on to your Book of Alphabets.

An anathema at its best!!

Anonymous said...

This is all good pub talk over a glass of beer.

Anonymous said...

Count Largo,
No one invites you to Zorro's blog.
So, get out...pergi jahanam!

You must be an UMNO paid cypertrooper..Bangsat!

Lao' Cha said...

His blog is not here to impress. It is here to impregnate the misinformed and nudge the fence sitters.

I get the impression that you expect him to jump off a building with regards to that statement about him 'laying down his life for a cause'. What do you want him to do? He got hauled up by the police more times than you ever spend paying fines for your traffic offences and he court a higher risk at being a guest in the Kamunting Detention Center than your chances of getting ventral hernia.

As for the role model part, I have reservation about how you would fare.

You see, Zor is like a pair of firm and voluptuous 23 year old boobs with erected nipples. You know you'll be charged with sexual assault if you extend your hand to grab one, but you just can't help ogling.

Anonymous said...

If Najib had any real will to strengthen Umno, the best he could do would be to end racism, cronyism, corruption and the NEP, abolish ISA, allow a truly independent judiciary, stop politicising Islam, stop interfering with the media, stop buying outrageously expensive military equipment that don't work, and stop allowing the building of overpriced palaces, mosques and stadiums that collapse.

If he did just one of these things, Malaysians would start to feel happier about being Malaysian, Umno would reap the benefit of positive public perception, and camels would fly.

Anonymous said...

Najib must show that he is the PRIME MINISTER of all Malaysia by doing what he thinks is right for the country. Popularity and support from his own party should be secondary considerations, if he sincerely and strongly believes in the reform measures announced to the world. He must not fall into the unpalatable and untenable situation which rendered Tun Abdullah ineffective and weakened.

National agendas should take precedence and be given the highest priority and Najib must muster the political will to do the necessary. After all he is the man on the helm.

Even if the support from those detractors like Perkasa, Dr M and the like is not forthcoming, even hostile at times, Najib can count on the REST OF MALAYSIA.

Surely the rest of Malaysia will back Najib if he is sincere in his intention and agenda. Even supporters of opposition parties would throw their weight behind Najib too if they could be made to understand the policies and reform measures. This will in fact be the golden opportunity for Najib to gain some support from the opposition and fence sitters whose interest is only for securing whatever that is fair and reasonable for country and people.

Najib must take the bull by the horns in facing his own party members and the recalcitrant Perkasa. Tell them off in the face for making wild and baseless allegations against the non-Malays who are accused of questioning Malay rights. He should also give the marching orders to the editors of Utusan for not toeing party lines, presuming it is the party papers. Not doing so would make Najib appears to be in agreement with their stand or that he is another lame president.

Najib must in no uncertain terms make a strong statement to the whole nation about his views on Perkasa, Dr M and the Malay NGOs. And proceed to implement the reform measures as set out in the NEM.

It would be better to go down fighting than to retreat with the tail between the legs. Malaysians will respect a prime minister who has the courage to do what is best for the country. What is it to be PM if one does not have the courage to act out as one?

Anonymous said...

I think Perkasa and the former PM need to know and aware of the situation of our country economy well before resorting to voice against the Najib's administration. Bearing in mind that our country's resources are beginning to dry off now The status of economy will end up to be reclassified as third world country standard soon before 2020 if we are not to divertify our country economy with good policies attracting investments. For the sake of our country please give a deep thought of it. The special right given to Malay is unquestionable but it is definitely not going to help Malaysia either to advance itself in the competitive world of economy going forward. The competitors surrounding us are moving rapidly to overtake us now in economy and we should not be left behind. Our open economy must be ready to move in the same direction with our competitors in order to achieve the success.

Anonymous said...

PERKASA membership are mainly from UMNO and their de facto adviser is former UMNO President, Tun Dr Mahathir with the relentless support from UMNO mouth piece, Utusan Melayu.

With all these intimate relations, it is hard to believe that UMNO now wish to denounce and defuse their relationship with Perkasa.

This is likely to be another election gimmick by BN to trap the non-Malay like what happened in 1999 and a well calculated strategy to attract the conservative-right wing Malay, which had long been deserted by the moderate and patriotic Malay power base.

Wahid said...

Tun Maverick in his twilight years must understand that his time is over, he no longer is in power.

There must be equality to all, there must be 1 Malaysia. No one is saying take away the Bumiputra special rights. What the Rakyat wants is a better distribution of wealth ie all Bumiputra to enjoy not a selected group of Bumiputra. Perkasa and Tun got it wrong.

We must all understand and appreciate what the current PM and BN wants - a better distribution of the nations wealth to all Bumiputras.

ajoyly said...

That should be the case. Only leaders who are not corrupted, trust worthy and with proven delivery capabilities should be voted in.

Otherwise, we will be voting the same calibre of Wakil Rakyat again whose interests are more on lining their pockets rather than helping the Rakyat.

The only problem, voters sometimes elected the candidate not for his ability but for his gift(cash present).

So voters should be wise, take the money but select a different candidate, one that can perform.

Count Largo said...

On a scale of 1 - 10, I'd rate Zorro's blog 3.5.

Utusan? -3. Now, if there is any paper fit for toilet, this is it. It is custom made to hold cr*p!

Best blog in my opinion? CPI perhaps. MI or Malaysiakini.

RPK's rate 2.5 only. This man is just too bigotted! Pity his poor wife. This man has no respect.