Friday, September 17, 2010


My humble RM90 nokia donated to me when its predecessor went into the washing machine does not allow me to twit, so sms is my means of communication.

This morning I received this from Hantu III:

Hantu III: Do u know that Azmin is in Tuaran?

Me: Yes, I got the schedule of PKR visit to Sabah and Sarawak.

Hantu III: Do u know that Anwar was with him?

Me: Yes, as per schedule.

Hantu III: U c no wrong in this?

Me: Wats so wrong?

Hantu III: He cannot take sides!

Me: Did he?

Ten minutes later.

Hantu III: M not dumb.

Me: Never said u are.

Hantu III: But you are!

Remembering anger management techniques I read, it is best to respond rather than to react to triggers like this from Hantu III, I responded.

Me: If u feel that way.

Hantu III: Do u know what Azmin promised Ansari in the presence of Anwar?

Me: Nope.

Hantu III: He told the audience that should Ansari be elected, he would be a candidate in GE13!

This time I reacted and broke one of the cardinal rules in anger management: failing to empathize, failing to see things from the perspective of the other person.

Me: U talking cock!

Hantu III: F O then.

End of chat…..both angry with each other.

From the start I was hoping that this PKR election will avoid rumor mongering, back stabbing, defaming and maligning.

Did Azmin make that promise?

Who is he to make that promise?

That is pompously usurping the rightful authority.

Dr Molly Cheah should book him!

However, I forgot to ask Hantu III if he was at the gathering in Tuaran.

So, we now depend on anyone in Tuaran to verify Hantu III’s allegation.



Rosey-Posey said...

Hey, why so surprise, Uncle.
Everyone knows Anwar is Azmin's campaign manager.
Still in love with Keadilan's brand of politics?

Anonymous said...

ansari abdullah @ umsery and mohammed azmin haji ali are thick as thieves.

dont you know that uncle bernard? come on. this is not a joke. something needs some fixing here right away. this cannot go on in PKR. this is definitely what i call UMNO attitude in PKR.

anwar, a devastating leader of this nation


Anonymous said...

Why be angry brother. It is the members that will decide. Let them fight and trust in GOD that the best man will win and if the weak destine to win... then GOD definitely has a better plan for PKR and the nation.
They or whoever think have the power can promise anything but rest assured that, it is not necessarily will happen if GOD doesn't agree with the plan.
Have fun and enjoy your life and have faith in the peoples' power.
It is no point winning the party post when we will be defeated and totally rooted come the GE.
Take care and keep healthy. Don't be angrified ma....

Anonymous said...

UMNO also wants Azmin to win. Azmin is looking at party's level, Zaid at national's level. With Azmin, it's like winning the battle but losing the war (Sarawak 10 & GE13). Zaid's concepts will improve Pakatan's winning in Sarawak. If Zaid win, PKR will have 1 more member.

Anonymous said...

Majority of PKR are X UMNOs and in most likely cases imbeded with the usual UMNO quality -They are most likely to bring along the money politics practices they are used to. Promising this and promising that.. they are just not use to doing things differently and that is good. If they were ever to take hold of Putrajaya, what assurances can we the rakyat will ever see a real change and in a frightening situation, can we ever imagin real and fruitful co-operation among these three for the benefits of all MALAYSIAN.
Malaysian will need to pray hard to Tuan Allah, Jesus, Buddha and Siva for divine intervention to make these politico monkeys to make 1Malaysia works

Anonymous said...

Why get upset over the pkr issue that you cannot control?

It is outside your circle of influece!

Anonymous said...

Let's get the situation in perspective. Ask yourself -
1. How many senior PKR members were formerly aligned with UMNO? Are they party-hoppers to seek greener pasture? No insinuation on Zaid. I honestly believe he's among the few exception.
2. How many senior DAP memebers are formerly MCA/ Gerakan memebers? You cannot count more than the fingers of one hand.
3. How many senior PAS memebers were formerly aligned to to UMNO? Maybe also less than the fingers of your hand.
And what conclusions do all these likely mean? For one, it's gonna be difficult to shake PKR from it's mirror image. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

What God got to do with all this, u think he/she got so much time with all this.It's all human doing, please don't bring in the God with all this.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a price, even the burung hantu!

zorro said...

Anon1250....why not, unless you are an atheist. But I have seen confirmed atheist look heavenward when they are perplexed!

S A A said...

The vast majority of our future generation are SPM holders. Many are also PMR holders. But let us not get too excited with our SPM holders ok. One man who has been marking the SPM exam papers says that the passing marks for SPM Matematik can be as low as 15 marks !!!! This is really shocking. 15 markah saja boleh lulus Matematik SPM !

Can our YBs raise this matter when the Parliament Session starts in October. Ask the Minister of Education to give exact details about the minimum passing marks for all SPM subjects. Also ask what are the minimum marks for our SPM students to get an A? Lets be transparent. No hiding information. I think the situation is very, very bad. How else do you think the kids can score 17As, 15As or 12As? When I did the MCE (Malaysian Certificate of Education) in 1977, we were told that an A1 was 90 marks and above. A2 was 80 to 90 marks. Out of eight subjects I got 5As in Physics, Mathematics, two English subjects and Geography. Although I have not studied Geography any further until today I can recall what I learnt in Form 5 Geography. But nowadays the kids can get 17As in a jiffy because they only need 15 marks to pass Mathematics.

Folks, who are we trying to fool? Ourselves? What for? Dan yang ramai sekali terlibat kesan negative “markah rendah” ini penuntut Melayu. Why? Because they are the majority lah. 65% - 70% of our population is Malay. In some Government schools, 98% - 100% of students are Malay. These are demographic realities. You cannot run away from facts.

Li Huat Chai said...

Zorro, can we not fight who is to win? I, too, would want Zaid to win but maybe we should give Azmin a chance too because we all want Pakatan to capture Putrajaya right? So, let us bless Keadilan even if Azmin is chosen, i hope that is fine with you, and all the Pakatan supporters.

zorro said...

Huat Chai. The man with the most support WILL win. But the win must be CLEAN. Please read what transpired in Kudut, Bandar Indira Makhota and Raub.

Sang Kancil Pundit said...

What is the point for Azmin Ali to be PKR Deputy President if he won by dirty means? Might as well he balik to UMNO from whence he came from!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, why don't we dump Anwar. Let's hope Anwar go to jail. Bro Zorro can round up fellow bloggers and convince public Anwar is guilty. Zaid can then be President, an ex UMNO president!