Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Anonymous said...

Zaid should just join DAP or Pakatan. Time to abandon PKR.

Pakatan Supporter said...

More like TuiLeMa!! This Z think that he is bigger than the party? Making accusations out of the air. He is always sayings this and that but nobody have heard it? He is making up his own accusation and attacking everone in the party. Sounds like a jilted lover complaining to everybody. If there is a quarrell in the family, don't you think that it should be resolved in the family? and not take it out to the whole world discrediting the family. Does he thinks that he is the Best candidate and there is nobody else better than him? PKR is the only democratic party today and they might be having some theething problem as it is the first time in this damned country where one person gets one vote. He is showing a lot of EGO and giving bad press everyday. Calling people by names when he is the real NYAMUK! We might just as well let UMNO rule and forget the whole damn Refomasi! And there are bloggers and internet media calling themselves free and independent taking sides and not showing neutrality attacking based on heresay and gossip. What is this!!??

Anonymous said...

They have succeeded in giving PKR a bad image and than bring up their infantile third force, BN than calls for election and win back all their seats getting more than 2/3 majority. Bye Bye Pakatan. Bye Bye Malaysia.

Nizar Supporter said...

ZAID all the way!!!

Dream Team said...

Nizar, Tony Pua, Zaid, Nik Aziz, RPK, Din Merican, Zorro, Haris Ibrahim, Nurul, LGE, Khlaid Samad, and many more... maybe these people can really reform Malaysia, if they get together and form a new party..


justicenequality said...

PKR Leadership have shown their true colours; they are anything but ADIL[Justice].

baDboyzs said...

Lets hear it from the come back kid himself, the one still stuck with the sodomy 2. Is he paving the way for his right hand man since 1998 to helm the party once he enters the sodomy jail ? Is Zaid too greenhorn, or too impatient ( like anwar ), or too old ?

No wild speculations plse

Anonymous said...

i hope we can focus on KUBURKAN UMNO. we will deal with u-know-who later.

pakatan's enemies are laughing privately at pkr's antics. they want us to fight amongst ourselves. casting doubts. we have doubts.

but we still want to KUBURKAN UMNO.
nomatterhow. nomatterwhat.


Anonymous said...

Now you know why there are people who don't waste their time going to vote in an election.
Because they don't waste time with arrogant and selfish power crazy politicians.
Just go make as much money as you can so can get out from this rubbish country.

anak bangsa juga said...

dream team.

pls minus harris, i think he got some negative agenda towards pkr.

Pat Lu said...

We need Plan C - a third force, a single political party to challenge both coalitions. History is going to repeat itself. The Pakatan Rakyat coalition is going to fail if in-fighting continues within each component party just like BN's component parties. View cartoon at

Anonymous said...

When someone thinks he is bigger than the organization, then the end state will be destruction if it is not checked or the individual himself must do a reality check.
If he thinks that he is a true democrat then he should call it off or quit in the best interest of the party or the national interest. Or else it is appropriate that the party concern to act accordingly now or take whatever the opportunity costs as the result of their action rather than allowing the termites to continue which will end up in destruction.
Let see whether the PKR has the leadership quality and the political will to make decision and nice to see whether a party member understand the over aching principles and the big picture of the PAKATAN agenda.
It takes the whole team player to build the organization and it will only need one member to destroy everything.
Brother I wish we are on the right side of history.

Anonymous said...

It's puzzling. Zaid was seen as devil when he was in BN. The day he left them, he was transformed into an angelic saint.

Now he is the devil again.

If he jumps back he will be a froggy that went courting.

Best thing for Zaid is to join PAS and teach them how to enjoy life without turbans.



Anonymous said...

Agree with Pakatan Supporter...what do you expect when the bloggers you mentioned are Zaid's 'happy hour' comrades.

Jong said...

We have to decide how we want it done - take control of things or let it be, blind faith and be driven!

Anonymous said...

Agree with pakatan supporter: family problem should be resolved in the family.

Ah Wong

starman said...

Dear Bernard,

Zaid, Haris and friends should stop their agenda of trying to bring down Azmin.

All this scheming and planning is not going to help the real cause of winning the next GE 13.

Do they realise that they are driving away voters and damaging the image of PKR and of Pakatan Rakyat?

Zaid is not going to win the Deputy President with his gun slinging ways and Haris is not helping either. Haris Ibrahim has always been seen to be prejudiced with Anwar Ibrahim on his criticsm all these times.

What is their real objective? They are now seen to be dividing the Rakyat with their extreme negative insult on Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Cd recording of tele-conversation that cannot be identified and not sure who the other party is talking to. You call this an expose? More like a set-up! What a laugh.

big cat said...

Could Zaid be the trojan horse planted by Umno?

Impossible is nothing.
Nothing is impossible.

zorro said...

Starman, if carrying a candle for Zaid means I am burning Azmin, then I am guilty. I prefer to get down from the fence....sitting on the fence can be quite discomforting. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

azmin was/is loyal and he (believed he) should be rewarded. he rallied behind the party during its darkest hours. but is the deputy-presidency a reward per se?

while zaid is new, he has fresher and more forward-looking ideas which are good for the party in particular and malaysia generally. he is a breath of fresh air, so to speak.

my conclusion is azmin&gang is too umno-like for my liking. stacked against zaid, the difference is glaring.

i'll go with zaid, thank u.


Anonymous said...

In the next GE, in every constituency that PKR field its candidates (esp the Azmin cohorts), we must have a pro-PR independent candidate, and we vote out PKR.

After elections, the independents can form a party n join PR.

We want a change of govt but we dont want Azmin and his cohorts.

Anonymous said...

Anon1:32pm. Good idea. Better still why not ask PKR to dissolve itself or form another party (3rd force) with Harris and Zorro as president n dep pres. respectively. Zaid remains in PKR meantime to ensure it's destruction. Do it now while there's time b4 GE13.

zorro said...

Me politician, cannot lah.....more fun looking under the carpet.