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A monopoly's RM944 million loss

"How can you lose so much money when you are a monopoly?" -Anonymous

Obviously you can. Ask Che Khaleb. Tenaga Nasional posted a net loss of RM944 milllion in the first quarter to November 30 2008 owing to weak electricity demand, higher coal prices and a weak ringgit.

The previous year he was awarded Manager of the Year.


Hassan Skodeng post RM4,000 bail, Rocky texted me.

This amount is a JOKE!


Anonymous said...

A Monopoly can lose money, certainly a case study topic for MBA students in local universities.

Anonymous said...

Satire is not appreciated by our judiciary system

Anonymous said...

There is no need for an MBA student to do a case study on why this monopoly lose money.

1. The electricity bought from the IPPs is expensive but non-negotiable. IPPs allowed to bill for every ounce they produce regardless of demand. So the IPPs make the money.

2. Coal bought by TNB does not come direct from suppliers but through a series of middlemen. The prices paid by tnb one of the highest in the world. Some batches do not meet the required specs for the power plants but non-refundable.

Anonymous said...


This is just wayang. Their real target is namewee.

Anonymous said...

More like Cronypoly.

Ben said...

Eh.. What happen? Thought I went to the wrong blog.

tupingera said...

this is a JOKE:

The public should trust the mainstream media as it is fact-based, compared to the opinion-based alternative media, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Prime Minister said some of the articles published on the alternative media, such as websites and blogs, were "half truths and inaccurate".

"The mainstream media has one strength which cannot be found in the alternative media, and that is the mainstream media can be considered fact-based.

"If we read the mainstream media, we intuitively regard it as an authoritative report, where its facts cannot be questioned," he said at a breaking of fast ceremony at the New Straits Times Press headquarters here Thursday.

"There must be a discerning public who can see the strength of the mainstream media," he added.

Anonymous said...

I see that you are busy renovating. Very neat and pleasant, Very nice indeed.

zorro said...

Sorry for the surprise.Hawkeye was in the vicinity trying to get out of the traffic grid and decided he could have some beers with me in to de-stress. For some beers and Mama Zorro's puruk ikan he did what he wanted to do for me for quite some time. OK Jewel of Singapore....its your show the masthead. Lets chat about this Jewel.

Hawkeye.....terimah kasih...tor cheh.....kam siah

Anonymous said...

TNB’s annual report revealed that Che Khalib’s total remuneration for the year 2007 was RM1.1 million, out of which RM600,000 was his annual salary. On average, he received a staggering RM92,000 per month.

All for doing nothing in a monopoly business, somemore the board recommended a 100% increment for 2008! No published data re: his salary since this 2007 revelation. How not to go into the reds when you let CEO and middelmen make all the profits?? They should all go meet the Maker soon and leave the money here on Earth for the poor...!

Anonymous said...

Cybertroopers are scouring bloggers for anything that is harmful to 'national security'. Be warned.

According to Mariam said...

If Namewee (Wee Meng Chee) is prosecuted for his music-video, then two mixed messages are being sent out by the government: The first is that the authorities practise double-standards. The second is that it was only because of Namewee’s ‘intervention’ that the government sat up and took racism seriously.