Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sources claim that Fatimah the MIA village idiot
is a cross-dresser.
Hantu II reports that HE has been recalled
from active duty
for bringing the village into disrepute.
Application, I believe, has been made to undergo
master-satirist's Donplaypucks 14 module rehab program
on mental masturbation.
We should be hearing from Shank shortly.
........meanwhile give this a thought:
Many are saying that the BBC is cornered by pressure
from the Malaysian Mighty Mouse.
Considering that we can only watch thru ASTRO
did AK have a hand in this patriotic service?
You figure this out
whilst I have a meeting with some
conspirators who want to
expose Anwar Ibrahim.



Anonymous said...

Your message is getting very complicated.

I cannot understand.

Is Fatimah a Bapuk?

KY said...

I suspect the reason for the CANCELLATION is NOT due to any political interference or whatever CRAP one might say.

The reason why BBC cancelled RAJA PETRA's date is becos' BBC found out that RAJA PETRA is indeed NOT an important person who deserved to be interviewed. Look, RPK ain't any POLITICIAN or have he held any important roles in the M'sian Govt.

He's just an ordinary FOLK (like you & me) who happens to spend 99.9% of his time in front of a PC blogging about RUBBISH & thus fled the country to seek ASYLUM in London simply becos' he WASN'T a MAN (jantan) enough to take on his charges.

RAJA PETRA claimed he has ROYALTY blood but for all you know he's just another ROYALTY WANNABE (similar to that BUGGER who tried FOOLING everyone he's some ROYALTY when the COPS found his dubious ROLL ROYCE in some event in PUCHONG, Selangor lately). Such dudes MUST be tripping on some kinda DRUGS to hallucinate they are ROYALTY, sial!!!!

Now, you know what BBC had just told RAJA PETRA???

"Hey you bloke.........PODAH lah!!!!!"

itsy-bitsy said...

Who is RPK to appear in Hard Talk?
Is he an MP? A minister, opposition leader, or someone of importance in Malaysia.
Worse he's a a charlatan.
If he's not married to a Chingkie, you guys won't even look at him.

Anonymous said...

the Teo Nie Ching is dirty, but the people who takes rasuah, drinks and kills are clean.....welcome to One and Only Malaysia

zorro said...

Itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, I am letting you in here to be FRIED. OK please use recycled oil yah?

Anonymous said...

Since when did the BBC got cowed by the Malaysian Government?

Perhaps there may be some factual errors on the part of RPK?

If indeed BBC got cowed, then it means that the Najib administration is holding the Brits by the testicles!

Another Buy British Last policy in the making?


Anonymous said...

Allo Uncle Zorro,

You must be source for concern if you have low life's like Itsy bitsy and teenie weenie hangng around spewing all their crap. Means that some fella's actually see you as a threat cause your blog is actually having an impact. Most of my college and uni friends now read it anyway.

Good you uncle, and all the best. Look forward to buying you a stengah when I get back home. Keep up the good fight and don't let any BN or PR ball carriers tell you otherwise.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

RPK is important enough for UMNO to invest in cybertroopers to FUD -- Fear, Uncertaintly and Doubt -- so I rest my case whether RPK is important enough.

Nobody gives a shit if najib is on Hardtalk, but just look at the amount of retweeting going back and forth when ppl found out RPK will be on TV.

Anonymous said...

I caught some MMU students doing cybertrooper jobs -- so if you are in UNI or any College, pls keep an eye on these scums.

There's effort to track down those that are behind these UMNO cybertrooper activities.

Anonymous said...

Dear KY

The era when a person proves his might by being a "jantan" belongs to the pre-historic ages. You have to come back to 2010 ... which is millions of years ahead of your time. Nowadays, the line between jantan and betina is so vague that there is no point trying to differentiate ... ask Saiful and his mates. They will be glad to share their insight with you.

If RPK is not jantan to face trial in Malaysia, then it appears that the Malaysian government has no jantan(s) to apply to the British court to extradite RPK. They were not even jantan enough to board the plane to UK to interview RPK.

Najib didn't dare to sue Raja Petra et. al. for the Altantuya allegations. They had to use the Malaysian government to do that. So is Najib "jantan' enough?

Ibrahim Ali didn't dare to debate Nurul Izzah. He is not even "jantan" enough to pit his debating skills against a lady who is young enough to be his daughter.

I could go on ... but I don't want to waste more time with you or your handlers.

Anonymous said...

Reading itsy bitsy's comments, one can tell this person was struggling with his English ... "charlatan", "chingkie" ... like people are going to get upset by your choice of words!

Gunalah Bahasa Malaysia kalau tak fasih berbahasa Inggeris. Kita kan anak Malaysia, semua faham Bahasa Malaysia, walaupun ada yang bukan keturunan Melayu.

Really disappointing if this is the quality of cybertroopers that the hidden hands can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia could easily buy up BBC the way they have bought Lotus, resulting in no oil revenue for the next generation.

pinsysu said...

ya, who's rpk?
who's mahamat gandhi?
who's martin luther king?
who's abraham lincoln?
who's nelson mandala?
who's mother teresa?

go dig a hole & bury ur head.

BBC busy explaining the obvious & surely they are doing a convincing job ... hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Pseudonym like KY and itsy bitsy, ha, ha, ha.
Do you think BBC operates like Malaysian ministers, do first then find out later that they are wrong, then try to cover up?
Go back to your hole and stay there.

Anonymous said...

Why is Perkasa creating so much ruckus about non-Malays displacing the 'ketuanan Melayus'? The non-Malays are only asking for a place in the Malaysian sun and are not interested in special privileges and rights currently abused by the Umnoputras.

Anonymous said...

Fatimah (Zorro's bogeywoman) is more 'terror' than Siti the principal?