Tuesday, August 31, 2010


PM Najib.

Can’t be.

The man’s is in hock to Rosmah.

Dr Mahathir.

Well, someone in cahoots with that multiple discard, from Umno, from Pas from Semangat 46– Ibrahim Ali – cannot be as powerful as made out to seem.

Could it be the Tok Guru?

Well, he’s spiritually formidable no doubt. But we are talking here about the temporal world, the here and now.

Ku Li?

The de Gaulle in waiting?

Anwar Ibrahim.

Well, he’s a man of destiny.

And you know this thing called destiny – you can’t say how much is due to personal magnetism/charisma and how much due to historical circumstance.

There is a more powerful man than the ones mentioned above.

He’s in PKR and he’s really powerful.

How so?

Well, the man can bend things decided by the party’s highest policy making body that he doesn’t like to come round to his wishes.

That man is truly powerful.

And you know what?

This man will destroy the man of the moment’s chances of getting an opportunity to make the reforms the country so desperately needs.


We have to be lucky in the leaders we get.

Yah people, go relish what is left of the Merdeka Tengku Abdul Rahman bequeathed to us.


Eric said...

Nice reference to de Gaulle, dear Uncle.

Hawkeye said...

The most powerful man in PKR and he is not Anwar Ibrahim? Hmm... Who could he be?
Must be too much porridge last night ... Getting all woozy.

maj (rtd) haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said...

Br Bernard...

of all persons..i hope u r u not implying "it" ( note that i m not even using a he/she) is the one the leader of the pack of 12...? If IT is..oh my goodness !@#%%^&&**()
I hope i m not right this time

my two cents worth


baDboyzs said...

So be it, people come people go...just be ready when that happens

Ray said...

Uncle Zorro...we, the Rakyat are the most powerful la...if Azmin thinks he can do what he like in PKR, we, the Rakyat will show him in GE13...we shall turn him into a 'kiam hu'(dried fish).

Cheers and Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

Anonymous said...

Most powerful person in PKR ... probably have yet to join the party yet.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is more powerful than RPK!

The govt and it's men's balls shrink at the thought of being caught by RPK in his articles. He doesn't need to be present, but his presence is felt by all those walking in the corridors of power. Even the Bini dare not take him on openly, and have to resort to ISA! IN fact the whole govt machinary can't even confront him face to face, and they have to use the ISA to avoid facing the Man!! Even the British thinks he's too hot to handle! All this for a man without a govt machinary, funding, military forces, PR company, etc behind him!


Jong said...

HahaHa! They cringe in fear at the mention of his name - yes the corrupt, the cunning, the conniving, even the murderers! :D

They simply can't keep up with him yes, the lengths they go to stop BBC from interviewing him, who else but iconic figure - RPK!

itsy-bitsy said...

Wow I see all the Jinjang Joes getting excited over the Chinapek RPK.
Get out of your settlement guys.
Can't even tell a fake one.

Anonymous said...

Why the government is so quick to intervene in Namwee's video whereas it takes a committee to investigate the very culprit, the school principle, to determine her action. Come on BN, we need equal application of the law. If the principle had been charged for sedition there won't be this Namwee video!

How can a video posting expressing your satisfaction with a principle be considered seditious. He may have used vulgar words but that is not seditious. The very people that are contempt for seditious remarks are the former Penang UMNO chief, former Najib right hand man, the school principles, Ibrahim Ali, Cow head protesters, Mahathir and many others.

Let's be fair! Namwee's video is a reflection of frustration with the government by the people. When you feel cornered, you'll express your frustration in many other ways and the video is the most appropriate way to spread the frustration with the government.

Anonymous said...

Selangor gvmet gives RM500K to every Chinese Independent school in Selangor. BN can't do it, so it gives RM15K to 50 students.

Anonymous said...

not in putrajaya yet but throwing his weight around already?

tell us who is this arrogant bugger, come next election we the people with the power will show him how to screw spider.

felicia said...

dear Zorro.....could it be Azmin Ali? :-O

zorro said...

Felicia...if you are a darter, you just scored a shanghai!!!!!! Rounds of beer on me and Shanghai Stephen.

Anonymous said...

Under an open PR government, historians and academics will have exciting field days ahead of them when they are fully supported to put up all their studies and hypothesis/arguments on our history. Putting Malaysia history in is true light without any obstruction, will be the great celebration on the rakyat true heritage.

Then the answer "who is a Malay" will be answered with full of pride, not shame. It will bring up all the goosebumps when the DNA/genes will more likely prove that Malay, Indian, chinese are quite genes related in the Malay race. Then we will see each with ALOT more compassion, and curse the lost years that we did not do more to help each other.

We will have a TRULY united Malaysia that we always dream of. We are not far turning the dream into a reality. then Merdeka would be the Independence day that will TOUCH the hearts of every rakyat. The Malaysian flags will flutter about with greatest pride to all, 100x more than the pride we ever felt before.
It would be pure MAGIC for all.

United states of East and West. Nothing gets in the ways of strong Sabahan/Sarawakian, good malay for the good PR force. We can do it.

Jong said...

Oh, ...shit!!

Anonymous said...

oh! its mohammed azmin bin ali again hitting!


I never trusted him from day 1.

so, why bother zorro? blog on something better than azmin.

i know and we all know for a fact that he is a threat to PKR.