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I am into this not because it seems to be the flavor of the day. I am into this not because I enjoy writing and sharing. I am into this because (with your postings, of course) together, we want to unearth and unmask those saw-dust Caesars (read, politicians and the pseudo powers-that-be). The final straw that broke the camel's back to finally kick-start this blog is of course the legal action of the bullies, hiding under a corporate perforated umbrellas, against two uncompromising and not-so-easily cowed master-bloggers. These plaintiffs know as much about journalism as a toad would know about baking a cheese cake. These have turned the mainstream dailies into house organs, and in-house sheets promoting the interests of their political masters, thus making them impotent as an independent news voice. Investigative journalism to unravel unbridled corruption, thriving unimpeded on Malaysian fertile environment is definitely anathema! This maiden posting ask these questions: Where is the power to think for oneself? Where is the forum for diverse ideas? What happens to the court of public opinion?






Anonymous said...

While we still have the time, we must have the courage to implement change. Even when we know and are aware change has long been overdue. When the time is up, no change would do any more good because the damage done is irreparable. Dr Mahathir had brought Malaysia almost to self-destruction. When will we ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Truth ... without fear or FAVOR ....

Zorro, what a load of crap you are talking about. Why the total silence on the Tee & Ronnie Liu saga???

Cakap tak seropa bikin.
Podah lah

zorro said...

Anon853pm, I challenge you to tell me whatever you know about the Tee and Ronnie saga. I challenge you to tell me. I thought Ibrahim Ali shoots and then aims. You do neither. You just unload your shit without finding out if anybody is watching.
Let me put this very mildly because I dont want to upset you to the extent that you lose your self-esteem: Your comment is as useless as rubber lips on a woodpecker....assuming you know what a woodpecker does..... just a has nothing to do with carpentry.....cakap tak serupa bikin. So tell me what you have on both and I will whack the shit out of them and present it to you gift wrapped.

Anonymous said...

DAP has promised the following if Pakatan gets to Puterajaya:
(1) abolishing the controversial saman ekor (postal summons) scheme;
(2) providing an annual ex-gratia of RM1,000 to each senior citizen aged 60 and above;
(3) providing free wi-fi or wireless broadband service throughout the country.

Anon853pm is an umno cybertrooper out to impress its boss.

Let's vote for DAP!!!

Anonymous said...

How to trust PM Najib Razak when he says something and does another. His New Economic Model (NEM) implementation is still on the table, having been 'outlawed' by Perkasa.

He wants the private sector to engage both bumiputera and non-bumiputera participation, but when it concerns public sector employment, it is still one way - for bumiputeras.

Cala: Najib keeps mentioning about his wishes and idealism as contained in the 10th Malaysian Plan. As the PM, he should appreciate better than the rest of us about the concept of walk the talk.

How could you march forward and expect your followers to follow you when they have no confidence in what you say to them? The case in point is about good governance. Can Najib tell us that under the 10th MP there is a commitment for the administration to be "transparent, accountable and open" in its governance?

Looking from the people's perspective, there are the four cases handled by its instruments: the TBH (Teoh Beng Hock) inquest; Sodomy II; Boustead's RM1.3 billion submarine maintenance contract; and N Tharmendran's alleged torture by the Air Force. Where these things mentioned in the 10th MP?

Every single step that Najib takes is being closely watched by the people. As long as a gap exists, no amount of exhortation will help bring back the lost confidence.

Oopet said...

'The police, judiciary, the AG's office, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and other civil services have all been bastardised.'

- Nazir Razak on Malaysia's NEP being 'bastardised'

new fart said...

The Umno Malays will NEVER changed! Not in a million years so let's forget about them and instead concentrate on working with all right-minded Malaysians of all races and religions, to get Pakatan into Putrajaya. Period!

Anonymous said...

Rotten to the core.

That's the verdict of Tun Maverick on umno.

So, umno is a spent force.
Even Ibrahim Tongkat Ali cannot save it.

Anonymous said...


How is it that this Ibrahim Tongkat can threathen the PM about loosing their (important meh??) votes, spewing racisim, etc.....

And not get ISAed????
And get away with the filth that comes out of his filthy mouth????
Got backing??????????????????/

Does that mean that Tongkat feller will give his votes to PR????

Anonymous said...


To be fair to Anon 8.53pm, on the same basis, let me politely ask you then, what details/proof/evidence do you have on BN since you whack them on a regular basis?

Seriously, Zorro, sometimes I find you are being biased. And when someone like Anon 8.53pm comes along and tell you so, you hit the roof. I mean, its ok (not a crime) to be biased. Rather than taking in personally against Anon 8.53pm, you should man up and admit that you are biased.

Fyi, I am biased. No matter how poor PR is, I am still going to vote for them.

zorro said...

Anon931...of course I am BIASED. I will continue to be bias until PR goes to Putrajaya. But I will not take the stand "PR right or wrong". I have questioned them all. I am enjoying every bit of what is happening. It is better we have all these exposed NOW than too near to GE13. Anon853pm questioned me on my silence over Ronnie and Tee. For sure that silence is not permanent. Be patient. Can you picture how the big cats stalk .....patiently. The time to pounce must be a calculated act of precision.

By the way, pls give me an occasion when I whacked BN without facts? Just one and I will apologise.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply at 10.49am.

Good or bad, I am going to vote PR no matter what because after 50+ years of BN, how wrong can we go if we give it to PR for a tryout. Yes, agree they have some idiots in PR, but looking at BN, I can live with the idiots in PR.

This country need a change.

I like your big cats theory , by the way.

new fart said...

Bro Zor, watch out for MCA cyber-troopers. Their porn-star master recently declared war on cyber-space targeting opposition supporters. They appeared to be more subdue in their approach unlike the Umno purchased cyber-troopers, you can tell with the way they write. They are slowly making their present felt on your blog.

zorro said... matter what we will try to get PR into PutraJaya, but we must get the right candidates and nurture them. Meantime we can all encourage the millions unregistered to register.

New fart....thanks for the concern. I am aware of the MCA troopers presence. I have handled a few who have come in masquerading as UMNO bloggers. They are novices really...mummy's MCA milk still dripping from their mouths.