Monday, August 30, 2010


HANTU and I were watching the Yonex WBF badminton beamed live from Paris, after I buka puasa with him at Soul Out. He was not interested in the other finals as he predicted that China would sweep all. He entertained a faint hope that our Tan-Koo stood a chance. So until then we traded happenings in between splashes of a Taiwanese single malt from his hip flask. He just wanted me to try it but insisted that I make no comments about his latest find. As such I held my tongue but it was actually smooth with deep oak tones, easy on the palate and likewise pleasurable with an H Upmann Magnum 46 he threw at me after the first sip. Just as the doubles-finals was to get underway he said: “Kassim of MACC is doing the right thing, using little life baits.” Earlier he had reprimanded me for being too harsh on Kassim and his netting small fries.

“Maybe” I said and his index finger on his lips meant that he was going to give a running commentary of the match. I will not comment on the side glances invited during his commentary.

I made a mental note to find out about the value of live baits. Over brunch I met up with some anglers in SS3.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is investigating three politicians, including two PKR Selan­gor state assemblymen for alleged involvement in illegal sand mining activities in the state.

It is learnt that the three are among more than 40 people, including 28 enforcement officers, who are being investigated.

My angler friends insisted that RIGGING live baits are important first steps:

Bridle rig using cable ties is an extremely effective method of rigging a live fish.

Rigging live bait with ganged hooks can prove very effective when targeting fast moving pelagics.

Live bait bridle rig is extremely popular in game fishing circles especially for ballooning, working through berley or slow trolling.

The live bait dorsal fin rig is best used when the live bait is to be suspended such as working under a balloon or in light current situations.

The live bait nose rig is best used when the live bait is to be trolled or worked in stronger currents. It's also a good method of attaching a smaller fish that might struggle with a larger hook in the dorsal fin or tail area.

Live fish with stinger rig is excellent when weed or coral around. Also great on large live baits.

The live bait via tail rig is best used when the live bait is to be worked with a weight or in deep water.

I just hope Kassim can see the parallels (in bold red) when using live baits in his endeavor. But my angler friends gave this parting shot:

Live baits are the ultimate in fishing baits. However live baits poorly rigged, will not only die before the BIG fish finds it, but also decrease the chances of enticing the fish to eat it. Don't spend hours catching live bait simply to drown them.

‘Nuf said yah?


big fish pics courtesy of TVSmith


Anonymous said...

By the time all the ikan bilis are finished all the sharks have all disappeared.

pinsysu said...

is kassim holding a blowfish?!

Anonymous said...

that moron from MACC is just doing the bidding of UMNO. what, he is blind on the abuses by Toyo, the Indon? Or White Hair Rajah? or the useless mamak once-upon a time athlete who controls National Service purchases on behalf of the u-know-who lady?
Kassim, take a hike. And Tan Sri Phang, what sort of oversight by your lot? You should also take a hike.

Anonymous said...

Wow! not easy to catch ikan bilis!

It's so tiny.

Congrats to Abu Kassim. Dont know what his wife will serve for dinner.

Abu dua sudu?