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Anonymous said...

At long last the truth is out. The world had been conned once again by islamic terrorists. The conned of course included many suckers from malaysia who wanted to show that they were caring people, not knowing the deviousness of islamic terrorists and their schemes to attract undeserved sympathy.

This whole episode is a camouflaged military provocation and a political move and not a so called humanitarian effort for the people of Gaza.What the terrorists are saying is "the fight started because the Israelis hit back." If the Israelis had fore knowledge of what to expect they should have blown the ship out of the water.

The saddest part of this whole episode was , the provocateurs who funded the misled bunch of lost souls were safe in their comfortable houses feeling smug and smiling. Malaysians should know well who they are.

To some, humanitarian aid means donating something you wouldn't use yourself, like expired drugs ! Palestinians have such good friends.

To Malaysians who have been criticising Israel as a knee-jerk reaction to show you are fair, please have a rethink about your gullibility.

Anonymous said...


Unless people read the history, they can't differentiate between the occupied and the occupier & the oppress and the oppressor. At least from the documentary, the Israelis commandos were saved the the very people they attacked. It really tell a lot who actually the heroes.

flyer168 said...


Let us all look at and understand Globalisation & Zeitgeist, the Global Elite Network towards the NWO Agenda...

They are all two sides of the same coin...

They have their Target International Pawns who are "Programmed & Blinded" by its "Profits & Favours", to "Execute" their Agenda on the "Sheeples/Goyims"

Ofcourse, Madey & Bolehland got "Suckered" into the "Trap" of the NWO Agenda...Lock, stock & barrel!

Just to share this...

"IHH is an aid organization which cooperated with United Nations.

You can see that fact from UN offical web site. it is web site link is :

That IHH is a certified organizastion by UN in this offical web site of UN

The Istanbul-based Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) is an Islamic charity group that was formed to provide aid to Bosnian Muslims in the mid-1990s.

It has been involved in aid missions in Pakistan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Iraq, Palestinian territories and other places, according to Turkish media..." Unquote.

Factbox: Turkish charity group behind Gaza-bound convoy - Factbox: Details of activists aboard Gaza flotilla -

"IHH President Bulent Yildirim was aboard the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish cruise ship carrying 581 people which was part of the convoy. At least nine activists on the Mavi Marmara were killed when Israeli marines boarded the ship...

Serkan Nergis, a spokesman for IHH, told Reuters: "We don't have anything against Israel. Our only aim was to carry aid to the people of Gaza.

But for Israel, regardless of your religion or your nationality, if you help the people of Gaza you will be declared a terrorist." Unquote.

The Jawa Report: Report Damaging to Turkish "Humanitarian" Organization/Erdogan Regime Being Suppressed? -

"1. On 31 May, 2010, the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) released a brief report - summarizing a CIA report declassified after 9/11 - which documented the terrorist connections of the IHH. The text of the ITIC report is reproduced below...

3. The only reasonable explanation for the disappearance of the report is that the CIA itself is seeking to shield IHH, and in turn the Erdogan government of Turkey, from further embarrassment.

The wisdom of such a decision is questionable given that the report itself has been declassified (and if I recall correctly it has been entered as evidence in US court proceedings) - I'm sure someone will eventually cough up a copy.

Whether the CIA is acting on its own initiative or at the behest of the Obama administration is the only real question here. I'm inclined to suspect the former...." Unquote.

2 Jun 2010 ... BACKGROUND ON THE IHH ORGANIZATION. May 30, 2010. KEY POINTS. ❖ The Turkish IHH, which played a central role in organizing the flotilla ...

"2 Jun 2010 ... Turkey. At those conferences, which featured the participation of senior IHH ... Links to Terrorism, the CIA identified IHH as a radical Islamic ... study which reported that in the past IHH had connections with Al- ..." Unquote.

You be the judge.


ultra kiasu said...


Certain group of people in Malaysia (you know who) cares more for these outsiders but choose to be racist towards locally-born Chinese ('Balik China' episodes).

Indonesia has learnt a lesson. They chased away Chinese only to see their economy slided backwards . But our umnoputeras are not learning from Indonesia's mistakes. Already the Sugar King and Casino King have moved their money out of the country. Negative FDI will conitnue...

Why bother so much of the middle-east affairs when the oil-rich sheiks do no care at all? Why chaing away people in the country who are paying tax to fund the welfare of bumiputeras? Please get your priority right!

Anonymous said...

Weird. Why Chinese back those Jews so much when the Jews themselves don't even care about you guys. It's just a matter of time before Chinese got whacked by the Jews.

For Jews, other than them, are Goyims.


zorro said...

Jonathan, this Malaysian Chinese don't back the Jews. He tries his very best to pesent any semblance of truth.

Strange that you use this name Jonathan:

Jonathan (Hebrew: יְהֹונָתָן Yəhōnāṯān or Yehonatan) is a heroic figure in 1 Samuel in the Hebrew Bible. He was the son of King Saul and close friend of King David. The relationship between David and Jonathan is one of the most notable biblical relationships.
Jonathan first appears in the biblical narrative as the victor of Geba, a Philistine stronghold (1 Samuel 13), and dies tragically at Mount Gilboa along with his father and brothers (1 Samuel 31). Jonathan was the father of Mephibosheth.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Jonathan is a dumbno cybertrooper.

Anonymous said...

Considering how well the Israelis are trained and how well they train others, including Malaysians and Singaporeans, the reponse to the flotilla was unprofessional and hopeless.

Landing on a ship full of people not knowing they were armed is silly. Why would professional soldiers take unclear visual surveillance as good info. A lot of things are not right there.

What they could could have done was to get an appropriate navy boat out and escort the ship to port without boarding it.

This is not like the Israeli professional soldiers I read so much about.

The activists there are not militarily trained people and things could go out of hand, unlike with soldiers. This case was hopeless.

Too many wrong things there.

Had I been the Israelis, I would have paid somebody to keep an eye on things and have him be one of the activists.

Quite a real mess really.

shar101 said...

Howz the 'A' cruise, Z?

Invigorating I trust.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 11:28pm that people and the rest of the world need to know the history of the formation of Israel and its occupation since the 1960s.
I recommend that to get a better understanding of the whole situation, Norman Finkelstein's work is commendable. Though his stand on Hamas' taking the "violent" route can be interpreted as an extreme position, don't let that hinder you from trying to understand his analysis and explanations. He based much of his arguments on what the various International Law & Resolutions that were passed by the UN ( passed by the majority of countries but not by the US).

JENN SHING said...

The one important question the Arabs, Palestinian and the Jews must ask themselves, are they not the decendants of Abraham?... Stupid child really TOH SUI KA... The world is getting fed up of this STUPID WAR.. I definately would not donate a cent to GAZA Its people has to get rid of the moronic so call leaders in the HAMAS and what other organizations that would not co exist peacefully with jews...

Yasmin said...

Dear Bernard

I cannot watch the video because my 'bloatband' is very slow-lah!

The telcom is charging us too high for a decent speed broadband!

Anonymous said...

Gaza who should be blame ? Egypt.They close thier boarder.

Comments by malay/muslim hater in this blog will only strengthen whai UMNO/BN is trying to do now.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, the Chinese don't back the Jews. They back who is right, which in this case, the Jews are. People who back these provocateurs are suckers who have been manipulated and led by the nose but who think they are being more fair than others. What a bunch of asses.

BTW, please change your name, Joned sounds good.

zorro said...

Shah101...the Special Bunch was awe-struck by the awesome special BRUNCH
laid out and the choice of intoxicants could cause another outburst from Harass-sani. However, I splashed a couple of smoothy-malts and remembered you in the few lucid moments amidst the bikin-haze. In short, the cruise was invigoratingly stimulating. One regret though....mermaid Paula was not around. It will not take much to imagine that she is cavorting with Paul the oct since it is off-season for him. Miss you lah!

zorro said...

Shah....bikini-haze....see I still haven't gained my land-legs yet.

Yasmin, sorry luv, cant help you there.

Anon 1004am....Joned sounds good but I rather not because one of the best men of letters is Salleh ben Joned.

This is what Antares said of SBJ:

Salleh Ben Joned is a living legend in Malaysian letters. His swashbuckling style belies a fierce dedication to spiritual and intellectual freedom. One of a few truly inspired bilingual writers and poets, Salleh achieved national notoriety with his acerbic column, As I Please, which ran sporadically in the New Straits Times – and which has twice been published as a collection of essays: erudite, witty, and often risque. A second collection of his spicy essays and columns was published in 2003 under the title, Nothing Is Sacred. In recent years Salleh Ben Joned has become a godfather figure of sorts to a whole new generation of punks and disenchanted urban youth who flock eagerly to his poetry readings. Educated in Australia, Salleh returned to lecture in literature at Universiti Malaya, where his passion for words earned him iconic status with his students, especially the female ones. Salleh Ben Joned’s genius has never been acknowledged in Malay literary circles (perhaps they aren’t amused by his affecting the Hebraic “Ben” in place of the Arabic “Bin”). Indeed, Salleh has endured venomous attacks by Malay sasterawan (literati) whose ethnocentric concerns and smug mediocrity grate against him. His readers, however, are grateful for the hilarious spoofs Salleh has penned, inspired by these parochially-inclined, poetry-declaiming sasterawan. I would unhesitatingly classify Salleh Ben Joned as a national treasure.

I think Jonah, is a better choice (for Jonathan)....remember the expression...."don't be a Jonah?"

Anonymous said...

Zorro has spoken ! Jonah it shall be

Thanks Zorro.

Anonymous said...

how many sampans ... oops ships has the son-in-law gathered ? his target is 100 !!