Sunday, August 29, 2010




Anonymous said...

OMG bbc pun kena beli kah.

toyolbuster said...

Maybe BBC should start a spin-off series like SOFTtalk or talkCOCK or COCKnBULLtalk or BOLLOCKStalk. Or have they just been paid off by Vincent to stuff their HARDtalk up their behind. If Najis can use money to meet Obama, what is BBC.

wandererAUS said...

BRIBED BRITISH CUNT WEARS A PRICE TAG ROUND ITS NECK...."We are British, if you have the money, I give you my time!"

Isa Bakar's Fan said...

Rumor that Ridhuan Tee will be interviewed in BBC's HardTalk ?
Uncle Bernard, can u pls confirm ?

Abraham Eli said...

Ibrahim Ali and gang need to read :
"Autobiography of Malcolm X" with assistance by Alex Haley (author of "Roots"), Paperback: 496 pages Publisher: Ballantine Books; ISBN: 0345350685

then only Talk Hard (Cakap Kuat) !

zorro said...

Isa Bakar Fan, no use to confirm. BBC invites quality people to HardTalk....repeat QUALITY, not charlatans.

Abraham Ali...Ib Tongkat Ali, no can read Engrish....

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When a bulldog is no longer allowed to bark
Then it can only chase after its own tiny tail
Since it can't uphold any light in the dark
Being true to itself is clearly seen to fail

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300810
Mon. 30th Aug. 2010.

nstman said...

It is very sad that BBC has succumbed to Umno prostitutes and bigots. Umno bastards have shown that they have no regard for normal boundaries of decency, and that they will use the most vile and insidious methods to achieve their goal. Umno bastards have shown they are not averse to emasculating the press. Umno bastards are now using mercenaries like Rocky and Jebat Must Die and Shamsul Yunus to spread false propaganda and go on an orgy of self promotion, delusion and sanctimonious huffing and puffing. Now, finally Umno bastards are giving BBC a hard-on with offers of cash and incentives to stop a Malaysian patriot from speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, they have not even invited Jibby. Never mind, most of the MESSAGE have already gotten out and the collective consciousness has taken over in charting the CHANGE.

BBC TALKcock, what a nice idea.

Shalom A Tojo

Sarjan Hassan said...

Even if BBC interviews RPK, Astro will not show it.

All Astro programs are delayed 5-8 mins for the censorship board to do its part.

Anonymous said...

Pink Lips fear more things will be exposed!

Anonymous said...

Zorro what about this?

flyer168 said...


Just to share this...

Previous Awards 2007 - Public Affairs News
The winners were announced at the Public Affairs News Awards 2007 on 5 July at the .... Asia and the US has further marked a turning point... - Cached - Similar

Blair War Clique Runs
Anti-LaRouche Slander Drive
by Anton Chaitkin April 2007

".....they reacted with fury. BBC's intelligence source against the liars, government weapons scientist David Kelly, died suddenly, a supposed suicide. They neutered BBC—Britain's national public network, purged BBC's leaders and acted to crush all media opposition.

.....a case which was cooked up during Spring, 2003, when LaRouche addressed Great Britain over BBC..." Unquote.

You be the judge.