Monday, August 2, 2010


“In this day and age, protests should be accepted in this world, as people want their voices to be heard. If we don’t give them room to voice their opinions, they have no choice but to protest.”

None other than the Home Minister, the ex-Johanian, Hishamudin Hussein, uttered these words when defending the cow-head protesters.

I just returned home from the ISA 50th anniversary candlelight vigil at Dataran Petaling Jaya. and this same minister sent his goons into the Amcorp Mall and in the space of one hour arrested some 25 candlelight vigilers.

Call me any name from bastard to idiot......but don't ever call me a SNAKE. The biggest insult you can ever inflict on your enemy is to call him a snake because a snake has a FORKED-TONGUE.
That was what the American Indians said about the white men....."they speak with forked tongue.!"

I thank the Special Bunch who gathered as early as 6:15pm at the PJ Club outdoor deck for being there in solidarity with the others from Penang, Kelantan, Perak,Kedah, Kuching, Sibu, Kota Kinabalu, London, Johor who contributed towards saying NO TO ISA. It was sad to hear that in Seremban it was a non-event.

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Note to protesters: next time, bring cow’s heads. Cows are peaceable animals. Dead animals can cause no harm. They are instruments of peace. They allow Umno-BN politicians to sleep in peace.



wandererAUS said...

When ministers came from UMNO HOUSE WHORE, you get political prostitutes! This HM takes the cake as the face of a lowest rank SOB...his words are not worth two fcuking cents!

Anonymous said...

Street demonstrations in KL city centre and the burning of flags in front of foreign embassies by militants are allowed by the police. The holding of peaceful vigils and lighting of candles are prohibited.

It is evident the police are protecting the interests of the ruling clique who are abusing the ISA to persecute and jail opponents of the regime and to repress the civil rights and liberties of the people. The BN-Umno regime has turned against the rakyat using the police, who are working hand-in-glove with their political masters, to oppress the citizenry.

The ruling clique and their cronies have not only stolen and robbed the country behind our backs, they have also robbed our people of their freedom and fundamental rights. They are using 'rule by law' to cover up their tracks and are desperately clinging on to their power, abetted by the 'hoods' in blue.

This BN-Umno regime - far from transforming our nation into 1Malaysia - is fast turning Malaysia into a fascist state.

Anonymous said...

Our mind are firmly set. We never trusted Hishamuddin or any other UMNO/BN goons and this is not a surprise to us.


Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the parachuting and promotion of mentally-challenged individuals to the top positions in political organisations, the judiciary, the civil service, the police – or any other organisation one cares to name. Because of this mental deficiency, these guys invariably assume that everyone else suffers from the same limitation. Hence, it’s a-okay to do and say what you like because the dumb public won’t know, say or think any better.

Anonymous said...

Yo Zorro aka Bernard,

How come the total silence on Tee Boon Hock & Ronnie Liu saga!!??

WHy the double standards??

BN make one mistake, you jump on it big time.

So, how now your PR??? Where and what happened to their clean and fair tagline??? Issuing out support letters for the son .... sounds like BN la.

PR is no different than BN. A bunch of greedy snakes who just cant wait to get their hands on em' contracts.

Anonymous said...

in response to anon on "BN make one mistake, you jump on it big time"

BN makes ONE mistake & we jump? I beg to differ

You know what we are guilty of?

For not jumping at BN for too long!

Had we jumped, or been allowed to jump years ago, BN would be humble, BN would look out for the Rakyat's interests, and PR would never have made it this big or this far!

And how is PR different fr BN?

(for now) they at least seem to hv whistle blowers, (maybe thanks to BN?) to alert us to issues.

Whatever the motives of these whistle blowers, at least they are "allowed" by PR & not as in the BN only dayss, where the fear of retribution was real

At the very least PR seems to be more mindful of the Rakyat's needs than BN has ever been!

zorro said...

Just a gentle reminder: I own this blog, not you. So you do not tell me what to post and when?
If you are attempting at depriving
a village somewhere of an idiot, you might have succeeded.
You may not want to visit this blog as I have just insulted you, so if you givwe me your email, I will alert you WHEN I roast DAP...and I might dedicate that post to you.That might remove the Village Idiot tag.Game? Just your email.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 10.27am,

Thank you for your response...

Before we say that we did not jump on BN for too long, let me tell you why it is impossible for us as Malaysians to do it and thus allowed BN a free hand for over 50+ years.

Like it or not, we, Malaysians have a 3rd world mentality. In summary, we are idiots and can be had easily. Just look at how we drive on the road. We dont observe any traffic rules. Look at how we indiscriminately park our cars for example. We love to double/triple park. We dont know how to behave in public ... we smoke when there are NO SMOKING signs. Look at how we treat our environment i.e. parks, rivers, lakes etc.We litter all over the place. etc etc etc

With such a 3rd world mentality, how la to change?? We are just incapable to do so la.

Lets face it la, whether BN or PR, there is not much difference la. PR reps are also just waiting to get their hands on them contracts and what nots. PKR is full of UMNO team B. DAP other than Kit Siang, Karpal, Guan Eng, Hannah, Gobind and Teng ... the rest are wishy washy characters or questionable at best.

Look at the TBH & Ronnie saga, contracts for drain cleaning also sapu. Imagine what will happened if PR takes Putrajaya ... are you going to say we wont end up with paying some 3rd parties a few hundred millions to purchase some WW2 submarines??

Dont get me wrong, I dont support BN. I also dont support PR in view of PKR and DAP. So, whats left for us ???? To be honest, I am of the opinion its too late for Msia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Here's a gentle reminder back to you as well ...

I did not tell you what to post and when?? I am asking you why you are silent on TBH/Ronnie when their escapes made national headlines?? I am sorry if my question irritated you but dont down cos you look like a gimp sounding all irritated and all.

And nah, I was not insulted. You give yourself too much credit.

I know this is your lil' blog, BUT if you feel there are certain questions or subjects that you wished to be censured from your little sandpit, please list it down for all of us.

My email?? Sure thing,

Again, if my question pertaining to your lil' silence about TBH/Ronnie letters of support got your panties all tied up in knots, please accept my apologies. It must be tough , eh?? Finding and accepting that PR is actually another group of opportunists.

Anonymous said...

I had enough of BN and the police force who is more keen to protect UMNO interest then the public.Next election I will make sure all my family votes go for PKR.Once PKR takes over the federal government it should first clean up the police force and throw the book at all the officers who had abused their powers and promote all the good ones.


Anonymous said...

Long live the courageous rakyat of Malaysia, but nothing, will save these assholes from the racist party! Our day will come….
As for the blue uniform trained mongrels and the brain dead “Red Guards” you have nothing to boast of your lowly acts when you took on soft targets!
As for you Mr Home Minister, I could not believe you are a son of a very decent past PM, you must be the product by accident with the "lady of the night" on one of his drunken nights!

zorro said...

Johan, thanks for your response. I apologise if I riled you from this little blog. I really never meant to.
Please realise that there is such a thing in journalism and blogging called an embargoed news item. Give me a chance to gather more RELEVANT info which I cannot get from the MSM.I do not belong to any PR parties. But I am bias on change. I will support change, warts and all. Again I apologise if my remarks hit a raw nerve. Peace brother.

Tra-La-La said...

Anon 9.42 am

I am also awaiting this old fart's master-piece on the internal squabbling among DAP RIGHT NOW.
He chose to turn the other ear and eye to DAP's hanky-panky.
Ah well, what do you expect from a big-time racist supporter of a racist party.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zorro, permit me to digress, could you repost and possibly comment Dr Asri's article on Tun Siti Hasmah? I believe the article is spot on with regard to Tun Siti's character as the wife of a PM. But I also have this feeling that the article has a secondary (possibly the primary) target. I don't know how to link, the article is on Dr Asri's site

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Many Malaysian politicians are hypocrites. They speak with forked tongues. They are no better than polticians for summer only. When you start to point out their inconsistency, they would say they are either misquoted or cannot remember. A bunch no better than kidergarten kids who wield the power to abuse and corrupt.

Stanley said...

A nation where political parties consist of 100% honest and clean politicians? Please let me know where it exists. I'll put it on my list of countries to consider migration.

Doctors prescribe medicine to patients. Drugs cure ailments but very likely has side-effects. It's a balance between choosing the lesser of two evils.

There's no perfect political party in Msia. Yet.

Just because there are bad apples in both ruling or opp party, we can't afford to sit on the fence and do nothing. Not voting.

Some apples are so rotten to the core, it's not edible. Some apples have bumps n bruises when cut away, still perfectly edible.

Anonymous said...

I can really see the double standards.

When it comes to BN, Zorro is very fast.

But when it comes to PR, I guess it has to be an "embargoed news item" and crap.

Hey old man, corrupt is corrupt la. Embargoed news, y foot.

telur dua said...

We must archive that fork tongue statement for posterity.

I bet he must think himself very clever when making that statement. Now it comes back to bite him in the balls.

It is actually an UMNO disease.


Anonymous said...

At least the alleged rasuah in DAP is uncovered at the early stage, not like BN's PKFZ that was delayed until it ballooned to billions of rinngit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.00pm : At least the alleged rasuah in DAP is uncovered at the early stage.

If that is some form of a consolation, its a pretty sad looking.