Monday, August 30, 2010


THIS name rang a bell immediately. HE/SHE for sometime, until I barred him/her, had been plying her "wares" in my Facebook.



Melayu said...

Fatimah is my best friend.
She's a great woman who writes well and knows her facts.
What she wrote about RPK is true.
RPK is a liar.
No one believes what he says.
Only nicompoops who are PKR supporters believe him.
Stupid Zorro.

nick said...


It's the other way round! Actually, it is the idiot who has misplace her or his (a tranny, maybe?) village! That why IT was elected as the village idiot in the first place (most probably the idiot tied a string on the flip flop she's wearing to attach herself to her village but alas her logic that her village will follow her wherever she went is proven idiotic...well ...duhhh!) Thus she has lost her village!!!


charleskiwi said...

To the Melayu,

No Fatimah may be your best friend and that is why you, without looking into the facts, are saying that.
For your information please check her and your facts first before you make a comment. No one will know how stupid you are if you keep quite.
I am not a supporter of PRK but I am sure that you are just as stupid to call another person stupid. Because it takes a stupid person to recognise another stupid or even a more stupid person like you to say so. Don't advertise how stupid the Melays are just keep it to yourself.
You are the real stupid nicompoops here !

wandererAUS said...

I quote RPK for the benefit of 'Melayu'

That’s the problem with some Malays when you take them out of the kampong and send them to school. They think that just because they went to school this means they have also received an education.
Do they know that going to school means just that; that you have gone to school? It does not mean you are educated. After all, you can take the Malay out of the kampong but you can’t always take the kampong out of the Malay.

Melayu have a life!
I was born to wander, I was brn to roam. Malaysia is one big sad story, I don,t feel at home...

Anonymous said...

We need to dig a big hole about 200 feet deep, gather all our politicians (BN & PR) and their lackeys and throw them into that hole and then cover it up.

Problem solved ....

Anonymous said...

Tunku Abdul Rahman would never have thought that five decades later, school officials would still make remarks ridiculing other races.

Anonymous said...

Happy Merdeka Day.

Settle all your outstanding tax/loan to be patriotic.

Being patriotic is not about displaying outward symbols e.g flying your Jalur Gemilang while you still owe money to the government.

Some fools even think that the more flags attached to their cars, means greater patriotism. They don’t consider the dangers they pose to themselves and other road uses.

Steve said...

Mahathir might have been a great leader had he not short-changed himself and the nation as he still does. The absence of incriminating evidence does not absolve someone of a crime - some are cleverer than others in covering their tracks.

I highly respected Mahathir for his 'clean, efficient and trustworthy' slogan but the revelation by former ACA chief that he was 'scolded' for investigating a corrupt official tilts against any notion he was blameless or sincere. There are other instances. You judge a tree by its fruit.

My hope for Mahathir is that he will come to his senses in the twilight of his life and realise that 'honesty is still the best policy" and building others up is more important than breaking them down. His greatest achievement is his political longevity and his biggest failing is to make his nation great. A political Godfather is a long way from a great leader.

Fatimeh said...

Ibrahim Ali is like the ancient feudal system of the species we call 'eunuch'. They only bark what the emperor/king told them to do. When you ask for reason and rationale, they can only say the emperor/king say so. In the Malaysia/Perkasa context, he will say the constitution says so.

Who is the emperor/king behind him pulling the string for him to bark, this you and I know. Ibrahim Ali, you are just an eunuch in the eyes of many. No power, but make a lot of hollow noises from behind someone.