Monday, September 20, 2010



IN all my previous postings I ended my post by asking for answers on irregularities in the PKR election process. I made no judgments and just asked for verification of misdemeanors reported.

I am in receipt of this (below) and I am producing this unabridged and unedited:

Election fraud & underhanded tactics of PKR leaders in party elections

I, Jenapala a/l Perumal Subaan am holding this press conference to express my total disgust and extreme outrage at the rampant incidences of election fraud and underhanded tactics practiced by PKR party leaders Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali during the current party elections.

To show how serious I am of exposing these practices, I am committed to hold a press conference every Monday at this venue. For today, I will focus on five cases in particular.

1. PERMATANG PAUH – in this case, there were three contenders for the post of Timbalan Ketua Cabang - Deputy Chief Minister of Penang Mansor Othman, Roselai Muhamad and Che Mat Hashim, the incumbent. After submitting his name, Roselai suddenly withdrew on the day of the nomination after intense pressure to do so. In the case of Che Mat Hashim, he withdrew on the day before the elections and his supporters claim that he was pressured to do so by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. The removal of both these candidates paved the way for Mansor Othman, Deputy Chief Minister of Penang and one of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s blue eyed boys, to win uncontested.

Even more ironic, the Deputy Chief Minister Mansor Othman was allowed to host a big Hari Raya gathering on the day of the elections. Is this not a blatant disregard of campaign etiquette? This happened in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s own backyard and could not have taken place without him knowing.

2. BATU GAJAH - The second case involves my nomination in Batu Gajah. When my name was written on the nomination board, a senior party leader, Vice President Lee Boon Chye openly rubbed off my name from the board and refused to allow me to participate in the party divisional elections. First of all, Lee Boon Chye has absolutely no authority whatsoever to do this. Secondly, he also has absolutely no authority whatsoever to decide on who participates in the elections.

3. USE OF THE SELANGOR STATE MACHINERY - I have also been informed by those at the grassroots level that Azmin Ali is abusing the Selangor government machinery - state excos are using their offices and allocations for the party elections while state information officers are coercing and inducing those at the grassroots level to support him. This is an insult to our Pakatan partners DAP and PAS and also the people of Selangor who elected them to serve the electorate.

4. OFFERS OF POSITIONS – Azmin Ali in his visit to Tuaran openly informed a gathering there that the candidate for Ketua Cabang Ansari Abdullah would also be a candidate for the general elections if he won. Azmin Ali has also offered Federal Cabinet positions to those who support him and ensure he becomes number two.

5. DISCREPANCIES IN KUDAT, SILAM, BANDAR INDERA MAHKOTA AND RAUB – as all of you are probably aware, in Kudat over 800 people turned up with incumbent Ketua Cabang Mursalim Tangul, most of whom had only temporary ICs and were identified on the ground as illegal immigrants. In Silam, incumbent Ketua Pemuda Silam and Timbalan Ketua Pemuda Negeri Johan bin Nul’s name could not be found on the membership list despite his nomination being accepted earlier. Johan bin Nul was subsequently disqualified and he could not compete. The winner, Johani bin Abdul Halim is a known Azmin Ali supporter.

In Bandar Indera Mahkota and Raub another suspicious incident occurred. After the close of elections and the initial counting, both candidates aligned to Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim were announced as winners. However in both divisions, a recount was called upon when several members turned up later insisting that they had not voted. Interestingly after the second recount, Azmin Ali won narrowly in both divisions.

CONCLUSION – I now want to challenge Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali to confirm or openly deny their involvement in the incidents I have just highlighted.

I also want to know whether Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is aware of the incident involving the senior party leader who called an Indian leader a ‘pariah’ and whether an apology has been offered to this Indian leader and the community at large.

To Dr Molly Cheah, the head of the JPP I would like to ask you this – do you have two sets of rules that you observe? One set for us ordinary members who want to contest in what you are preaching to be a ‘free and fair election’ and another set of rules for the elite cartel that runs PKR?

To the party leaders, I have only this to say - practice what you preach. We have been criticizing the Barisan Nasional and SPR for the unfair election practices. This is just not an election for PKR members. Malaysians are watching. Let them not be disappointed as I am as to how we have conducted ourselves so far.

Jenapala a/l Perumal Subaan

Ex Deputy Secretary, PKR


ONLY IF I COULD…..I would call a halt to this circus and declare all current nominations null and void and call for new nominations and this time, do it honestly and minus all the chicanery we are witnessing just these past two days.

How can the rakyat place their trust in PKR when they know what is happening at this stage and will continue to happen if not stopped.

Has PKR no iota of consideration for their coalition partners who are hoping that all goes well.


However, if MALPRACTICES carry on I am tempted to have this personal wish that Datuk ZAID IBRAHIM come away from this unclean election. Let’s fight another day after we have purged PKR of its currently inherent uncleanliness.




Nizar Supporter said...

Tiu la like that!

Stinks la all these politicians!

Why not all sincere and truthful and clear-conscience party leaders and members COME AWAY from PKR and form a new party?

In the end, it's all still whole bunch of shit!

Now i regret i am not rich yet, for if i were, I WOULD SURELY BE WORKING ON MY MIGRATION TO ELSEWHERE NOW.

I feel HOPELESS in Malaysia!

Uncle Zorro, please... do something for us!!

Anonymous said...

If what is posted here is true, then I ask, where is KEADILAN?

Luckily we still have PAS and DAP.

PAS, DAP, bergabung la! PKR dah gila!

bumi-non-malay said...

No need to be rich to migrate...just send in form and hope for the best..... Meanwhile Nothing stopping these people from joining DAP or forming their own party or limit their tentacles to state level only...not national levels.... PKR have too much of UMNO DNA......too much Islam -muslim to be #1 and #2 and so must be the MB...all racist and religious bigots Crap!!....meanwhile do your best to make Malaysia Hungry and Angry...

Unknown said...

Dap is just the same.The sacking of TBH show the hyporacy for the current bunch of leaders and their stand on ntural justice and fairness to all.
Pas should go alone and continue to be God-fearing and have the interest of God preciouse creations[son of man]

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.

ROS will look into this.

Look like the torjan horse is working.

Good-bye PKR.

Anonymous said...

This is a constructive response if the scheduled PC can be kept up with. In fact Dr Molly should do a timely PC verifying the situation adequately informing members as well as the nation. Anything less is doing the laundry when no is looking.

PKR cannot claim reformasi if it doesn't live it.

The events now causing concern should not be suppressed and this is the real "works-in-progress" and the time to check abuses is NOW. In addition this is the real classroom for PKR. Play truant and it'll be tarnished and spell bad for its future and the nation it has stated it wanted to reform.

Zaid should NOT contemplate backing off as doing so will deprive the real concurrent process of change for the party as well as for the nation

If PKR comes out of this bruised and burnt and reorganizes, it will prove it's a living organization, not a dud dead one like UMNO.

//Mat Mous//

Jho High said...

Hello sampalee

PAS going alone will mean Talibanisation of malaysia!

pinsysu said...

umno stench emanating from PKR ... the talk of PR marching to putrajaya is after all ... tokkok saja.

Jeffrey said...

So far I hear no responds from Dr. Molly Cheah nor any other PKR leadership on this matter. If let unanswered it could destroy PKR's standing with the RAKYATand ultimately might destroy and split PR. I for one would not consider voting PKR if they stand in my area as I amnot sure they will value my vote and in a worst case looks like they may be a frog in the making

Habib RAK said...

Zorro, all these allegations but no evidence. Further, this Jenapala lost my confidence in him because in his last press statement,he was rooting for Indian rights as oppose to rights of all Malaysians. This press statement by him is simply a rehash of what we have already read from various sources including from yours (Zorro) and Bro Haris. Am still hoping to get corroborative support. A real example of underhanded tactic is like Nik Nazmi's press statement today where he makes sarcastic comments on Zaid. In this case, I expressed my utter disgust to Nik Nazmi.

zorro said...

HABIB, I put Jayapala's pc to elicit response from the election body. I read too many negatives from the body language of pala's earlier press conference.

tall punjabi guy who met u many times said...

that guy was sacked la earlier,wait for saifuddin pc tomorrow

whatla u uncle,

frpm your no 1 fan

Li Huat Chai said...

I feel that Malaysians are a bunch of very gullible people, we tend to believe what people said...

First of all, is this guy reliable or not or he is taking a revenge or what???

Remember that Nala fellow, he said Anwar was his friend and he was joining the party to help an old good friend, Anwar and not for any party position, but see what happens to him now... spewing venom at Anwar at every opportunity not to mention that Chandra fellow, another one, the worst - i think some people are like that if they cant get something from you, they will destroy you as well - get even, heard of it???

zorro said...


I thought my reason for putting this up was already explained above.

Jong said...

The PKR leadership should call off this election since they are not well prepared to handle the
election process. Even before it the election proper, the pkr camp is already like war zone! What a shame.

I think this Jenapala Perumal Subaan's Press Conference is disgraceful! The way he carried himself with has no respect whatsoever for the party leadership, I think he should be sacked, no ifs no buts! PKR don't need such species around to cause more problems later on.

Anonymous said...

We are wasting our f@#$@ing time on these jerks in PKR who still have this umno mentality of campaigning in such elections.Other than Zaid the rest sucks period! The worst thing happening to PKR mirrors the same as UMNO . The big chiefs are sleeping and gutless and the slide is beginning.
The trouble is that PKR is so damm sure it can capture Putrajaya and hence this wild rhombus in such elections.They cant even get their election clean and they talk of Putrajaya.Shiish! we are being stike by lightning TWICE again by this jerks in PKR including Anwar who is not impartial.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Thank goodness I only supported PAS for that matter. I knew from the start I couldn't put my trust in PKR as most of their members are former UMNO people. The UMNO mentality is still there.

Anonymous said...

Are you a PKR member?


zorro said...

PAREM, no I am not. Does it matter as long as I support Pakatan Rakyat in its efforts to make it to Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

This Jenapala is not even a member. LOL!


KS Cheah said...

Bro, hate to say this because it is no good for all of us,..."I told you so!"