Sunday, September 26, 2010


“This won’t change my mind on cartooning. I will keep on drawing until I change from comic strips to prison stripes” - ZUNAR

story HERE and HERE


Les Kopek said...

Way to go, Zunar!

Save our money and do not buy other syiok sendiri local komik like gila-gila, Ujang, Gempak, Upin & Ipin etc in order to buy your 1Malaysia komik!

PDRM has helped to promote your comics!

melodi said...

In an act of breathtaking meanness and greed the multi-billionaire Taib family are seeking to deprive impoverished Ibans of one of Sarawak’s last remaining hardwood forests, for a paltry compensation of just RM250 per family.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Report has received exclusive new leaks which indicate that the Chief Minister himself stands to personally profit by a million times that amount (an estimated RM250,000,00) in corrupt backhanders from the deal.

Anonymous said...

In: Zunar
Out: Lat (the NST pet)

I had no idea that being a cartoonist is a crime in Malaysia. Making fun of public figures seems to have the police working overtime. I enjoy Zunar's comical expressions and I do not find it to be seditious at all.

BN, please do not run around the bush and get straight to the point, tell the rakyat what's so seditious about his cartoons? Every flip-flop is an embarrassment and an insult to Malaysians. If Zunar is truly a national threat, charge him in the highest court of the country... otherwise leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

What type of a civil service transformation can Malaysians look forward to when there is nothing the No. 2 in the country who also helms one of the most senior Ministries over the 45-day hiatus of the PSD over the anti-1Malaysia indiscipline of the two RACIST principals?

If the civil service is so hidebound by so much red-tape and bureaucracy, then it is beholden on the political leadership to shake up the civil service if it is to take the first step of a national transformation process so that Malaysia can achieve a high-income developed nation by 2020.

Anonymous said...


Dont simply sell Dato' Lat's name as though he supports the Anwarista cause.
Unlike you, he is not a paid mercenary.
Have some respect for others

bennyloh said...

"Dont simply sell Dato' Lat's name as though he supports the Anwarista cause."
Chip in to help in Zunar's/Cartoonist's cause that's what I read. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

org buat katun cuba cri pahala, jgn cri dosa weii

Cat tak Farish said...

After being swept from power in March 2008, Koh Tsu Koon still had the chance to salvage some dignity by bowing out graciously. Instead, he hung on, and now he is reduced to making pathetic statements like these for his Umno bosses.

His desperate attempt to characterise Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng as 'Hitler' sounds exactly like the frothing-at-the-mouth rhetoric of the Republican-spawned right-wing Tea Party movement in the US - who have not let their logical deficiencies get in the way of their loudly proclaiming that President Barack Obama is a 'communist Hitler', among other things.