Monday, September 6, 2010


I have been privy to certain information/declaration about the chicanery within PKR. They will remain as such – information/declaration. I will follow closely and intently on what is unfolding in the run-up to the contest for Deputy President.

I had asked in my Friday posting “Tuan Dr Syed Husin Ali Must Stay Put” as Deputy President to avoid an inevitable in-fighting. Should Tuan Syed step down in such times that he cannot afford to. 2 contestants are already on the racing grid.

Azmin, very sure that his mentor will have no chance in court, is impatient and ambitious and is convinced that no time is better than this time. He would be extracting from Anwar his pound of flesh! I know enough not to wager my last 2 cents on this contender. The UMNO birthmark is indelible....mark my words.


The other contender, Zaid Ibrahim has more than once proved to be a better candidate for the post. He has sacrificed and endured enough. I know for a fact that he will contest the post only to advance Pakatan Rakyat.


And this is where I come back to the information/declaration bit that I am privy to. There is a group within PKR who will back Zaid. However this group is convinced that only if they “stab step on Anwar” then only will Zaid come through.

As such, Zaid must be very cautious on the choice of his backers. He must never allow any with nefarious intent to ride in with his surf.

Just be discerning Zaid.

Meanwhile I will toss around in the lapping waves, waiting for the tide to bring in a Ku Li led Pakatan Rakyat.

Until then I do not wish for any contest…..and we cannot lose Sabah!




Anonymous said...

What about you Bernard joining Pakatan via PKR?

Anonymous said...

Azmin behaves like UMNO warLord, and we all don't like where it's going. Zaid, up to now, seems more inclusive. I have not seen any hidden agenda, up to now, and will put my bet on him as a more inclusive Malaysian Leader. If Azmin takes over, then PKR is a lost cause, esp in East Malaysia.

Haris Ibrahim needs to move the 3rd Force fast if there's any hope to gain some seats in the coming GE.

Anonymous said...

PKR is a lost cause to begin with.

mauriyaII said...

Azmin is the crony from Anwar's UMNO days who still behaves like his erstwhile warlord friends. He believes that without him Anwar is a nobody.

He was instrumental in creating a lot of illfeeling in Sabah and if PKR is to become a credible force to take on UMNO, then it has to sacrifice Azmin. He can NEVER win over Sabahans after his childish upmanship in trying to overlord the Sabahans.

If elected as Deputy President of PKR, then PKR might as well forget about taking over Sabah from UMNO and its Sabah lapdogs.

Azmin is not the right candidate as Dpty President. Zaid Ibarahim is a more mature and respected leader with intergrity. He would be able to speak and act for ALL MALAYSIANS.

Now is the time for PKR members to choose credible leaders with forsight and intergrity.Hopefully they would not elect frogs who might just jump at the drop of a hat to UMNO.

Azmin might do the frog act if he is not elected as the Dpty President and that would be a blessing for PKR.

Would Anwar too think of such an episode as a blessing?

wandererAUS said...

PKR must begin to slowly rid UMNO remnants still harbored solidly inside the party. PKR should be seen before GE that it is serious reforming the party and new blood are encouraged to become office bearers. Zaid is undoubtedly, the best choice for the new image of the party...untainted and unbiased free from UMNO type of mob mentality!

Anonymous said...

azmin is insiduous. look at how he handled sabah when he was chief there.look how he tries to undermine mb khalid . i am sure many see through him unlike his sycophants. pitiable!!!

Anonymous said...

Writing is on the wall. Hope PKR can survive this upcoming crisis. Many would have preferred such problem (if there is one) to blow up and blow over a.s.a.p. We cannot afford this to happen closer to the next GE.

Lao' Cha said...

Should they drag their feet on this and it boils over into an internal war, Najib might just call for snap election to take advantage of the situation. Pakatan will lose more seats than they have taken since GE12 and it be the time when Ibrahim Ali's grandson becomes the PM before the nation gets another shot at power. Our oil wells would be dried up by then and you can't make a living as a fisherman cos the fishes too would gave migrated to China and India.

Anonymous said...

Azmin will win. PKR will lose. PERIOD.

toyolbuster said...

If Anwar cannot see the Brutus in Azmin, then he doesn't deserve to be a leader. The way Azmin cocked up Sabah, it seems so obvious that he did it with clear intentions. Then he was sent back to head Selangor, and troubles followed him like a siamese twin. So I ask you, is he for real or is he a trojan or a "sleeper" planted by umno? Coming from a family of well known umno provocateurs, its like having to guess if Paris Hilton is still a virgin.

toyolbuster said...

I disagree with your opinion that Tuan Dr.SHA should stay on as the DP. I have always respected him as an upright and principled person and if he decides to step down, I know he is doing it for very good reasons. However, if he stays on, it can only mean that he is doing it for Anwar so that Azmin can be elevated through appointment when Tuan Dr.SHA steps down shortly after, thus avoiding the risk of losing to Zaid in a contest.

Sang Kancil Pundit said...


Anwar Ibrahim has insulted us Subang Jaya folks by placing this bugger in our constituency. I will vote for the SJ DAP assemblyperson and other Pakatan Rakyat people, but if it's useless parasites like the Kelana Jaya PKR MP, HELL NO!!!

Wish Sivarasa Rasiah represented us instead, why is Subang Jaya not in the Subang parliamentary constituency? Just our bad luck!

sampalee said...

Ku Li should enter the scene and replace AI.

zorro said...

Toyolbuster....totally agree with you that SHA MIGHT step down to force an appointment. That is a real possibility I am aware of and do not look forward to.
Re your first comment on Azmin, I have said that I fear losing my last 2 cents.

Sang Kancil.....a banana tree would have won in Kelana Jaya my old constituency.

Sampalee....that will be my prayer....if nothing else works.

pinsysu said...

zaid is the type of leader dat Msia is lacking. azmin has 2 much umno toxin in his body. sarawak headhunter is right that DSAI nids check & balance for a healthy opposition. hopefully kuli wakes up to the fact that umno is a lost cause & joining PR is his LAST chance to save Msia from the bn_umno hyenas ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Zorro

Any idea why Malaysia Today is unaccessable,msg 'Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL'

I check internet on this problem, it's something like a crash on the website. Could you alert Malaysia Today ?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

hv been trying to log in MT. found that it's blocked.
any ideas, anyone ???
has it been blocked ????
looks like ops lalang is on ???
on the subject of PKR, datuk zaid is the man. if anwar isn't egotistical,
and realistic, he should tell his blued boy to back off.
what is PKR, if its going along the lines of amenos. anwar better think real and hard. no one is indispensable.

Roxie-Foxie said...

Azmin already won lor. Anwar is his campaign manager.
Anwar is going round asking that Azmin wins uncontested.
It seems he told PKR people who go against his advice are traitors to the party.
Smart lor this Azmin.
And very democracticlah your BOSS, Kong-kong.
Padan muka lu Zaid
Keluar dari mulut buaya, masuk mulut harimau.

PKR will lose Sabah.
It's a long and impossible road to Putra Jaya for Anwar.

Anonymous said...

You cannot remove umno's dna in pkr. simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Zaid should just join DAP. End of story.

pinsysu said...

i believe MT is under attack by u-know-who ... report says that Mike Tyson (aka MT) still has his gloves on ... hyenas dun play-play hor.

uppercaise said...

Malaysia Today server out after attack on the database. Details at

felicia said...

yes, some how Malaysia-TOday website cannot be opened....sigh!

as for the Azmin vs Zaid saga....well, i just hope ppl see Azmin for WHO he REALLY is...regardless of whether Anwar likes it or not......

Anonymous said...

PKR needs to pick the right candidate and Azmin is just not the one.

Hantu 101 said...

Hantu 101
A lot of talk cock in the comment like syiok sendiri.
The real drama is brewing; and Zorro will unleash it soon.

My hantu and your hantu serumpun.

Anonymous said...

I think the fight is healthy and is a sign of progressive democracy in Malaysia. This is similar to the Republican or Democratic party primaries. Two or more members of the same party vying for the same position.

But regardless of who winning the deputy President's post, it's vital for the not-successful (not I didn't use the word loser here) candidate to be a sport and to support the party & the winning candidate. Don't be a sore loser and just fuss, cry, bitch, or moan. Instead take the loss in stride and continue to earn your stripe and the Rakyat's hearts with your dedicated service to the public & nation. You can still be a good MP for PR.

I just hope the losing candidate will not be a sore loser and then jump over to BN. If this is the case, then our dream of having a 2-party political system in Malaysia will be down the "longkang".... and I should just pack my bags and balik Cina.

Goodbye BN, or Goodbye Malaysia?? The Rakyat decides... but we need sincere and credible leaders in PR as well.

Anonymous said...

STOP using that fucking word, warlord. These bums aint no fucking warloads, they are opportunists.

PKR is a fucked up party, period. Zaid should join PAS.

... and DAP is no better with the likes of Ronnie Liu around.

Anonymous said...

We are in the month of hungry ghost, yet your hantu is in hibernation? Controlled by the 3rd force?

Yours truly said...

Uncle, enter them to your fart chamber! hahhaha :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro,

Will you start a campaign to lobby support of PKR representative, ADUN and MP in our respective constituency to vote Datuk Zaid for No.2 ?

We need a true towering Malay leader rather than a mere ring-leader to lead PKR into the future.