Monday, September 27, 2010


My eight-year old 2nd grandson Ryan Farquharson shares the same birthdate with Pete. My wish is that Ryan, below, will grow up as brave as the BRAVE ONE above.


JustTruth said...

What a wonderful compliment to give another!

Ayu Azalea said...

Both are handsome! Happy birthday Pete and Ryan. Here's wishing both of you lots and lots of love, laughter, happiness, joy and a great, awesome life!!

Sang Kancil Guru said...

Happy Birthday to both indeed!

Awang said...


I am a bit intrigued by your slogan.

Since when did you unmask a sweeper?

Did you 'see dead people" with you 6th sense?

Or your 'hantu' is simply your imagination?

Otherwise, good job!

ps: enough of pkr shit, they are no different from umno.

Anonymous said...

Richard Branson said Anwar's second sodomy trial is negative for Malaysia's image with investors.

"Not in a major way but it's definitely a thorn in the side of Malaysia's otherwise very good reputation," he said.

"This has gone on for a long long time. It looks bad overseas. If you are a bold leader, you should get rid of things like that which damages your reputation," he said, without elaborating.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tun Mahathir

Are you saying that the American whites have lost power to the Black African American? Have the Peruvian lost power to the Japanese when Fujimori became the president of Peru? Thaksin, being a Chinese Thai has been alleged to have shortchanged the Thais?
If the Constitution allows a non Malay to be a prime Minister, would not be seditious to cast fear on the Rakyat and UMNO has now gone against the Constitution jointly agreed by the founding fathers?

Jong said...

Indeed, a wonderful compliment, Happy Birthday RPK!

To young man Ryan, there's no better birthday wish than the one from your proud Kong-Kong. May you live up to his expection, Cheers and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ryan. You are such an innocent kid. Too bad that you had a grandpa who is very selfish by trying to dictate your future for his personal satisfaction. Ryan, take my advice. Be a Superman, not Zorro.

zorro said... grandson Ryan isn't dumb....he knows that superman flies and no sane man has flown yet and moreover he will not want to wear his undies over his pants. He will not definitely take an advice from a missing village idiot.Anyway, I want him to be brave as the brave on and not zorro. You sure you understand what you read here....get back to your handlers now.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Pete nor your grandson, Nevertheless

Have a great birthday
Many happy returns of the day

To Pete, take care of your health

Khong Khek Khuat

Anonymous said...

anon9.47pm to instill negative advice to an innocent child against his grandfather is beyond comprehension of a decent man.teramatlah kurang ajar punya olang,just think someone ajar anak you the same advice you have given to ryan,what would you do?remember you can be a father or given birth to a child but the guru of your child is the orang ,alam sekeliling,masa and the place he/she grew up.ryan happy birthday to you and bro.pete.ryan jangan takut to stand up, kalau itu kebenaran.

Anonymous said...

Bro, those days whenever I gave my name it will definitely come with a question like "Oh, you are royalty, which?" and my answer would be "Selangor". Suddenly now a days whenever I got that question my answer would always be "Raja Petra".

Happy birthday to kekanda Raja Petra and may god bless you.

Raja Shaiful Raja Uda.