Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Look at what Tun M is saying. It is all about Malay rights in section 153. The rights of the native of Sabah and Sarawak within the same clause is entirely forgotten. PERKASA never did mentioned the natives and therefore do not acknowledged their existence.

In PBB, PRS and SPDP are the Dayak of Sarawak that are supporting BN. Does this mean that these Dayak who are supporting BN are wasting their time for the community or are they supporting BN for personal gain. As far as Tun M and PERKASA is concerned, the Dayak is a non entity in the eyes of “Malay”. If that is so, Dayak should withdraw support from BN.

Do you wonder why you see no dayak holding important post in the Federal and State Civil service. Dayak is nothing in Malaysia and when it comes to Sarawak Dayak must be controlled by the Government.

How do you control the Dayak? HERE

KUCHING: Sahabat Alam Malaysia (Friends of the Earth) has condemned the State Government of Sarawak on reneging on its pledges to help the Penan community to live a new way of life.

“Despite their pledges contained in a memorandum signed last year between the Penans and the government, the government has completely failed to honour them,” said S. M. Mohamed Idris, SAM President.


All politicians try to keep secrets from the electorate as they attempt to achieve public office. Generous gifts, vote-rigging, intimidation, free food and beer, or the company of girls have been successfully kept away from the public eye, by more than one politician.

Keeping your relatives’ secrets locked away is a much harder exercise. Nevertheless, Sarawak Report has unearthed many of Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s dodgy deals and property concerns overseas.

Power and wealth – all in the family

Dear Taib,

Time flies fast. I sent a Raya message last year to you. It’s Raya again. You well?

It is a little malu to see a great man hanging in the air like a monkey – can’t go up (to become Governor) and can’t come down (to enjoy your the rakyat's money).

For the remaining days on earth, you should follow this wise advice, Taib!


foreign exchange said...

Congratlations to Tan Sri Dr Zeti who had been awarded one of the best Bank Governor in the World by Global Financing. Zeti’s honour proves that Malaysia too can produce World class top talent –only if the Government cherish and implement the meritrocacy system based on merits and credibility irregardless of colour and creed.

It is crucial for Malaysia to acknowledge that without the best brain, the country’s vision to transform the economy from semi industrialized to knowledge based “K” economy will be in vain. According to World Bank Statistics, our nation had lost 1.48 millions human capital since independence day and out of which 900,000 are qualified professionals. Such brain drain is not merely phenomenon but is indeed a national crisis. To make the matter worse, during the same period, we have imported more than 2,000,000 lowly educated foreign labour into our country.

Rosey-Posey said...

Whatever you say, Taib will romp home a victory for BN in the coming GE.
Eat your heart out.
There's no place for PKR in Sarawak.

felicia said...

ya, Taib tolong pergi mampus...lagi cepat lagi bagus!

Anonymous said...


You may want to take your crusade personally to Sarawak. I doubt your blog could reach the people living in the long house where a power generator is too precious to power a PC for net access.

Otherwise, you may have to get your hantus in Sarawak to spread your gospel.

semuanya OK kot said...

Perkasa now wants to change its strategy. I suggest fighting for Malay males (no, not Malay Mail). Malay women are powering themselves into universities and jobs - including senior posts. Something must be done to reverse this injustice and humiliation ;)

zorro said...

Rosey-Posey....who is talking about PKR in Sarawak. Its Pakatan Rakyat! Anyway you are forgiven for you ignorance; do continue to live in your roseyposey world. You can remain in your dream world whilst we continue to get rid of Taib.

Anon104pm....I have been to about 7 long houses and I am aware of internet connectivity. The message is out there for Sarawak Bloggers to spread the word around. The Sarawak Bloggers know how to do that. I will continue to lend my support, for whatever it is worth.

Anonymous said...

This article by syed nadzri on NST today is implying that Chinese were the traitor during the downfall of Melacca sultanate to Portugese and the Chinese today is not different as a traitor to the current malay administrator.


He wrote:

"there were the traitors and turncoats, the business people who were not patriotic at all but only interested in their own private businesses and the Chinese who had "grievances against the Malay administration".

"History, as they say, has a funny way of repeating itself. But only if we allow it to. For this reason alone, the momentous 1511 should be remembered and the anniversary duly commemorated

Another good reason for us to boycott NST for its racist content.
No wonder it is seeing declinign circulation.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir HATE Singapore so much bcos he just couldn't believe the following..

Singapore VS malaysia
Small country VS big country :

1) Sing Dollar much bigger/higher value than Ringgit !
2) Has an abundant of cash reserves, compared to Malaysia(2019 we might go bankrupt)
3) Corruption very LOW, here the corruption is rampant.
4) Has a World Class education system, we want to go back to BM for Science & Maths!!
5) NUS is top 5 in ASIA, UM top 40.
6) Singapore's economy competes with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea..
We compete with Vietnam, Thailand, Filipina, Indonesia, Myanmar

Anonymous said...

Isn't Taib is already leaving??? It was in the news over a month ago. what this campaign is all about?

To gain credit once he retired?

Cucu Sarawak said...

Hello Taib

Are all Sarawakians getting free electricity from your Bakun Dam generator?

do this and you will retain your position in the next elction. Otherwise please berambus!