Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Nurul Izzah:My Position On The Party Elections



I make this statement to indicate my official position on the Parti KEADILAN Rakyat elections.

I am happy that KEADILAN is going through direct elections, which is a true reflection of our national election process.

Our 400,000 members is a microcosm of the 11 million Malaysian registered voters whose aspirations are expressed in the mandate given to elected leaders through a fair and free election process.

The entire nation is watching on how we conduct our party’s democratic process, as it would be an indicator of how we will govern the nation once given the opportunity.

Therefore, I call upon all candidates to demonstrate their leadership and responsibility in ensuring that party elections become an example for the nation.

A true democratic process welcomes divergent views and a contest of ideas between candidates.

A healthy election happens when we evaluate the ideas presented instead of focusing exclusively on a candidate’s personality.

Let us hear about ideas and solutions from the candidates on how to move the nation forward.

Let us not make the mistake of looking at the messenger only without reflecting on the message.

Let it be about substance not mere form.

Once we have all passed through the rigors and excitement of campaigning, we should close ranks and stand united with our newly elected leaders to bring change and build a better Malaysia.

Let the party elections become a party-building exercise for our members and national confidence-building effort for all Malaysians.


PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad has dismissed Zaid Ibrahim's pledge to become a loyal deputy to the party president as a mere gimmick.


“Now, the latest gimmick is to return (the) president's power. Hopefully he will also have more organisational discipline and collective responsibility,” said Nik Nazmi on his Twitter page.

Nik Nazmi's retort comes just hours after Zaid Ibrahim pledgedto become party president Dr Wan Azizah Ismail's deputy and help her exercise her legitimate authority, in a posting on his blog.

(IF I REMEMBER RIGHT: In 2007 DSAI offered himself to contest for the President’s post against Kak Wan and one Abdul Rahman Othman. He later withdrew and the Presidency went to Kak Wan. )

Earlier in his blogpost on 9 September he wrote:

Positive campaigning should be encouraged. How can democracy flourish when it’s frowned upon? It’s ironic that some people who spoke against Keadilan’s campaign guidelines are now complaining that there is too much campaigning in the party!

On the other hand, there are bound to be incidences when certain candidates fall victim to various insinuations. In cases like this, any evidence of wrongdoing or breach of ethics should be forwarded to the party’s Election Committee, which in turn must be above-board in discharging its duties in every case.

Most importantly, all members must get behind whoever is elected as the party’s leaders. Our ultimate goal is to win freedom and prosperity for all Malaysians and that can only come through a Pakatan Rakyat federal government.

I believe this is what all the candidates in Keadilan’s election want. I pledge to support our new-line up, and hope that my fellow members will do the same.

Not only is the future of our party, but that of Malaysia is at stake.

My friend flyer168 always ends his comments: You be the judge.

Yes, you be the judge!


Habib RAK said...

Nurul keeps inspiring us but Nik has faltered. Did someone spike Nik's drink when he made all those silly comments about Zaid? Hope Nik redeems himself in a timely manner so that he can continue to uphold positive politics. An apology from you Nik will gain him lots of respect else he will always be seen with suspicion.

Al Tugauw said...

Is Nik Nazmi PKR or Azmin Ali's Communications Director?

Anonymous said...

politics politik

all gimmick...

I hope the best man win

wandererAUS said...

Que sera, sera, what ever will be will be...let the best man win!

shanghaistephen said...



@niknazmi nik,,,funny you shd say that.wat's yr beef wth Zaid ? And why d suck-up to Azmin ? Nulify d nominations 1st. Way too UMNO.

above are my questions to NikNazmi@ twitter last night. Still waiting for a response.

Anonymous said...

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bumi-non-malay said...

Please don't insult our intelligence that Nurul Inspire us.....PKR and all those with UMNO mentality also don't insult our intelligence. A time will come when Wan Azizah have to step down. Just because Hubby is having lots of courts and charges to deal with, we need some leadership that is linked to Anwar DNA. Nurul is just way too inexperience with a capital I.....Let Zaid or Azmin fight it out or whoever wants to be in Ring but give them territory to prove their worth....after election...Not Ostricised and Hung to dry!! Lets say all PKR are inexperience and the few that are were Ex-UMNO..... THe more it isolate the Indians and Chinese from KEY position.....the closer UMNO will win the next election.....Make it 2 deputy and one must be other race.....for starters and give each territory. Let Sabah and Sarawak run their own show.....Bodoh Punya PKR!!

Anonymous said...

I am staying out of this blog because it is getting boring with all those pkr news. Unfortunately that Niamah guy's blog is also pretty quiet because of his celing repair.

zorro said...

Go ahead, go read Utusan, NST, STAR and MM....help them increase their pathetically reduced readership. Thanks for visiting and goodbye.