Thursday, May 12, 2011


OBL'S Death discussed by experienced Malaysian veterans in the management of death and destruction

Uncle Mike,
Need your thoughts on some of the listed items below, on recent OBL and US kill mission. As a defense personnel, how would you see it?

1) Is OBL dead? Why no evidence shown? Was sea burial right?

2)What are the Pakis position on this? Do they facilitate OBL movements?

3) What is going to be future relationship in regards with US/Paki? India has warned many times, that Paki's harbors terrorists. Has not India been proven right?

4) Does US have a silent strategy on the Pakis and those area around it?

5) Or is it a perfectly timed strategy by both US/Paki, to boost Obama's political career?


The reply:

Tiger Bala,

1. OBL is dead as a door nail. They cannot show the corpse. Half his skull has been blown off. His mutilated appearance will be gruesome for anybody. Do you wish to see a few Communist Terroristss killed? I have them. Yes, the burial was correctly done. He was given the dignity of a sea burial, which he did not deserve as a lousy Muslim who brought disgrace and hatred for Islam worldwide.

2. Pakistani Intelligence must have known of OBL's presence. Its impossible not to know over such a long period. Pakistan is a failed state, and more corrupt than Malaysia. Have money will travel.

3. Indian Intelligence gathering is very good. They are telling the truth. Pakistan depends so much on American aid, or the economy will go under. The Americans are correctly chagrined, and will put the squeeze on the beggars.

4. USA military and political strategies are intertwined. The aim, in the medium term, is to get cooperation from the Pakis to eliminate the Taliban, and provide some stability in Afghanistan. The Pakis squeeze the balls of the Americans like blackmailers to get money.

5. Nonsensical question. Kill OBL and whittle down his organisational structure. The aim over the long haul is to knock out al-Qaeda.

Comment: These misguided obscurantists of Islam have never read the books on Gandhi Ji. A non- violent moment will win more friends in the long run. Murders, mayhem, and general stupidity are always counter-productive. Bodoh buggers.

Got this via e-mail from Col Mike Nasir

ASIDE: (Mike and Bala are a hilarious cock-tail mix, I guarantee.)



Adik-adik main pasir... said...

what's the beef with OBL?

telur dua said...

I have always suspected the Pakis are up to no good. Their general population (and voters too) wants the Govt to support the Talibans and Al Qaeda due to Muslim brotherhood. Never mind if many their victims are also Muslims.

The Paki Govt on the other hand needs $$$ from Uncle Sam. So, they play both sides. They can feign ignorance in the OBL killing, but US ain't buying it.

Pakistan is still a strategic ally. So Uncle Sam would not be too hard on them for now.

Antares said...

Osama bin Laden is a red herring. Always was. Some say he died of a wasting disease 10 years ago and his corpse was frozen. From the frenzy aroused by this media exercise, it appears to be another wag-the-dog stunt. The NWO Cabal is running out of time (just like UMNO). Desperate moves in desperate times.

Anonymous said...

Navy Seal has the capability to enter any country without notice to assasinate anyone.

Ibrahim Ali please take note.