Thursday, May 19, 2011


………and that is what we want to do.

Do we need a permit?


Aussie lawmakers are with us….HERE


A disgustged commentator wrote:

Whilst Malaysia exports brains to Australia to contribute to development and improve Australia it imports trash and nuclear waste to degrade and destroy our rakyat and homeland. What a deal!!


Pak Oncu said...

Morning Bro,, mesti lah guna permit LOL or kita semua akan di pancut dgn air gatai ..

Anonymous said...

If you are from the ruling party, you don't need, else you need but it will not be granted. :)

wandererAus said...

Australian tax-payers are paying 230mil for this exchange of refugees deal to the UMNO administration. F*ck, who do you think will pocket the money?...again, UMNO bastards!

You can rest assured this walk will be "warmly received" with the display of water works!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with the letter but it's the name that you carry smells Opposition.

If it contains the ordour of Toxic than it's alright.

They love corrupted air.

Anonymous said...

Subsidy cuts will widen the gulf between rich and poor in Malaysia as the Najib administration does not cushion the impact of price hikes on lower income groups. The apparent lack of measures to lessen the burden on the bottom 40%of income earners would only worsen the already-high level of income inequality in Malaysia, which, according to the World Bank, was among the highest in Asia and close to South American levels.

mauriyaII said...

The Australian lawmakers are worried about the radioactive waste passing through their land from the mine and being exported through Freemantle.

The UMNOputra idiots are not only dense but have the gall to set up a processing plant in Gebeng, Kuantan.

Najib who is from Pahang and who regularly stands for election from Pekan is so obtuse that he does not mind poisoning his people in Pahang, all for some toxic dollars.

The Lynas project (Another Idiotic Project by Barisan Neraka) should be the battle cry to topple Najib and his unscrupulous UMNOputras at the 13GE. HINDRAF contributed to the loss of the 2/3 majority in parliament.

This toxic Lynas project should be the harbinger for the demise of UMNO power. The UMNOputras could not care less about killing the ordinary folks, even if they are the majority in the vicinity of the radioactive plant.

UMNO has poisonous by the way they handle Utusan Malaysia, Perkasa, Pembela and the numerous Malay NGOs who are hellbent on destroying the country for their selfish interest.

It would be poetic justice to kill them off at the 13th GE. Let us all unite irrespective of race, religion or creed to BOOT THEM OUT AT THE 13th GE.

Getting rid of these demented UMNOputras such as the Katak Ibrahim Ali and his ilk would be a gift to all Malaysians.

new fart said...

Anon what's wrong if it smells opposition??? Isn't it true democracy that all voices are allowed to be heard? Unless of course in your bolehland democracy is only a word being farted by the corrupted regime but of no significant substance!!!

Anonymous said...


While we want a nuclear plant, Singapore is building one room in each HDB unit to be nuclear proof. They sure have faith in our government

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

The PDRM and FRU will be out in full force with their trigger happy fingers on their chemical (thorium??) laced water cannons. Be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong hand-carrying a letter in the company of friends isn't it? Doubt FRU will be there but cops and SB for sure so we need to make sure we look our best for the photos heh, heh

Do as I say, not...... said...

Where is zorro unmasked?

zorro said...

Took LRT with Farida. Told to go to Mosque, tracked back to K avenue and met Jeya at Suria at 145pm. Took shelter from the rain at 230pm. Was with YB Charles Santiago and Eli Wong at 3pm. What else do you want to know? What I had for lunch? Do I have to report to a nameless guy?