Friday, May 6, 2011


Immediately after the Sarawak elections it was clear that the Chinese electorate emphatically made a stand. What followed were the trademark Malaysiana knee-jerks and quick-fix responses……perceived threat to our Malays aka UMNO. Furtive overtures were flying fast and furious…..PAS must lock arms with UMNO for Malay unity and the Chinese must not abandon MCA if they valued their future.

True to form WALSKI of myAsylum conducted this poll and “The final tally is somewhat different from what Walski had expected it to be. The biggest surprise, however, is that not one single respondent chose DAP. He can think of a few reasons why it turned out this way.”

He continued:

If Walski were to summarize the results, it would be this: the real threat to the Malays is not one specific entity, but a trinity of threats.

Why so? HERE


Tiger said...

Of course lah.
This is the real picture.
All the time UMNO pretends to "help" the Malays, but they take all the money meant for them and have been raping the Malays for the past 50 years!

Amirul said...

Umno-perkasa-utusan is an unholy trinity that is controling the malays. Malays need to break free from this evil clutch!

mauriyaII said...

Whether the UMNOputras participated in the poll is moot. What the poll apparently shows is that knowledgeble Malaysians are aware of the despicable charade of championing the cause of race and religion just to be in power has caused untold misery to all Malaysians.

The above is exemplified in the top three being the cause of the present malady in Malaysian politics. Perkasa and Utusan Malaysia are just the rabid mouth pieces of UMNO. What it does not want to say in the open is outsourced to Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa. Hence the inaction on the part of the government to rein in these two ultra militant and vociferous groups that seem to propagate the very same ideals of the KKK in the US during the 60s.

The poll indirectly accuses the UMNOputras for bringing down the image of the Malays and the country. If anyone is to be blamed for the very divisive nature of current politics, it has to be UMNO and its virulent Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa.

The very fact that DAP did not score any points shows that all Malaysians are aware that DAP (or for that matter MCA, GERAKAN or MIC) cannot and DO NOT pose a danger to the Malays. Individually the above parties cannot form the government. They can only be components in a political alliance which could form the government.

As the other races in Malaysia do not have the required numbers they cannot form the government on their own. The civil service, police, army, judiciary, etc are predominantly controlled by the Malays. So what is all the hype of the Chinese taking over the country and the Malays losing political power.

Only the UMNOputras are very scared of losing power. Hence the scare mongering. Nobody except the corrupted UMNOputras who stand to lose their power and ill-gotten wealth are scared.

The 308 tsunami and the recent Sarawak elections has shattered the myth of Barisan Neraka's invincibility.

The 13th GE may relegate UMNO/BN to play second fiddle as the OPPOSITION for a change.

Badrul said...

Anwar has warned Najib not to practise the “politics of seizure” (politik rampas) for the sake of ruling the country: Seize other people’s wife... seize Perak... seize Selangor... How can this be?”

Asril Sani said...

That pie forgot to include JPA scholarships and the position of the rulers now.
I am sure the percentage is more than the 60 percent for UMNO.
Happy Mothers Day to your mum and wife.
My mum is due to deliver tomorrow.
I hope it will be a happy day if I have a baby sister.

new fart said...

Ha...ha...I like the nasi lemak bit! Our Malay brothers and sisters have to be careful with too much of our "sedap saja" national dish because of the grease and coconut milk.
Seriously though, why is it a surprise to see UMNO, Perkasa and Utusan featured so prominently? They are the true Axis Of Evil!!!

zorro said...

Asril....momentous if your mum delivers on Mother's Day. It will be a different life when a young one arrives. I know. Things changed for the better when my sister arrived. Hugs to your Mum, yah?

Anonymous said...


I think the Perkasa and Utusan people eat too much nasi lemak which made them bloated, sick and too lazy to think. So if we should just split the 7% attributed to nasi lemak and add on equally to the Perkasa 12% and Utusan 13%.

Hence the combined UMNO-Perkasa-Utusan new total of 92% is an accurate depiction of the real threat facing the malays.

Walski69 said...

Uncle B - first off, thank you ever so much for featuring the poll result post.

Thanks also to your articulate commenters, adding intelligence to the discussion - it's nice to see discourse, instead of flaming, for a change.

It would appear that recent developments (vis-a-vis the so-called "Christian Plot" hoo ha) have provided some credence to the analysis. There is a nexus, and it is being used to great effect.

Thanks again, and keep fighting the good fight!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I felt that umno is more dangerous to all Malaysians at large than just to the Malays and Muslims.
It is already bad enough just by stirring up racial sentiments and calling PR voters as extremist.
Chinese and DAP are the extremist?
Since when advocating for justice, clean and efficient governance are extremist?
Now they (bn) are bringing up religion in their effort to topple the Penang state govt.

Asril Sani said...

Thanks Uncle Zorro.
Yes, my mum delivered at 10 am yesterday and it's a boy again. That makes us the three musketeers.
I hope she will close her factory. No need to try for a girl.
Like all mothers who gave birth on Mother's Day, she too received a congrats card from Najib.
And my mother has decided to name him Aezeqiel Najib. A departure from the A S initials of my brother and I. (Pity my dad's S alphabet name is not used this time)
But I call him Zorro in honor of you. Though you always taruk me and made fun of me, I still respect you as a grand ole man.
Not many can reach your age. Even my grandparents are younger than you.
After all you and I want the same things but in different ways.

Anonymous said...

Dear Unc Berns,

Juz got back from Singapore. Last time when there was 2009.
1. Everytime I went back to Singapore, I m amazed by the clean residential buildings. You can skip 4 or 5 years, and go back, they still look mint condition.
2. They are more and more tourist pouring. Did they have 5 agencies? and spent 126 million a yr advertising?
3. Their buses and mrt look clean. Wonder why?
4. The traffic are orderly, no jump queues, no red light cutting, I wonder why?
5. During election, the last day is a cooling of period, I wonder why?
6. One can of coke is $1.00, noodles is #3.00; a bottle of Port is $38 assuming u earnd #2,000 u life better there, I wonder why?
7. There are many culture performances, places and streets, I wonder why?
Now I know, why there is a song titled I wonder How, I wonder Why.

Idris said...

Kenapa Hishamuddin Hussein dan Rais Yatim terima laporan palsu Utusan Malaysia tanpa soal?

Ini menunjukkan sokongan BN terhadap fitnah Utusan Malaysia?

zamri said...

Umno has opened the floodgates to unleash all of Umno's demons, chief amongst which has been Utusan to create utter havoc in the country with lies and devious actions (all of which are then blamed on non-Muslims), in the hope of creating an environment in which Umno may jump at describing as "national unrest" - all in order to slam on emergency rule, thereby clinging on to power by bypassing a general election.

Anonymous said...


zorro said...

People, apologise for the delayed moderation of your comments. My notebook went in for reformating and I just returned from Kuantan. Am borrowing Karen's lappy and I get back my tool tomorrow. Thanks for being patient.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @ May 9, 2011 10:21AM

I'm born and raised in Malaysia the last 53 years. Nothing changed much in Malaysia the last 53 years:-

1) the streets are full of pot holes and floods every time it rains. I wonder why?

2) government buildings and parliament house leaks whenever it rains. I wonder why?

3) all government projects substantially cost over run and delayed, some up to umpteen years. I wonder why?

4) despite being born in Malaysia after independence, I'm still called a pendatang. I wonder why?

5) the ex-PM Mahathir calls me an extremist, just because I exercised my right to vote for the right candidate and party to represent me. I wonder why?

6) prices of daily essentials keeps going up but I still see the cabinet ministers living it up at the 5 star hotels and shopping malls. I wonder why?

7) Utusan, Perkasa, Pembela and UMNO are constantly threatening me, a pendatang and minority in this country. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Utusan knows too well that Muslims are inoculated with siege mentality by their leaders so they could be manipulated for political gains.A simple but always effect trick, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and extremist group have benefited from it, now it is UMNO.

zorro said...

Asril, I am humbled by you calling you brother zorro. I'd like to buy Aezeqiel Najib a gift.Email me at please.

I get (taruk) as much as I give. I have accepted this as part of blogging. But I assure you that it is not done in malice. We all have bad two days ago when my friend Big Dog shocked me with his posting on christians wanting to take over Islam as the religion of this country! I called him but he refuse to answer my call. I could blog about it but I hate to blog about religion unless I want to taruk my own religion. Asril, my closest friends today are Malays. I still have malays students who are close to me. Your generation missed my era when race and religion played not part in our lives. After some 50 years we are more polarised. Your generation must change for the better. We were one Malaysia and nobody had to remind us of that. Our family bible is side by side with the Holy Quran (english edition by Abdullah Yusof Ali) on our family altar. My wife whenever she can tune in to follow the Azan on RTM.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Be careful about placing your family bible next to the Holy Quran because Ibrahim Katak Ali will lodge a report against you for being seditious and being insensitive to holier than thou Muslims like him and his Perkasa followers.

zorro said... this all you can contribute?

Asril Sani said...

Thanks uncle. Consider that I have accepted the gift.
Am sorry I can't give you the e-mail because I use my dad's computer and his e-mail.
He is a senior government official.
When I told him I go to your blog, Rocky and Big Dog, he said okay.
But if I want to make comments, I must use my full name so that he can monitor my comments.
He bought me a laptop solely for my assignments.
I will be commenting in a while on your latest posting on Big Dog.

Anonymous said...

Big Dog and RockyBru gave Blog a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro @7:05 PM

I'm just watching out for you as I don't wish you to be victimized.

zorro said...

Thanks for the concern. Ali has to make a lot of noise as he is not wanted by any party xcept Mahathir. He is all sound. Thanks again.

Frank said...

Hishammuddin has offended the Christian community 5 times:

1) Blocking the importation and circulation of the Al-Kitab.
2) Serialisation of the Al-Kitab.
3) Prolonging resolution of the dispute over the use of the name of Allah by applying to the Court of Appeal to overturn the lower court's decision in favour of the church.
4) Calling the Holy Bible 'smelly'.
5) Labelling the Christian church as a 'seditious movement'.

He must publicly retract his offensive words and apologise to all Christians of Malaysia.