Friday, May 20, 2011


Furtive efforts are afoot to recruit “plumbers” to stop the impending massive LEAKS that might generate into a tsunami of sorts. Word is out that “DIVERSIONARY” initiatives are being planned to plug those irritating leaks. Perhaps they should ask the little Dutchboy Hans Brinker (HERE) for help.

However until the leaks are plugged, if ever it will be, lets just put on our life-jackets in preparation for the fateful misfortune that our seemingly untouchables have inflicted on this beautiful piece of soon-to-be inundated land. THE SLUICES ARE JAMMED like during the Tenang by-elections.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie, With the exodus of the brain drain,they would be lucky if they could find a plumber of Abrahim Ali's calibre to fix the massive leak.If they could find these type of talent,why pay eighty to a hundred million ringgit for Apco's talent.What's so special about Apco that yuu can't find in Malaysians?It's not brain drain.It's called " ANIMAL BRAINS ".