Monday, May 30, 2011


motherchell said...

Dear Lynas Rocket Scientist",

May i also assume that you are aka Apco??
Reading your letter with the "" we believe"" and "" we are" lets the cat out of the bag about who you truly are-- especially the mistakes in your tenses, adjectives and participles!!
You sure have to try to justify your patriotic actions in a better place!

For your letter's sake --let me put you in a better light today.
When Madame Curie was awarded the Noble prize for the discovery of polonium and radium . It was not as a Datukship is awarded in your Bolehland. Alexender Litvenko saw himself a different man when he fled the KGB a few years back. Even his waiter was not spared with what Curie told us about what the dark side of polonium is.

Time and again you see what the Industry is all about-- you have seen the tobacco industry;- They buy themselves into organizations , Political Ruling groups OR they set up a fully paid up with commissions study Fronts. In a land you live that has a craze for acronyms to fool the public--- you are nailed big time though i find you fictitious. It is sad to note you don't care for the fetuses that may be developing in your daughter , wife or your daughter -in -law!! You are living under a fundamentally dysfunctional regime held with a price tagged esteem. You are just one mute who has been given that so called counter web polity to raise the dead "beast" from its tomb. Your show of pseudo patriotism is like burning yourself to teach us the way to barbecue steak .

To accept with your beliefs and your dutiful submissiveness does not prove your readings of the evaluation of the govt findings. You have not done any sleuthing to enjoy your 8--5 pastime that you are so eager about in a country where oil and natural resources give abundant economic options. Im sure you are coy to even open your heart and tissues to you employers----- but do remember dear Rocket Scientist--- dead man tell no tales!!!--- and even if you rise from your grave the Home MINISTER WILL DISAVOW ANY KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR EXISTENCE!!!

To my Dear Zorro, thank you for keeping an eagle's eye on the ones who misinform. Your service for the health and well being of our communities is always noted the world over.
As always,wish you good health and lots of joy,---- and you take care my friend,
Much regards.

May 30, 2011 12:53 AM


new fart said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Bernie,This son of a gun who calls himself rocket scientist is aka dumbass.He just write through his nostrils because that is what he is being paid to do.This rocket scientist aka dumbass don't have a wife,daughter in law,or daughter with a developing fetus.This moron aka dumbass cannot have the luxuries of having these loving relatives besides him,because he has been certified "TOTALLY IMPOTENT" during childhood.All the blue diamond pills in the world cannot do wonders for him.So this dumbass has nothing to lose.He has no conscience so he can sell his damn self to the higgest bidder.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ May 30, 2011

In summary you are saying the son of a gun aka Lynas Engineer is an UMNO dumbass.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

There are schmucks all over the place.
Even in Japan , Yes Sir. Even the Japanese have schmucks.
One of the reactors (SEndai/FukuShima) suffered a partial meltdown. And they have some Japanese officials whom are schmucks claiming that the meltdown is stable.
It's not hard to imagine some umnoputra schmucks claiming the same thing.
Really have to salute Lynas Australia. As they got the Bodoh Sombong umno's people on their side.

Anonymous said...

These UMNO Dumbarse aka Lynas so called engineer, he will sell his mother for a pittance too. Glad to know that most are not numbskulls to be mislead by those who are ignorant.

Shalom A Tojo

tok malinga said...

bagus motherchell.. taruh sama dia.. bodo punya orang...satu keluarga mau mati kut dia tu.. radioactive bukan main.. cucu cicit semua boleh dijejaskan.. ni walaupun 8billion kerajaan boleh dapat.. tapi dari duit tu.. mereka jugalah yang sapu!

bodo punya anak!

Anonymous said...

Can someone answer this, why would an Australian company export rare earth to Malaysia to be processed and then send the finished product back to Australia? Surely any idiot would tell you that it's there is no economic reason to do so except the Australians themselves would not want the toxic waste dumped in their own front step. There are so many freaking idiots in this country. Blinded by money and the empty words of dishonest politicians.

flyer168 said...

Bernard & Motherchell,

Just to share this again with your readers to keep reminding the Powers that be ...

YouTube - Why I Am Leaving Vancouver British Columbia Canada - Thanks, Fukushima Japan -

YouTube - Mamat Mat Salleh yang benci Lynas dan sayang Malaysia -

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Obviously an obnoxious chinky alien. Hey bitch, lu tak suka, lu balik china la

Lynas Worker said...

Thumping? its hardly a thumping especially when you decided to censor my rebuttal. Typical of your kind