Thursday, May 5, 2011


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Aries said...

We are always taught and advised to think out of the box and to make a paradigm shift, and when we do, THEY (who want to perpetrate and perpetuate their position of power and wealth) want us to reverse to the old ways. Hypocritical or contradictory? Or lost? Or greedy?

The world is changing and there will definitely be a new world order.

Just like we cannot possibly live the way our ancestors lived, we cannot expect our children, their children and childrens' children to live the way we did. To them ours is the old world order, theirs the new.

Politics is also evolving, and cannot escape being remodelled and changed, the way it is being practised or thought. New situations call for new methodologies or approaches, something those whose mental capacity is limited or dead cannot fathom or visualise.

Why can't the government be race-blind?
Why can't political parties from both sides of the "divide" work together for the rakyat?
Why must there be "this side" and "opposite" political parties?
Why can't there be just sincere, willing, accountable and honest people with integrity who work for the people and country?

The old model is premised on identity, clique, class, taste, interest ( read: selfish interest ), agendas, rather than egalitarianism and universal truths.

That's the reason why the younger generations who are more inclined towards justice and equality do not accept the old model and are demanding a change in the way politics is played and the replacement of the old guards with new blood.

DAP, PAS and PKR very much depict the paradigm shift which the younger generations favour and feel comfortable with and can relate to, and this is translated into support for them in elections of late. Political parties which could empathise and understand this shift in "taste" and nuance will stand to gain approval.

UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc., etc., are like dinosaurs waiting for their TIME TO GO, to be replaced by the fresh and youthful parties whose time HAS COME. Old guards cannot sense the change as their senses are numbed and and their vision impaired.

Call it prophetic or self-fulfilling prophecy, or whatever, the new order will come for Malaysia. The time is here, starting from March 2008. And there is no looking back!

Anonymous said...

Vietnam War Era: Yankee Go Home!
Rare Earth Era: Lynas, Fcuk Off!

BTW, What's your take on the Singapore
election this weekend? Any predictions?


zorro said...

Singapore opposition will get more seats. Common agenda: Singapore for Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Let us propose that the bn Perak govt continue with the "rare earth" project BUT with our conditions.

Send the whole bn team there as executives and also their supporters as workers. No issue with me on this and let the Zam mamak be their CEO-chief entertainment officer, ya.

Anonymous said...

Now we know with greater certainty what happened to Teoh Beng Hock. Then, and now, Najib wanted Selangor back at any cost, with "whatever weapon was at their disposal."

So MACC hauled up Teoh Beng Hock for questioning, to try to get him to implicate the Selangor government in corruption, and the rest is history...

Anonymous said...

Now...things had became clearer. Use whatever weapon you have, so said Najib to Umno to recapture Selangor.

Now time for perkasa to move ahead...First : create fear among raky in Selangor of racial clash. This is what perkasa is good at.
Perkasa will stage a mock racial clash with the cooperation from MCA and MIC.

Operasi lalang will be carried out in Selangor,,,Najib will declare "emergency in Selangor"
And when the rakyat chicken out..GE will be declare.

This is the only weapons they have, So Rakyat selangor, dont dance to the drum beat they play. Then the drama will failed.

Anonymous said...

The act of swearing on the Quran is getting to be a trend. Shazryl Eskay Abdullah swore on the Quran to make us believe he is telling the truth in saying that the man in the video is Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. In 2008, Saiful Bukhari Azlan did it to attest he was sodomised by Anwar. That same year, no less than Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak himself also did it to have us believe he was never involved with Altantuya. Despite their gestures, many people are still sceptical.

Laknat Lynas said...

Lynas Corp Australia Executive chairman Curtis said that the company chose Malaysia because “we like Malaysia, the infrastructure and most importantly the people.”

Well, Lynas could always bring Malaysians over to Australia to work in their plant if they really like us so much.

Infrastructure? Australia cannot be worse than Malaysia, can it? So this reason is not acceptable or logical.

Because they like Malaysia? Well, shouldn't Curtis and Lynas like Australia more?

So the reasons given to locate Lynas plant in Malaysia are not solid enough. As such there are more to it than meet our eyes or ears. Curtis is not telling the whole truth.

new fart said...

Look, I am an ex-Malaysian Aussie. What Curtis said is a load of bull! It's pretty obvious a lot of people's pockets have been greased in Canland in order to set up their plant here. The big corporation in Oz do that a lot to get business overseas. BHP and Rio Tinto have been probed by the Aus Senate before so what's the difference this time???

Anonymous said...

On the Msia MRT project, unless, you can be as good as Bangkok skytrain or singapore mrt, forget about it

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Mutalib said...

Islam’s position as official religion in Malaysia is enshrined by the Constitution. Four large political parties, two of which are the largest parties in Malaysia,are there to defend it.

The majority of 60% of Malaysians who profess the religion protect it.

But yes, Islam is under attack. It is under attack by those hell-bent on stoking racial tensions and religious unease, and in the process give a good religion a bad name.