Tuesday, December 13, 2011


YES, I wear this cap everywhere I go, WITH PRIDE, CONFIDENCE & FAITH.

During the recent hudud brouhaha I was confronted by the usual taunts about a lost cause. I kept the faith with my PAS brothers.

Working side by side with them over 17 by elections I developed that FAITH in them, faith that can move mountains, faith that can overcome the insurmountables, faith in a group with a special brand – steadfast, incorruptible, significantly unostentatious, pitbullish tenacity invariably balmed by consensus, frugal yet full of heart, ascetic but never vindictive……God’s people in short.

Thank you my PAS comrades.

I share these SENTIMENTS.


Anonymous said...

PAS is famous for collecting donations. What happened to those nobody knows or seen it.
Nik Aziz recently said that they depend on public donations to built mosque ( on the issue of only one mosque built by PAS government ).

Kebajikan for PAS or the people? So far its all for the party...
Lets not go to the water issue in Kelantan.
Have Faith?

For decades they have been trumping hudud and recently Hadi discovered no such thing in the Quran.
Have Faith?

You know what faith is?
Believing something without seeing the evidence.
And that evident in PAS is hard to find.
But hey, Have Faith.

Antares said...

Yup. PAS has truly transformed itself from PMIP days into a party respected and supported by all Malaysians. Apart from a few ayatollah-wannabes like Hasan Ali, whose hunger for power aligns them with UMNO, the new generation of leaders like Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu, Dzulkefly Ahmad, Husam Musa, Khalid Samad, Nizar Jamaluddin have been tried and tested and they PASs with flying colors!

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of government that Malaysia need instead of what we have so far. Pas is the way to go and Malaysian of all race should now give the fullest support. Social democracy for all Malaysian. PAS for All, All for PAS....

sampalee said...

Zorro,you speak for be too and articulate what is within me.The other political parties including pkr and dap are not included in this faith.Without pas,bersih one is not possible and therefore subsequent bersih that take life in its wake.

malchindian said...

By my books, PAS has earned their stripes with credible and honourable conduct with the exception of a loose cannon or three (let's not forget that greenhorn youth leader) as rightly pointed by brother Antares.
Time to make ABU happen!
Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese Kelantanese, and proud to divulge here that my whole family of about 20, are all staunch PAS supporters... PAS Untuk Semua... their fairness and humility are what draw us to support them.And we revered our MB, Tok Guru Nik Aziz... there is no discrimination, no religious nor racial supression here... life is peaceful (don't ever believe what those govt-controlled msm are trying to ram down your throats about hudud, bullying of other races here). Don't believe me? Please pay Kelantan a visit and judge for yourselves... plenty of my friends from other states had done so and went away enlightened!!

Anonymous said...

yes, Zorro can replace hassan ali!

Anonymous said...

Now do I need a permit to play Christmas songs at home?

Do I need a permit to hold open house during the Christmas celebration?

Please Minister of whatsoever,
can enlighten us. Also is it OK to put up Christmas tree in our houses or our shops ?

Anonymous said...

80 umno members joined pas in Terengganu -ref Harakah for pics