Thursday, December 15, 2011


and they could not unlock the door of the Black Maria....kakakakaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



bumi-non-malay said...

Time to Start some street civil disobedience......TIME Magazine have honoured Rakyat Malaysia as Year of the Protest.....

Change We MUST!! ABU-kan UMNO-BN

make UMNO-BN Dust!!

Anonymous said...

A comparison of the actions of the police in Penang in the handling of the pro-UMNO demonstrators versus the actions of the Brickfields police speaks volumes of the partisanship of the police force! The police have unashamedly become the tools of UMNO/BN.

Anonymous said...


What these idiots in blue and their masters do not understand is those students were just demanding their basic rights of academic freedom.They were not demanding
RM250 million to set up a sheep or pig farm.

Kudos to those brave and enlightened students who did not buckle under pressure from the running dogs who claim to be the protector of law and order.

These curs in blue should be ashamed to call themselves policemen in charge of law and order. Their action only shows they are mindless mongrels trained to be at the beck and call of their equally cueless masters.

Abu Selamat said...

Watch this ABU video:

make it a viral video for all kampung folks.

Anonymous said...

Noisy protest = scot free.

Silent protest = ‘masuk lokap'.

Job well done, PRDM!

Anonymous said...

Reformist PM? ka ka ka ka ka

you see any difference from Mahatir regime? ka ka ka ka