Friday, December 30, 2011


HERNDON, Virginia - Volkswagen Slashes Price of 2012 Passat by $7,000 (RM22,000), Undercutting Japanese Rivals

Volkswagen on Thursday announced that it is cutting the price of the redesigned 2012 Passat by $7,180 (RM22,760) versus the 2010 Passat, thus undercutting the base 2011 Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

The base 2012 Volkswagen Passat 2.5L starts at $20,765 (RM65,825) compared to $27,945 (RM88,585) for the 2010 Passat.

The top-of-the-line 2012 Volkswagen Passat SEL Premium starts at $33,720 (RM106,892), including shipping.

The pricing strategy slots the new Passat — which is longer, wider and roomier than its predecessor — below the base Camry and Accord.

The 2011 Toyota Camry starts at $20,995 (RM66,554).

The 2011 Honda Accord starts at $21,930 (RM69,518).

VW offers a choice of three engines in the Passat, including a four-cylinder turbodiesel that is expected to deliver 43 mpg on the highway, the company said in a statement. The Passat with the 2.0-liter TDI starts at $26,765 (RM84,845), including shipping..

VW is providing FREE scheduled maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles..

PEOPLE, you can drool or salivate. But I think we should be getting angry. What does this mean? It means that we are silly enough to tolerate paying FOUR TIMES the prices for basic goods and services compared to others.

US $ 50, Aussie $ 50 or even Sing $ 50 can buy you 1 week of groceries in their supermart. Here RM 50 buys you at most 2 days worth of groceries...Betul betul Bodoh Punya Malaysians who keep voting BN.

A 2.5 Litre super duper Volkswagen Passat is now selling in the United States for
RM 65,825 ONLY. That is less than the price of a Proton Waja in Malaysia.

Folks, they also throw in FREE scheduled maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles.

The Camry sells for RM66,000 and the Honda Accord 2.4 sells for RM69,000 in the US. Here in Malaysia the Volkswagen Passat 2.0 (NOT the 2.5) sells in excess of RM245,000. This is FOUR TIMES the price they pay in the United States ..

Their cost of living is much higher. Their land costs are higher than Malaysia, rents are higher than Malaysia, salaries and labour costs are higher than Malaysia, transport and logistics costs are higher than Malaysia, yet they can sell the same car FOUR TIMES cheaper than we suffer here in Malaysia.

Ini tak masuk akal langsung. .

Why are we willing to suffer paying FOUR TIMES the price for cars? Because we are silly. We are not a clever people. We tolerate silliness. WE tolerate the bankrupt AP regime where cronies get APs to import cars which send the prices of cars to the sky. We tolerate silly duties and taxes all of which are levied to protect a domestic car industry that is becoming increasingly NOT viable - day by day.

It is becoming more ridiculous. .

Kepada sahabat-sahabat yang tak faham niaga, yang tak faham kira kos sara hidup dsbnya - here is some basic comparison..

The Americans pay RM65,000 for a 2.5 Litre VW Passat - a marvel of "Made in Germany" best in class engineering. In Malaysia, you pay RM245,000 for the same car. But let's forget about the VW Passat....

In Malaysia, even if you buy a WAJA you pay about RM70,000. Sekarang cuba fikir ok, if the Americans pay ONLY RM65,000 for a VW Passat 2.5L, then how much do you think they will pay for a WAJA in their country? RM15,000? RM20,000? They will definitely NOT pay RM65,000 for a WAJA..

If they pay RM20,000 for a WAJA, then they save RM45,000 already (COMPARED TO YOU THE MALAYSIAN CAR BUYER). So for the same car, we are paying much, much more than the Americans. FOUR TIMES MORE. We pay more but we get less. Why? Because we are BODOH!!

Malaysians are willing to pay RM70,000 for a tin can car when for the same amount of money they can buy a VW Passat 2.5 Litre 'Made in Germany' car. .






bruno said...

Zorro,Malaysians are paying four times to ten times more of what other civilised nations people are paying.Only the backwards third world or is there anything such as fourth world countries are paying.

These backwards countries are run by warlords.Is the Umno/BN in the league of these countries.The way the GOM is running the country says so.The excesses of overcharging or overpricing goes to the pockets of these corrupted politicians.

Come the next GE which is expected very soon,it is about time the people tell these animals that they have overstayed their welcome.And it is their time to go.Good riddance to the Umno/BN.

Anonymous said...

I bought a 25 year old Mercedes which despite its age, offers much more comfort and reliability than a brand new Proton.

Anonymous said...

Not silly, but conditioned to remain stupid with constant govt propaganda on tele & news in print. Only those who unsubscribe from RTM & MSN have woken up. Q is: is that enuff??

Bogey said...

My proton satria is about 17 yrs old. I have vowed never buy a proton or any other car again until a new govt is formed and the prices go down.

Roti Sunshine said...

Dear Zorro,

The price of cars in Malaysia isn't the only ridiculous thing!

Many Malaysian parents send their children to Australia to study and pay up to RM600,000 to do a four-year run-of-the-mill course! RM600,000 to do a course! How stupid can you get? And then their kids go home and work for RM18,000 a year. At this rate, it will take approximately 33 years to recover the RM600,000!!!

Stupid or not? Yet, Malaysians continue to lament.

Kick those idiots out of Putrajaya come GE13 or forever keep your peace!

najib manaukau said...

This is just to share the experience of buying a hybrid Honda with every one who is thinking of buying one. More than a couple of months four years ago my daughter bought a hybrid because she thought it would save her on petrol thus would be better for the environment. At the time of buying the vehicle he was told by the sales person the hybrid battery would last for ten years.
It broke down 54 months later and needed to have it replaced with a new hybrid battery which cost more than 15 thousand ringgits and above all the warranty for the new hybrid battery comes with only a six months warranty.
So much that it is cheaper to buy a hybrid vehicle !

Anonymous said...

Rotten bastards! Screwing us left, right and center and stealing us till we are blind. I hope they rot in hell and even the devil will have no mercy on them.


Anonymous said...

Adding salt to injury, view this:
Why do Malays still believe in Mamak Kutty? He is a Fraud, liar, cheat, half-past-six doctor who think he could outdo everyone. G Soro called him a menace, and IBM (Internation Big Mouth)....
PM, DPM... all have to do his bidding cos they are in UMNO-Baru (Not the original UMNO who had good intentions). You know why Mamak is still the puppet master now?
He control the press and TV so all folks are watching lies after lies everyday covering their mistakes and their looting character.
Dump UMNO-Baru. Lock up Mamak Kutty. Peace will start from there and our society may find a better level for us to live in.
I'm sick of paying inflated prices everyday.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro, yesterday I helped my madam boss scanned a paper form so she can email it to her daughter studying in London now. They are both Singaporean. It is a form to claim a GROWTH DIVIDEND. What is a growth dividend ? Madam say it is money for every children in S'pore. Small house for each children can get 1K to 2K. Big house like madam his daughter can get SGD 300. And my madam have 2 factories. But they still can get it and they get it every year. At first madam don't want to claim it but their govt sent letter remind them to claim it before 31st Dec. Malaysia memang BODOH terutamanya Melayu.

Saya Melayu juga. Tapi saya tak sokong kerajaan semenjak Tadika! It is not that I want my son to have 1k to 2k every year but imagine what we will have if we change to a better govt than the current one. ABU! ABU! ABU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are quite right, Zorro. Malaysians in general are kampung folks with ol half a brain.

How else do you explain having a present Prime Minister who is quite a moron?

Anonymous said...

ABU should be the Clarion Call in 2012.
Anything except A B U.

Anonymous said...

Looks like GE13 is going to be the last call for a change. And if there is still no change... then the people deserve what they get! And we wait for the slaughter house.

Anonymous said...

asked the keralaman lah. after 30 years, proton declared its product is of world class now that it can guarantee power-windows to be fault-free.

what the fuck. they still want to compete in the world market. may be sell to north korea, iran or other sanctioned state.

Anonymous said...

Then, move to the US!!!

If you insist on staying in Malaysia, stop comparing with the US and start changing the government in Malaysia.

But, please, Obama is NOT your president and your country's capital is NOT Washington DC. Stop thinking of the US as the centre of universe and start thinking of Kuala Lumpur as YOUR centre of universe.

I am pissed with UMNO and Barisan but I am fucking pissed when we are compared with ..... of all place United States. Get rid of your colonialised mentality.

We, Malaysians, are as smart and as qualified as any American or Mat Salleh, don't you even forget that, you dickhead!!!!

Anonymous said...

Malaysians must have some pride and support the National Car. For a start what we should do is ask the government to sell the proton cars to the public at the same price it is sold to Taxi Companies. The Minister of Finance has the powers to give the duty exemption. If that happens your Proton Waja will cost RM35,000.00. and Saga will cost you around RM18.000.00 Not there yet but it will be good start.

Anonymous said...

well....tell them about the cost of insurance and road tax u need to pay too....

Anonymous said...

I knew this when i was working in an CKD assembly plant in Shah Alam in the late sixties assembling Holdens, Ford Capri. Escorts etc.....
The government i.e BN/UMNO has taken the rakyat for a ride since and no one complain. Anyway, even if one complains, it will make no diff. When Mamak kutty took over as PM it became worse because he needed to protect his pet project "Potong Harga".