Thursday, December 22, 2011


“Let me state categorically that I have no secret Swiss bank account, nor assets or investments of any description. None whatsoever”, declared Taib Mahmud.



bruno said...

Taib doesn't have any secret Swiss bank account.Neither has he any prime properties stretching from the US to UK to Australia to HK and back to Malaysia.It is an open secret that Taib is as poor as a pauper.He looks identical like the bearded senior citizen standing outside one of the whorehouses in Bukit Bintang begging for quarters.Could it be Taib?

flyer168 said...


Just to share this...

Swiss Banks Said Ready to Reveal Clients
2011 October 25 Posted by Pat Donworth

Swiss banks will probably settle a sweeping U.S. probe of offshore tax evasion by paying billions of dollars and handing over names of thousands of Americans who have secret accounts, according to two people familiar with the matter.

U.S. and Swiss officials are concluding negotiations on a civil settlement amid U.S. criminal probes of 11 financial institutions, including Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN), suspected of helping American clients hide money from the Internal Revenue Service, according to five people with knowledge of the talks who declined to speak publicly because they are confidential.

Switzerland, the biggest haven for offshore wealth, wants an end to new U.S. probes while preserving its decades-old tradition of bank secrecy, the people said. The U.S. seeks data on Americans who have dodged U.S. taxes and a pledge by Swiss banks to stop helping such clients, according to the people. The Swiss reached accords this year with Germany and the U.K. on untaxed assets.

“The Swiss would like to get out of this by paying money, and they’ve done that with other countries,” said tax attorney H. David Rosenbloom of Caplin & Drysdale Chartered in Washington, who isn’t involved in the talks. “For the U.S., it’s not primarily a money question. It’s a matter of making sure the laws apply fairly among taxpayers.”

Swiss Banks Said Ready to Reveal Clients | The [Occupy] 2012 Scenario -
David Voreacos, Klaus Wille and Giles Broom, 10-24-11, Bloomberg -

]The Swiss Government Is Getting Ready For The Collapse Of The Euro
12-11-2011 •

The Swiss government is preparing for a collapse of the euro, according to Swiss Finance Minister Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf.

She told parliament that a work group was studying the imposition of capital controls and negative interest rates to protect Switzerland from the capital flight that a euro collapse would engender (Handelsblatt).
A tidal wave of euros would drive up the Swiss franc, devastate Switzerland’s export economy, and devalue its vast wealth invested in other countries.

Already in August, the Swiss National Bank instituted a currency peg and swore to defend it by acquiring “unlimited” amounts of euros, a risky strategy if the euro were to collapse (for the debacle leading up to the peg, read... Swiss Franc Wreaks Havoc In Switzerland).

The Swiss Government Is Getting Ready For The Collapse Of The Euro -

Swiss Franc Wreaks Havoc In Switzerland
Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 9:43PM

It's hard to imagine Switzerland in trouble: per capita GDP, income, and wealth are among the highest in the world. Unemployment is 2.8%. It has a budget surplus and a trade surplus. Even a baby sitter makes over $30 an hour. And yet, a recession is loitering near their meticulously swept doorstep. Due, ironically, to another strength of theirs—the white-hot franc.

Wealth has gone up in smoke: Swiss wealth is largely invested in foreign countries, and losses due to the high franc are estimated to have reached CHF 400 billion ($510 billion) since early 2010—a colossal amount for a country with a GDP of $322 billion. The Swiss pension system alone lost CHF 50 billion, according to Daniel Lampart, an economist at the Schweizer Gewerkschaftsbundes. Pensions of workers are at risk, and plans to reduce pension payments are bubbling up.

Testosterone Pit - Home - Swiss Franc Wreaks Havoc In Switzerland -

You be the judge.


Roti Sunshine said...

Hi Uncle Zorro,

This chap from Petrajaya is so modest! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Remind me of ninjas who lived so frugally and moved so nimbly.

NINJA: no income, no job and assets.

Hello, White Hair, we are not so stupid!!

So what if you possess all the money in the world?

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyol will be free tomorrow. The verdict from the kangaroo court is long overdue.

Malenadu said...

Nice that you do not have any of the about accounts but please mentions yourself first and then declare why are you stating the thing. Thank you for sharing. Please visit my blog and do follow it.

wira said...

Lynas will be processing 10 times the amount of ore compared to the now defunct Asia Rare Earth which left over 80,000 tons of their waste with thorium in the open. One of the most contentious issues with the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant is the radioactive thorium by-product which has a 1/2 life of 14 billion years. The Chinese miners, from the world's largest exporter, who were exposed to in Bayun Obo Rare-Earth and Iron Mine contained 400 ppm of thorium. The rare earth oxide concentrates that will be arriving shortly at Kuantan port will have 1600 ppm of thorium. The US Public Health Service (1990) reports that the natural background level in soil is typically 6 ppm of thorium. Lynas may say they are taking strong containment measures for those wastes. That was exactly what Mitsubishi and our government announced when Asia Rare Earth was in operation.

flyer168 said...


Just to share this Global Elite's Matrix Trap...

Mayfair's Walter Mitty: Bogus title salesman to property tycoon

• Portfolio was built up despite 1995 conviction • Lenders may have failed to check references • Simon Bowers and Nick Mathiason - The Guardian, Wednesday 1 April 2009

In European high-stakes poker circles he goes by the name of "The Don", among Mayfair property magnates he calls himself Achilleas Kallakis, and when diplomatic affairs are the topic of the day he likes to be addressed as "His Excellency, ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the Sultanate of Brunei".

But one name he doesn't use much these days is the one his parents gave him, Stefan Michalis Kollakis - with an 'o'. Perhaps that's because under this name he was convicted in 1995 of selling bogus British feudal titles to hapless Americans and Australians.

Under the new name - Kallakis with an 'a' rather than an 'o' - he persuaded banks to lend him hundreds of millions of pounds between 2003 and 2007, using the loans to build one of London's most impressive property empires. He is thought to have come close to extracting a further £450m from the banks last summer only to find several lenders - having tightened their checks - were beginning to smell a rat.

Nevertheless, operating from his rented Mayfair apartment and from an address in Monaco, Kollakis managed to build a 1.6m sq ft property empire, including freeholds on the headquarters of Telegraph newspapers and the Department of Health's offices, both in central London, and two Home Office tower blocks in Croydon.

Mayfair's Walter Mitty: Bogus title salesman to property tycoon in Risky Business - The Money Board Forum -

'Greek shipping heir' at centre of £750million fraud that ran from just two computers and a broken laptop | Mail Online -

'Greek shipping heir' at centre of £750million fraud that ran from just two computers and a broken laptop

By Kerry Mcqueeney - Last updated at 8:48 PM on 26th October 2011
It was claimed his company had assets in excess of $1 billion. However, a property tycoon at the centre of a £750 million fraud ran his office from a basement with just 'two and a half computers', a court was told.

Read more:

After Rainier was buried next to Kelly in Monte Carlo’s cathedral and Albert had been sworn in, he held a reception at the palace to proclaim the new gospel.

It was enough to make his subjects choke on their canapés.

“Money and virtue must be combined,” he said.

Masons Play With Prince Albert... - David Icke's Official Forums -

The £4,600-a-night hotel where Prince Albert is 'trying to persuade Charlene to stay in marriage' • Love child DNA test results to be delayed until honeymoon is over

Monaco Royal Wedding: Prince Albert 'trying to persuade Charlene Wittstock to stay' | Mail Online -

Robert Eringer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -

This is the Global Elite's Trap Game...

Each one has each other by the Orbs/Juglars...

And Pek Moh is their new recruit member...with his eyes wide open walking into the trap...???

You be the judge.


flyer168 said...


Next, to share this interesting Global Elite's modus operandi....

"laundered through the complex process of rehypothication..."

HowGeorgeSorosEndedUpWithMFGlobal.pdf (application/pdf Object) –

But in the process, the profits Soros will realize will in part (or in whole) be the segregated funds of MF Global’s clients.

Technically, and legally, these funds belong to Soros because they were laundered through the complex process of rehypothication. But make no mistake about it, this is the money that previously belonged to MF Global’s clients.

So the dots are connected. MF Global’s clients (by default) became the counterparty to George Soros’ trade. MF Global’s client’ money, while illegally taken, legally became George Soros’ money.

And, Congress seemingly has no hint this money trail exists; the CFTC takes no responsibility for this ugly episode in history; and the Administration and the Fed would rather spend their time heralding the $180 billion-plus money it gave to AIG.

You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

NFC will be a good case studies for business 1MBA students. How to obtain soft loan funding from government for a project ? How to make use of low interest soft loan funding into government grant or subsidies by not having to pay the loan on schedule? How to use government money instead of the bank money to make money. How to give a good presentation and arguement for a national project that benefits the rakyat?

Anonymous said...



flyer168 said...


As they say, “Follow the money trail..."

So here is the other “Laundered” bit down south...

“For nine months Sarawak Report has been looking for Farok Majeed, last heard of working out of Sydney for the Chief Minister’s brother Onn Mahmud.

We have been unable to trace Mr Majeed since he disappeared in the middle of a court case in which he was suing Onn Mahmud for over $15 million Australian Dollars.

Our previous report detailed how Farok was billing Onn Mahmud for “development and management” work on Australia’s most expensive ever penthouse deal.

The court case also detailed numerous other property dealings relating to Onn Mahmud, but the case lapsed after Majeed disappeared.

The Australian Judge, Justice Brereton, of the Supreme Court New South Wales, suspended proceedings in a ruling on January 31st 2008 on the basis that Mr Majeed had failed to appear at this and a previous hearing on December 13th 2007. He made plain, however, that the litigant had recently been in touch with his office before that date:

“Although, on 15 November, Mr Majeed provided a folder filed that day containing affidavit evidence in response to the motion, and also the draft Statement of Claim to which I have referred, he has provided nothing since. Nothing has been heard of him by my chambers since then”. [Justice Brereton 31/01/08]

Onn Mahmud - Taib's brother and former business partner and chief of family businesses CMS.

In the light of this non-appearance Brereton reversed a judgement that had previously been made awarding Majeed $2,212,615 in damages against Onn Mahmud for unpaid work by Majeed’s construction company Australasia Pacific..."

Farok Majeed’s case against Onn Mahmud came at a particularly sensitive time for the Chief Minister’s brother.

Japanese newspapers had started to report that their tax authorities were prosecuting Japanese shipping companies for paying millions of dollars of undeclared timber kickbacks to a company in Hong Kong fronted by Onn’s personal secretary, Kin Kwok Shea.

The company, Regent Star, operated out of the same office as a sister Mahmud company called Richfold, of which Onn was the key Shareholder.

During the period of these kickbacks Onn was acting as the Director and shareholder of the company Achipeligo, which had been given the licencing authority over all timber exports from Sarawak by Onn’s own brother, the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud.

The Japanese shipping companies explained that they would encounter ‘difficulties’ in getting their export licences from Achipeligo until money had been paid to Regent Star!”

Where is Farok Majeed and How Wealthy is Onn Mahmud? | Sarawak Report -

You be the judge.