Saturday, December 10, 2011



There is a huge buzz in the Malaysian Cyberspace at this late hour thanks to this draft copy of the soon to be tabled Computing Professionals Bill 2011. We will leave this here for now for those who want to see what the fuss is all about and post more feedback and reactions tomorrow once we are able to get more detailed information.

Summary of the Draft (UPDATED)

- To create a Professional Body for Computing Professionals.
- To make it mandatory for any individual who is dealing with the Computing Industry to be registered.
- Registration with the Professional Body will be regulated by a Committee, with fees involved.
- Dealing in the Computing Industry in Malaysia without being registered with the Professional Body will make the individual liable to a fine not exceeding RM20,000, or a six month jail term or both.

Computer nerds and scientists aside, what we find very discomforting about this bill is that it seems to be drafted without any set limitations to its reach. The Bill applies to "Computing Practitioners" while the "Computing" context is defined as a goal-oriented activity to plan, architect, design, create, develop, implement,use and manage information technology or information technology systems. The only thing left for intepretation is whether it only applies to those who have a job in the industry or otherwise. How does one define a job? Does a full time blogger, or an e-commerce store owner, or someone with a Facebook fan page come under the purview of this Bill?

More feedback and reaction


motherchell said...

My dear Zorro,
The UMNO ctroopers now realize that they have been shortchanged and might queue up on the next working day to get themselves recognized as a Professional Body.

Too many rocket scientists on the Forth floor i guess :)

All good wishes to you.

najib manaukau said...

Whoever says we have the best democracy in the world is only telling you that he obviously only comparing his 'best democracy' with the continent of Africa !

Anonymous said...

Our Umno government is soooo Stupid!