Sunday, December 11, 2011


After years of talks between the Catholic Church and the government of majority-Muslim Malaysia, the Vatican and Malaysia have agreed to establish diplomatic ties, following a meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

PM Najib's visit was said to have been intended to reassure Christians in his country, who have long complained of discrimination. In 2008, Chinese and Indian minorities across Malaysia, who are mainly Christians, Hindus and Buddhists, abandoned the government and voted for the opposition. Many complained of racism and a lack of religious freedom

Ethnic and religious tensions have risen ahead of expected national polls.

In a statement, the Vatican said that during their "cordial conversations, the positive developments in bilateral relations were discussed and an agreement was reached to establish diplomatic relations between Malaysia and the Holy See".

The Vatican said the two leaders had also discussed the importance of cultural and religious dialogue for the promotion of peace, Associated Press news agency reports.

Mr Najib's meeting with the Pope is significant for Malaysia's Christian community, which makes up about 9% of the population.

But like all diplomatic signings, it is all plastic smiles until one party shows their fangs!

AS EXPECTED It happened a few days ago when directives are out that caroling must have permits in Klang the royal town of Selangor.

And just yesterday in an interview with the Sultan of Selangor in a run-up to his Birthday, the Sultan told the Star that “politics and religion cannot mix. Among Muslims, it creates a split. Among other religions, even worse, it can cause clashes…..we should respect each other’s religion. Do not interfere. You pray your way. I pray mine. I am sure God will know."

WITHOUT A DOUBT GOD KNOWS! But others play dumb, those authorized, anointed and appointed! Errrrrrrrr Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam, (on extreme let of pic), It would be very near one year when Christian images and paraphernalia were directed to be taken down when the PM went for some Christmas lunch or dinner with this Tan Sri Bishop!









Anonymous said...

In the kingdom of the blinds the one eye man will be the king. That's what the boleh land is practicing.

Having light shed on reality is what leads to enlightenment. However, in the benighted state of Umnosia, darkness is shed on truth to cover up serious shortcomings and punishable misdeeds.

Anonymous said...

A joyful activity like Christmas carolling is turned into a cause for concern that involves the Police.

Najib and his band of morons are a DISEASE afflicting Malaysia. In the greed for money and power, Najib and his morons have no issue tearing Malaysian society apart!

换 said...



Anonymous said...

for a tunship, god can wait.

the frailties of humans.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Najib was elected in a more democratic and open way than the pope, albeit we have doubts about the integrity of the process.

The number of voters in Pekan who voted for or against Najib in 2008 was many many times more than the number of people who voted to put the Pope in place.

So, you are comparing apple with orange.

And also, one is a political leader and the other, a religious leader. Religion and politics should be separated, so you and many others say ... Therefore, Mr. Pope has mo business dealing with Najib and vice versa.

On these counts alone, Najib trumps the pope!!!

Anonymous said...

Religion is about faith and the good of yourself and mankind.

If the police dare to baton-charge the carollers, record it, put it on youtube for all to see.

Let the world know that UMNO and Najib are subjecting Malaysians to religious prosecution.

Let the world know that UMNO and Najib are worst than communists. Communist China let its millions of Muslim in peace to practise their religion.

Anonymous said...

Murphy Pakiam does not give a hoot about Christians or religion. He's already a Tan Sri, which means everyone must bow when they speak to him. That is what matters to him!!!

Anonymous said...

The second picture is an amazing swewer of hypocrits shot ...

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat infighting benefitting BN/Umno. Silly of PR leaders and members to air their grievances in BN/Umno MSM as this is used by BN/Umno to spin the news to their advantage while covering up the maggots infesting BN and the rest of the BN Component parties. Also, Umno Penang last weekend send Tiga Line Thugs in 2 busloads to KL. What is going on here? I read about it here

sampalee said...

God is above politic and all that are good or bad.In the end it is still Thy will be done.The scriptures bear the truth.Pay heed to the chapter on revelation.
God do not speculate for fun or put fear onto us,but simply states the fact.As it is the writing is on the walls of every nation.
Do not blame God for he see through our behaviour and we deserve the outcome.We have allow politicians to run our countries.Mandate from the majority is NOT mandate from GOD.Talk about peoples's power is rubbish as ONLY God is sovereign and no where in the scriptures state that ballot box is the preferred system of GOD.
Imagine Nabi Moses go to the poll.Had it happen the old testament have to be rewritten.

zorro said... are losing me on this. Who is pitting the Pope against Najib or vice versa.

Well, since you mentioned about number of votes you might want to note that only cardinals are allowed to vote for the new pope.

Najib was voted to his constituency. He was like the pope voted to be president of UMNO by delegates.

Do remember that the rakyat did not vote or him to be Prime Minister. Did you realize this?

And there was a year when postal votes were quickly dispatched to save his skin in Pekan. You did not know this?

zorro said... are free to come in here to learn. It is best you do not comment if you have nothing to contribute or or against the subject o the post.

Anonymous said...


It is hardly a surprise that the police are now demanding carolers to have police approved permits for caroling because the police have probably been given instructions to thwart Christians from practicing their faith. Is it any coincidence that Christianity is the new enemy to this UMNO governed country? Do not be surprised if the carolers are subjected to further harassment by ultra holier than thou muslim NGOs (aka UMNO-JAIS-MAIS-JAKIM sponsored thugs) when they go about their caroling to Christian homes in Klang. I fear that there could be some sinister hands ready to create tension and unrest to discredit the Selangor state government.

flyer168 said...



When anyone uses Politics for their own ends... they then become "Slaves" to their Political Masters and supporters...

Politicians are the same all over.

In Bolehland, Jibby & his ilks will promise to build bridges even when there are no rivers.

Politicians love to "Capitalise" on Great Ideas....but falls short with their "Mismanagement & Corruption" period !

The Vatican Intelligence briefs the Pope on Christian issues worldwide, same with Queen Elizabeth & her National/Palace Intelligence...on Jibby & Bolehland!

Just listen to the Vatican Report MP3 audio on the visit...

Pope meets Malaysian Prime Minister -

Are they convinced by Jibby even then...?

You be the judge.


Bedul said...

Unnecessary provocation, Uncle Zorro.
Tonight, IGP said on TV, no permits needed for carolling.
Later Hishamuddin confirmed he had asked the police about the issue.
Seriously I am surprised why this is an issue.
I see so many carollers at my area having a good time withouth interruption.
It's not like the first time Malaysia is celebrating Xmas.
Looking at the shopping complexes, it looks as though we are a Christian majority nation.
You don't see such extravaganza during Hari Raya. Is it because we have little purchasing power?

Anonymous said...

Most often than not, those appointed or elected thought they are demigod or want everyone to treat them like the almighthy...

Us to all those morons, they can rot in hell...

zorro said...

Bedul, what's your point about unnecessary provocation. "TONIGHT" IS NOT LAST NIGHT. you are becoming an irritant. I am whacking my catholic bishop and that is no business of yours as a muslim. Christmas is an international event. Surely you know but it is not celebrated just to outdo Hari Raya as you are inferring.... just be aware that I can get nasty.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of religious practices are enshrined in the Constitution. No one and that means even the ruling UMNO/BN government and their lackeys, PDRM has any right to come up with any form of control on the religious practisoners UNLESS their actions become a threat to the peace and wellbeing of the public or other religions.

Accusing anyone who the ruling UMNO/BN considers could become a threat to their strangle hold on the government and their anointed lackeys is a no brainer. It is childish to dump every action not favourable to the ruling parties as threat to Nationl Security. How in the world is carroling and merry making going to bring about a national crisis.

The idiotic little napoleons who try to apple polish their masters by coming up with ridiculous administrative edicts akin to fatwa should be sent to the shrinkis to have their heads examined. The more troublesome ones should be in straight jackets to ensure they do not cause disharmony and racial-religious hatred in a multi-racial country.

This latest episode of Christian bashing should STOP. No sane Christian, Hindu or Buddhist is planning to overthrow Islam as the state religion. These minorities know their place, strength and social responsibilities not to become another rabid Perkasa, Pekida or the various Muslim NGOs trying their best to project their image of being the champions of the Muslim Malays.

The Home Minister should stop being blur, take cognizance of the sensitivities of all and not pander to only one ethnic group.

It is time our PM stops his sham APCO concocted public relations syiok sendiri act and serve the country.

Anonymous said...

Actually the rakyat of all races embrace each other's cultures and differences, in the shopping malls, in open houses, at weddings, seminars and so on. Its the leaders who are TRYING their level best to highlight any differences between us so that we become aware of these differences which really mean nothing at all, and have never meant anything at all in our lives all this while. The rakyat will still go on eating in the same stalls, watch movies in the same cinemas and are happy to see snow and reindeer in the centre of the malls, or dragons or ketupat and all sorts of things

Arthur XMas said...

Uncle Zorro
R U Xmas caroling at Occupy KLCC this Sat ?

Anonymous said...

The whole idea for the permit is for public safety, so the police can observe and evaluate safety issues or social impact. If you want to assemble lots of people, you will need the police so the situation can be monitored and they can respond promptly.

In case you're just being ignorance, even a malay wedding need police permit if the organizer need to block the roads to put up the tents.

Even Thaipusam procession need police permit as this has traffic implication.

There is nothing political about this.

you think you're special against everbody else?
or just too dumb to understand simple matters?

Anonymous said...

this idiot just went for a holiday at our expense before he is kicked out or dies early. you think he had any noble intentions?

Kevin said...

Why not we be good citizens? We shall ALL go and apply for permits as well as police escort... so that we shall get to all the homes on time without delay. That will be good, then the police can be considered to have done some form of public service rather than hiding behind some bushes and popping up at the least expected moment to seek some ang pow... now that Chinese New Year is not really that far off... by the way, all the lion dance troupes.. please apply for permits early! to avoid disappointment of not having police escort over the 15 days of CNY celebrations!

zorro said...

Anon1042....yes numbed to dumbness because of unnecessary restrictions on a festival practice that has been going on for as long as I can remember. Anyway Hisham has said that permits for carolling is not necessary, over-rulling all the edicts of those puny napoleons carolling for recognition.

Anonymous said...

If you watch the mini series 'The Pillars of the Earth' (Sunday on Fox Astro channel 710), you will notice how the church/bishop is using the religion to manipulate the king.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.42...

Kanineh or wtf r u mumbling...

when those little black mamak marching here & there in pinang for no fcuking reasons... them bastards got protection from the pigs some more, ya know?

btw, next time have ur fcuking wedding kenduri in a hall, y the fcuk got to set up tent & pissed ur neighbor off.

Anonymous said...

Zorro, u still need police permit if u want to conduct them in public spaces. Because u want to be responsible for those kids' safety.
No need if u do it in private gardens, church etc.
It's just common sense.

Anon December 12, 2011 5:13 PM,
Some of us are not rich like u to be able to afford or have access to halls. It's common culture here in Malaysia in case u do not know. And very often there will be gotong-royong, if u know what that means.

Maybe u are one of those selfish neighbours who just do not appreciate " semangat kejiranan " or social tolerance.
Like zorro has said, this sort of kenduri has been going on as far as I can remember. Whole neighborhood are welcomed . Including u, if u get out more and know your neighbor .