Tuesday, December 20, 2011


YB Edward Lee, DAP Adun for Bukit Gasing, voiced those sentiments to me some months ago. On the 7March 2008 I was honored when he asked me to speak at his last ceremah on the eve of polling day at Section 17. If ever there was a most unassuming man….my choice would undoubtedly be Edward.

Dear God,
For a long time,
I have wondered about
How You will meet me
When I die and come to
Live with You in Heaven.
I know You reach out
Your hand to welcome
Your people into Your home,
But I never knew if You
Reached out Your right hand,
Or if You
Reached out Your left hand.
But now I don't have to
Wonder about that anymore.
I asked my mommy and
She told me that You
Reach out both of Your hands,
And welcome us with
A great big giant hug.
I can't wait for my hug, God.
Thank you,
And Amen.

That my friends and his friends in Gasing is

Just Edward!


Andrew Gopal said...

May You Rest in Peace Edward.Your contributions will be always appreciated and remembered.

sampalee said...

GOD have no human attributes and speculating for a hug is not funny and perpetuate a wrong believe.

zorro said...

sampalee....symbolism my friend. What's happening my friend?

Charlotte said...

Dear Bernard, thank you for standing alongside dad. It's been a whirlwind of a journey, with his role and cancer, but he gave it all he got right till the end. Dad was still writing emails to MB Khalid (got Simon to type as he orated) five days before his demise. His heart was with the people right till the end. It's been tough for us to lose him. So tough. But he's no longer in pain now, and we're sure his Father welcomed him home with open arms. Thanks again Bernard.

zorro said...

Charlotte, this tribute is also a testament to you the children he nurtured. My association with your dad was a blessing bestowed on me by God.We hope in our little ways to continue the work of your dad.

Charlotte said...

Thanks Bernard. Your words encourage us on, and in the midst of great grief, make us proud of who dad was and what he stood for. Hope you don't mind that I've inserted your post into dad's tribute site: http://rememberingedwardlee.blogspot.com/2011/12/bukit-gasing-will-miss-you-yb-edward.html

zorro said...

It will be an undeserved honor Charlotte.