Tuesday, July 19, 2011





Anonymous said...


he has always been the most inane one.

thats the best he can do ... nothing else.


telur dua said...

So bloody childish. Like he can censor news of the whole world. Wasting ink only.

Show me a dinosaur with a small brain and I'll show you Rice s/o Orphan.

Anonymous said...

If Pakatan comes to power it will be worse.
See Din Merican's blog as proof.
Only anti-government commentators are allowed.
My friends and I put in some comments, but it's all deleted.
At least I see you allowing some dissent in your blog.
I salute you.
P.S. My friends dare me to try this. Prove them wrong.
Thanks. Love ya.

najib manaukau said...

Now you why N.S. under his tenure did not go very far. That is why he ended up as a minister to keep all the deceitful and corrupted men from Umno company. Rocky will testify to that right ?
Any good man will make the deceitful and corrupted men from Umno look really bad !

Anonymous said...

Kakakaka! As if the online version of the Economist can be censored with a black marker too.

How freaking ... STUPID!

This is not 1980's and Mahathir is no longer the PM lah!

Mr. Rice ... there is this thing called ... IN-TER-NET ... did you not learnt about this from your grandchildren???

Anonymous said...

PHD = Permanent Head Damaged/Penis Hanging Down

Anonymous said...

Lice-orphan is richer by 300k !!

Anonymous said...

Bro Zorro,

When we lost Pulau Batu Putih..this
low grade Rice told us it was a Win-Win outcome.

Maybe after winning this case...he will know what win-win means.

Funny, most remnants of Semangat46 appear real fakes !!!


Anonymous said...

Pop Quiz!

How did Rais censor the Bersih articles on the Economist?

He called up the article on the internet and blot out the offending sentence on the computer screen with an Artline!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Zorro: yeah it's yesterday once more. I remember having the Time or Newsweek with photos of a muzeum visitor viewing an oilpainting of a nude woman with the bo*bs and bare buttock being black-markered (on the magazine page), and the photo of the sculpture of David having also his private part black-markered. They are bringing back those ol'days? I understand the importer of the magazine would have to bear the cost of the black-marker squad. Samsam

flyer168 said...

Anon 07:19,

PHD = Permanent Head Damaged/Penis Hanging Down...FROM FOREHEAD lor!!!

Anonymous said...

It is time we Malaysians think of the Jews as a human race rather than people who are all out to destroy the Muslims.The Jews live peacefully with all other races in the world and even in Israel.

When a race is driven to the wall they will protect themselves. Jews had contributed to the progress of humanity including helping in greater understanding of Islam. Many Malaysian Muslim do not understand the feelings of the Jews that they are carried away by the ulamas who want their head. Though the Jews control one of the main mosques of Islam they have not prevented Muslims from visiting them including many muslims and non muslims political leaders from Malaysia.

We spend billions of dollars buying military tecnologies from western countries when Israel can give bettter weapons at a cheaper rate. They are so advanced in many fields that Muslim nation will take another 100 years to come near them. If oil dries out they have the technology other than nuclear energy to run any country. They are so well prepared that America defends them at all cost.

Muslim nations should not make the mistake Gadaffi and Syria made.

Malaysia should remember that other than Islam and the pilgrimage Arab nations contribute next to nothing to make Malaysia a strong country.

Look at Singapore who had made full use of the Jews right from the 60s that they can put our military into shame within 30 minutes. Such is the capability of Singapore that as a nation they highly respect the Jews.We have nothing to lose and “the Jews are coming “are fears for the Kampong Malays who live in the Sarong of the village imams that they do not know the reality.

It is time for Najib to open up relation with Israel like what he did now by having diplomatic relation with the Vatican though many in the Umno felt the discomfort.Utusan Malaysia, the official fanatical organ of UMNO, will see the end when the opposition comes to power in the next election.It will be replaced by the “Nadi Malaysia” which will report the truth and no fabrication as Utusan Malaysia have been doing from the time of its inception.

Rahim Noor does not understand the people’s feelings.He should go back and ask his grandchildren what they think of Bersih 2.

Anonymous said...

This black ink to censor is so out of date. What a bloody joke. Does this chap learn from his counterparts in say, the North Korea. Or in fact do they still do such thing in North Korea.

Is the guy still living in the 60s' or 70's. Could someone please tell him that the Cold War had officially ended. Please tell him stop acting like a fool, trying to be a hero in an imaginary war.

The uncalled for police brutality in segments of the Rally, the childish act of censorship, the unjustified detention of the PSM6. All these are real stupid act of someone who is out of sync with the time and life in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

We can’t trust our government ministries,
we can’t trust our police,
we can’t trust our Judiciary,
we can’t trust of Election commission,
we can’t trust our MACC and

NOW we can’t even trust our RCI!
Suddenly I feel pity for our Agong & his decaying nation!

oskar said...

The problem we have now is that UMNO is led by the pair of clown cousins who became ministers not by virtue of merit, not even within UMNO, but by virtue of their fathers' names. Leadership that comes in this manner, without any learning or merit is essentially unlearned and unproven leadership which is tantamount to no leadership. Neither Najib nor Hisham have demonstrated any leadership abilities, not in school, not in university, not in UMNO, not in business, not in politics. All they have had have been delivered on silver spoons. And because all they have ever had have been delivered on silver spoons they have no clue what the suffering of the poor in Malaysia is like. They have never tasted poverty nor suffering.

Both have also shown no real academic prowess, no critical thinking ability and hence their response to the demands of the right thinking Malaysians. All they know is the race politics in which they grew up, but they have no mental ability to be visionary leaders. No ability to learn and to grow like other Malaysians. So when they feel challenged, they respond only with brawn, not brains. It's sad. One feels sad for them in fact, that they cannot respond with brain but only with brawn. If UMNO wants to continue leading the nation, it must go back to the basic principles of merit and moral values, of love for God and country, not of love for money and self which it has fallen into. If UMNO cannot remove this pair of clown cousins, this will be the last time that UMNO will be in power. UMNO must lay aside the cousins and appoint visionary leaders or perish!