Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yes, Brigidier General (Rtd) Mohd Arshad Raji, adviced Najib “to listen to the people and more importantly to the call by His Majesty the King to confer with the people in order to avoid leading this blessed country to ruins.

In his post today he pulled no punches when he warned:

“While the May 13 (1969) was a race riot, this time (should a riot occur) will be markedly different. It will be a riot by Malaysians of all races, united and resolve in their demands for free and fair elections, against the authorities that are predominantly Malays. This being so, we can expect the worse, for I believe it will eventually be the pro Bersih Malays leading the charge against another fellow Malay. I dread such a scenario, and the consequences following such a riots (God forbid) will surely leave the Malays further divided and unity in tatters.”

To him and some of his retiree colleagues questioned why commit the army over a situation they believe to have been crafted by the police themselves?

His full post HERE

Yesterday, he took the PDRM to task over their comical discovery of parangs, Molotov cocktails and Bersih T-shirts and asked:

“Would you believe that the findings of weapons, explosives and Bersih yellow colored T Shirts by the police in KL recently is the work of the Bersih organizers or its supporters? And do you not see how irrational and stupid the police were in pointing their ten fingers and declaring that this has to be the dirty work of Bersih? Wasn’t I right in saying that the Special Branch officers today are no longer of the caliber of those officers of the 60’s and the 70’s?”

He tells us WHY HERE and be sure to read the comments posted that tells more about the caliber of the man. His blog mind No Evil is on my blogroll. Sir, I salute you!


Anonymous said...

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke quotes

Anonymous said...

OMG, how silly and paranoid can the government get. They have not only not heeded the call for a CHANGE in their attitude and the mode of governance but they have upped the ante by being outright brutal, cynical and completely incompetent.

I thought the Home Minister and his thugs in the PDRM are mad but Mooheedin the DPM cum Education Minister has surpassed the HM in his idiocy.

How can one condone the actions of Principals and Headmasters/headmistresses when they announce during assemblies NOT TO GO OUT OF THEIR HOUSES but to stay indoors on the 9th and 10th.

The above is not a lie as the ones being told by the police and the baffoons in government. The above was announced by the Headmistress of Convent 1 in Klang to primary school kids. This ah moi who is so fearful of the makciks ( about 90% of the school is staffed by makciks) and their clout in UMNO that she dared not do anything that might cause their displeasure just like the MCA eunuchs.

Why are these scums dragging the poor little children in their political game at such an early age?

UMNOputras and their evil partners in BN especially MCA, MIC and GERAKAN can expect a good thrashing at the next 13 GE. It would be worse that the previous tsunami.

A bunch of bloody idiots and morons.

bruno said...

Brigadier General(Rtd) Mohd.Arshad Raji had previously challenged HM Hisham to do the right thing about UM or be called a coward.Today becaused of this challenge our HM Hisham is branded a coward for not doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I believe what you say is true today special branch are not the calibre of the 60's or 70's. I remember those special branch during my school days this breed are special and I give my due respect. How many of them were killed by the communists and anti national element. The is no color or creed. Now special branch are like school boys. Some even on pay roll of the anti national element like the drug kingpin.Everyone want to be rich fast because their boss are leading by example. So all gaji buta only. Really give due respect to those who are in uniform so proud ready to serve the nation then.The non malays use to address their uniform group as Encik. Today no salute at all because of our education system did not teach pupil how to respect others.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

A salute to the retired Brig General Dato' Arshad. If only we had a dozen more like him who stand up for nation, rakyat and king, Malaysia would be rid of tyrants, robbers and barons.

telur dua said...


Asril Sani said...

Non-story Uncle. New story is Bersih demo is off
Saw on the 8pm news Ambiga, Anwar, Ibrahim Al and KJ bannned among 91 from the city centre on Saturday.
What a relief. I can lepak that day.
Thank you Najib and the police for ensuring our safety.

bruno said...

Every Malaysian who can used their head and brains will tell you that the weapons catche was convenienly placed there for the police to pick up.Even the authorities cannot fool a pre-K child.What fools we have in the PDRM.

Anonymous said...


wandererAus said...

Brig General Dato' Arshad (ret'd), we admire your courage and decency to speak up. We can only hope more Malaysian elites come out to defend the Federal Constitutions which the UMNO bastards are very determined to undermine.
UMNO have the support of the Black Malay, the main culprits, whereas,PR has all other races on their side. A time bomb is ticking away for one will come out a winner!

bruno said...

PM Najib has been rendered irrelevant by the factions opposing him.His enemies in Umno has made Najib look so helpless.Even his enemies will not let him fullfill his stadium deal with Ambiga.Najib and Hisham don't even have control over the PDRM.

My eagle friends tell me that one of the faction have control over Najib's boys.They also said that they have some cards that haven't being dealt yet.When these cards are dealt Najib might have to hide in Zimbabwe.That is why Najib is so helpless.What my eagle friends overheard Najib telling the Agung that he is a lame duck and that his political career will soon be over is true.

There is still time for Najib to get even with his enemies.Call an election next month and let Umno get decimated.When the new guard comes in his enemies cannot deal the cards anymore.The Agung's advice to Najib is to get rid of his enemies before he goes.Najib,do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Watch the movie V for Vendetta and you will realize how Malaysia is going down the drain :X

Charlie Oscar said...

Selangor MB Offered Shah Alam Stadium!!!
It Is BIGGER and CAN Accommodate More supporters!!!
Is There An Ulterior Motive to INSIST on the Merdeka Stadium which IS SMALLER???
IT IS Obvious!!!
Typical Opposition Mentality!!!

bumi-non-malay said...

From today we need to follow Belarus and clap hands in public at Authorities of Ruling Elite like Police, Army, MACC, Judiciary, EC/SPR, rempit, perkasa, SB, Agong, Sultan UMNO-BN cronies, mufti, pastor, priest & any ruling elite!! Let their EVIL be heard in public + ILLUSION that they are supported!.....ha ha ha ha ha!!!

This is a beautiful manner to voice defiance as one against the ruling elite. What next arrest people who clap their hands? I have directed my team to spread this HANDS CLAPPING message Today All over Malaysia. If you are caught in an UMNO Police/FRU/Army created traffic jam, walk out of your car, stand on your car and clap your hands!! Each day Good and Bad is becoming clearer like black and white. I pity the Sultan that side with the wrong side like in Middle East or anywhere in this world. One day they can be made Orang Biasa like one time in history. We are just seeking AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR i.e do good and forbid other way to make Malaysia Better!

I will NOT Be OBEDIENT to EVIL and those involved in EVIL or submit to royal prejudice protocol that UPHOLD EVIL!!

hussin said...

Charlie Oscar said...

"Selangor MB Offered Shah Alam Stadium!!!
It Is BIGGER and CAN Accommodate More supporters!!!
Is There An Ulterior Motive to INSIST on the Merdeka Stadium which IS SMALLER???
IT IS Obvious!!!
Typical Opposition Mentality!!!"

CO unit mana ini? awat bodoh sangat? merdeka stadium tu kat kolumpor, bayangkan jalan2 akan penuh sesak dengan masyarakat bersih berduyun2 ke stadium. secara tak langsung perarakan bersih akan berlaku! lagi pun ia hampir dengan istana negara.

bodoh pun boleh jadi co ke? co 'yes man' lah ni...

Charlie Oscar said...

"hussin July 8, 2011 8:14 AM"

Case PROVEN!!! Typical!!!

vinnan said...

Most Malays do not know that without the work of the Chinese Specuial B ranch inthe 60s and 70s the government would never have been able to beat the communist.While the communist was of their elemet fighting from the jungles the urban setting was all to the advantage of the comunist. My uncle who has passed away used to joke that he slept more with his .358 Smith and Wesson rather than his wife. Ironically he was part of a raid which uncovered a hit list with his name on it. This time the Special Branch are almost all Malays and they are not even able to deal sensibly with a non-armed civil disobedience movement.

Anonymous said...

I think its time for St Bernard to wear the Mask and ride as Zorro.....

Komando said...

Urging the people “not to destroy what has been built over the years,” and ignoring the fact that Umno/BN has systematically destroyed Malaysia's civil institutions, he claimed that “the illegal rally,” which of course is illegal only because his regime says so, “is politically motivated to gain power via undemocratic means.”