Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Earlier I considered not posting this as it might be distasteful. I pondered over this last night and early this morning. I decided to go ahead and post it. There comes a time we need to bite the bullet , allow reality take on the wheels and keep sensitivities in the booth, temporarily.

I want to let you read what this vermin TOKZ aka Jerry Chin and I suspect also known as Kian Ye commented in my postings after the Bersih Rally. Despite his viciousness I let his comments through because I want my readers to know that there are amongst us contaminants that we have to deal with collectively.

He disappeared from this blog after he was humiliated by me after the earlier Sibu by-election. He resurfaced and was impressed that I could remember him.

I remember a vermin like I remember, so easily, Hitler, Mussolini, Bashir of Sudan, Mugabe of Zimbawe, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Radovan Karadzic, Israeli comatose 11th President Ariel Sharon the butcher of Sabra and Shatila and Slobodan Milosevic. Chances are when you die, like all of us will one day, even the maggots will find you distasteful.

I apologise for putting you all thru this, but like I said earlier, I anguished over this and decided that this vermin must be confronted. Again, I am sorry if this will hurt some sensitive souls.

Like all that crawl on their bellies, he uses different names, just like how snakes must change their skin.

Read on:

Anonymous TOKZ said...

I will enjoy my SINGLE MALT while reading about 1 YELLOW idiot who had died yesterday in BERSIH March. Don't know whether to LAUGH or just SMILE.

Tried being a HERO but at last DIE like a FOOL.

Next time just stay at home lah (Ooppss sorry, sudah MAMPUS...mana ada lagi next time, right???).

July 10, 2011 8:31 PM


TOKZ said...


"WOW"!!! I'm amazed.

You still remember me, don't ya??? This showed how POPULAR I am to you. No wonder they said people always remember a GENIUS & you had just agreed this is TRUE.

Anyway, back to BERSIH. Here I go:

May I ask who is to blame for the CHAOS -PDRM or Illegal Protesters a.k.a BERSIH Marchers???

ANSWER: Even my DOG also know the answer, my dear OLD MAN. If BERSIH didn't have started that STUPID MARCH, nobody would need to suffer from teargas & water cannon attacks, right??? Moreover, traders will get to do business, while Malaysian families are able to drive downtown to do shopping, picnic & so on.

Becos of BERSIH, even weddings & funerals got to be CANCELLED & the worst of all...
ONE DUMB & WEAK PKR MAN just DIED due to BERSIH heart failure. This DEAD MAN must be quite DUMB when he should know if you're WEAK...just stay home & peel KUACI. Now that he had MAMPUS KAW-KAW, maybe he can enjoy TV from up above or maybe from hell below.


I NEVER enjoyed LIVE CIRCUS so much till what I saw on Saturday. MONKEY MASTERS (PDRM) bashing & splashing thousands of MONKEYS wearing YELLOW.

Bladdy Hilarious man!!!

I hope next year I will still get to see this CIRCUS again.

July 11, 2011 5:22 PM

Anonymous Jerry Chin said...


1) Why does PDRM release GAS & SMOKE near Tung Shin Hospital???
ANSWER: To get rid of a type of insects or better known as PEST. To be exact..."YELLOW PEST".

2) Why does BERSIH MARCHERS shout while marching???
ANSWER: Becos' these Stone Age BARBARIANS never saw a HELICOPTER before & when they saw one flying above them....they thought they saw TUHAN & this is why they are shouting out of sheer excitement.

3) Why does BERSIH MARCHERS fancy YELLOW colour???
ANSWER: Becos' they are MONKEYS & by seeing YELLOW might help them think of BANANAS.

4) Why does BERSIH need a big group of monkeys to gather???
ANSWER: They hope they can engage in ORGY SESSION. It's MONKEY MATING season.

5) Why does PDRM shoot WATER at these BERSIH MONKEYS???
ANSWER: Weather is very HOT & MONKEYS require a BATH.

July 11, 2011 5:39 PM

Anonymous Kian Ye said...

Only COWARDS shed shelter from COPS in a HOSPITAL. Bukan JANTAN!!!

Maybe those YELLOW MONKEYS dropped their BALLS upon seeing the COPS just before entering Tung Shin hospital.

Macam mana nak lawan bila aje tahu sembunyi????

July 10, 2011 8:34 PM


Anonymous Kian Ye said...

It's NOT tear gas or water cannon!!!


This is to get RID of all the PEST hiding in Tung Shin hospital.

These PEST are called BERSIH BUGS!!!

Puddi ya mother lah. Pest & humans also cannot differentiate ar???

July 10, 2011 8:46 PM


Marina Mahathir: I can't believe some of the mean things being said about the man who died after being tear gassed! My goodness, every time I read totally uncompassionate things like that, I know that I'm on the right side.



Anonymous said...

Please Zorro,

Do not elevate him to the status of those world leaders you mentioned above, maybe only Mugabe.
He is just an compassionate scumbag of this world.

LC Teh said...

Know what I'd do with vermin like this? I'd trap them with their favorite crackers and give them diving lessons... without aqualungs.

nick said...


No need to think much about the garbage. Being true to form (garbage kind), he is foul smelling and full of crap. Just another rent boy trying to earn his pay, creating racial tension and distrust.

It strike me as funny for this kind of garbage passing himself off as a genius. Come on! His writing couldn't even exude an iota of wit. He even lack the humor and intellect of a 5 year old. Genius can only be recognized by peers and clearly this garbage reside in a landfill. Genius? Hah! He sounds more like the other version of Ibrahim Ali and his merry "bed wetting" gang. "katak memanggil hujan tp bila guruh dan petir berdentum, semua lari menyorok bawah tempurung. Bila hujan dah reda dan guruh berhenti berbunyi, katak baru berani keluar dan membuat bising memanggil hujan semula. Satu sen tak guna punya geng!

GOD bless us all and may Allah bless the soul of our departed comrade. Amin.

TOKZ said...


1) Why does BERNARD a.k.a. ZORRO wear a BLACK shirt with the word "SCREW U HISHAM" in the BERSIH MARCH???
ANSWER: Becos' this is all he CAN do to WHACK an IDIOT called HISHAM.

2) Why does Bernard a.k.a ZORRO wear BLACK instead of YELLOW in the BERSIH MARCH.
ANSWER: Becos' he GOT NO BALLS being afraid to get into trouble with those MONKEY SLAYERS (PDRM)

3) Why does Bernard a.k.a ZORRO participate in the BERSIH MARCH???
ANSWER: Becos' he sudah MATI PUCUK (impotent) & that's why he hope to find new ways to achieve ORGASM.

4) Why does Bernard a.k.a ZORRO smoke a PIPE???
ANSWER: Becos' he thought by smoking a PIPE, he can look MACHO but not knowing a FAT OLD IMPOTENT AH PEK like him AIN'T gonna look MACHO even he smokes a BONG.

5) Why does Bernard a.k.a remember a person called TOKZ???
ANSWER: Becos' ZORRO thinks TOKZ is his GOD. Zorro simply can't STOP fantasizing about TOKZ day-in & night-out.

TOKZ said...

Hahahahahahaha....I just CAN'T believe I am getting POPULAR.

Yes!!! Yes!!!Yes!!!

BERSIH RALLY made that MAMPUS bin BAHARUDDIN famous, while, you (Zorro) made me famous.

"Kap Khun Krap"

meeky-meeky said...

I am speechless and completely flabbergasted by this 'vermin' as you labelled him. No other words can fit him. One day he is going to get what he deserves.

The Worthy Funeral said...

Kindly let us spare a thought for the below:

Knowing very well the BERSIH MARCH is an "ILLEGAL Gathering" & yet there are people who went against the law by attending it. Thus, this had resulted the death of 1 unfortunate man due to heart failure from his so-called march & you call this "DIED FOR A GOOD CAUSE"?

Isn't this likened to...


WTF is wrong with you fellas?

Worst still, got the cheeks to ask for Funeral Donation?

Podah lah!

art harun said...


I have never done this before but well, there's always the first time. Allow me.

Dear TOKZ, Jerry Chin whatever,


Anonymous said...

Despicable comment from a brain dead fella. A maggot deserve a better place in life than him. Lucky thing you can spot all of him in various disguises.
Pak Tua

peng said...

Zorro, this person who wrote all these is obviously a sick person. He will sow what he reaps.

J. D. Lovrenciear said...

Sir, we must be above the tides. We must NOT fall for the traps being set by such scums. It stinks to high heavens of a deliberate hand at work to create some catastrophic trap for all of us who are committed to making Malaysia a great nation for Rakyat and Raja.

So, just ignore. Do not even give the space on your precious blog. That way we will ride the storms and not be sucked into the tunneled trap that appears to be boring through the netscape.

Let us ignore and move on. Just my gut feelings Sir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Bernard,

Pls. allow me to put things in a neutral position.

As much as those fucking dogs (police) shouldn't have blasted their weapons as if they are at shooting range but those BERSIH protesters are also at fault.

Those protesters shouldn't have even entered Tung Shin Hospital to take cover. Why must these cowardly protesters risk innocent hospital lives simply to their own "Gutless" act? I'm sure these protesters are not even welcomed by the hospital in the first place.

If those protesters have the guts to attend illegal event, then, pls. be prepared to fight like a man. Cowardly taking cover in hospitals & risk innocent lives is simply not the way. Protesters should start blaming themselves too for the Tung Shin fiasco.

My grandpa once said..."It's easy to claim being a hero but it's difficult to be a hero"

For the late deceased, it's an example of wanting to be a hero but fell short of being a hero.

The protesters are to be blame as much as the COPS.

Full stop.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

God works in mysterious ways. TOKZ or Kian Ze or Jerry Chin can never escape the laws of karma. Speaking ill of any person, living or departed, will hastened the laws of cause and effect upon the ill tongued.

Moontime said...

Dear Uncle Zorro,
I only have pity for this sorry-excuse-for-a-human-being. Maybe your intention to show his comments is to let people like us bash him up good and proper, in writing, of course. This tokz ( or whatever his name) is really sick. Mentally. Only sickos or psychos condemn a dead person like he does. I believe in karma in the sense that you reap what you sow. He's living a life full of sorrow, disappointments, everlasting misery and ultimate loneliness the likes that we have never seen before. I sincerely believe that this guy will commit suicide one day in the most horrible, disgusting, foul method possible, even the police will balk in scooping up his remains or whatever's left of him. So, let him be and delete his comments everytime he decides to spill forth his venom. Sooner or later he will get tired of it all and gives up. One more scum out of this world.

Hawkeye said...

These are the slime of our society, his mother hates him and his father had disowned him.
He died a long time ago and is a walking zombie inciting hatred and promoting evil.

Anonymous said...

dear Art, dun lah dirty yours , pls let saifool enter ...oops enjoy him, ok ?

bruno said...

TOKZ,you must be a sick puppy.An elderly man has died because of the actions of brute force applied by our men in blue.Uneccesary brute and rowdy dirty tactics I would say.Why.Because of the peaceful and well disclipined nature of the protestors and unprovoked too.

Was there any reports of vandalism or looting going on.No.Just look at what is happening around the world.Whenever there is mass protest or demonstrations going on there is always vandalism and looting .Even in civilised countries like in the UK and US.

We should be proud of our people for having such high standards of disclipine.Of course except the Umno GOM and the authorities,which are of the pariah babarian class.

Whether the protest is legal or not does not excuse the GOM and the authorities for acting like third world uncivilised babarians.

You TOKZ,I am sure would not condone these babaric acts of the GOM and the authorities.If you do then you belong to the same category as these babarians.One thing I would advised you is never make fun out of a tragedy.The death of an innocent man is not a joke.A death in a peaceful and disclipined protest will surely go down as a dark day for our country.

I sincerely hope that you will not behave in this type of nature in the future.

Bogey said...

just ignore this asswipe... he's having orgasms with all the attention

Anonymous said...

Pope : " Welcome ALL sinners from malaysia ! "

wandererAus said...

This bloke, TOKZ or Kian Ze or Jerry Chin all in one, must have oozed out from one filthy hole...a product with DNA of many UMNO peeled dicks!!
As expected, we need not be alarmed with his distasteful and uncouthed comments. Yes, he is famous being a SOB!

Anonymous said...


Karma, next time when U MAMPUS, we will make sure there will be a grand online funeral exclusively for you.

bbbutton said...

Hej Guys,

Be cool lah, this Cherry Chin is actually Liow Tiong Lai hiding behind the anonymity of the internet to let out some steam lah, you know he got shafted badly by everybody after saying the wrong thing about the Tung Shing Hospital thingy.

Jeyabalan v said...

This guy is like the toad face, Ibrahim Ali- a nobody trying to be a somebody by coming out with shocking statements. He is obviously craving for attention that his parents or wife ( if there is anyone mad enough to marry him) do not hive him. Should let him die a natural death by ignoring him and denying him the publicity and attention he is craving for

fztt said...

I think he is just starved of attention willing to say/do anything to get noticed.

Ignore him and he will disappear.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Z;

Sorry Art need to borrow words from U;

I have never done this before but well, there's always the first time. Allow me.

Dear TOKZ, Jerry Chin whatever,


Don t BULLY a Warga Kuning. Despicable Paid Cyber Idiot.

Go LICK CSL's Balls...

Viva Yellow

TJL said...

Dear Zorro Sir,

This turd is just another Internet troll, making outlandish comments to draw attention and to bait others into responding to it.

Resist the temptation to respond. It seeks attention. Starve it of attention and this slime will crawl back into it's home, the gutter.

Do not feed the troll.

The events and issues at hand are too important for even a second to be spent on such characters.

Nothing but an 'internet tough-guy' who will wet his knickers in a real confrontation. Probably has a small penis too.

It is birthed by a sow. Wrestling with it will only get you dirty while the pig enjoys the mud.

Keep up the good fight Zorro Sir.

Much respect to you.


Anonymous said...

This guy do not deserve to be in your site, with his kind of mental state, he gets his orgasm by reading all the comments against him. Just delete him from your site and he will get frustrated. If he has any balls left, ask him to reveal his true self, so we know who he is and see whether he still enjoy all the bashing. This is a coward hiding behind a screen in this digital world. No need to entertain him. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

To jerry and the rest of his kind,

you still don't get it do u? we have a right under the malaysian consitution to express our opinion. whether the government (BN or PR) likes it or not we the right to express it.

Use that brain of yours, which is probably the size of a mosquito's kidney, and think about that. To be clear so that you understand this insult, a mosquito does not have a kidney!

as for your distasteful comments about someone that has died, don't worry when you die and trust me you will like the rest of us mortals, please be sure you say hi to Hitler!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you put up TOKZ's comments here mr Zorro.

Don't delete it.
Let the world see it, spread the hate these BN supporters spew across cyberspace.

Let the public know their mentality,
because we all know people like TOKZ are actually cowards masturbating behind their computers cause their are too scared to hit the streets to face the real democracy on 9th July 2011 and on future walks.

- the anonymous

telur dua said...

Bring out the Baygon spray please. Give that vermin a double dose.

Anonymous said...

zorro, we got to thank TokZ coz the more filth he writes, the more people will hate his masters (bn). in GE13, we the rakyat show tokZ's master who is the real boss.
TokZ, cant thank you enough for being a big idiot. Your comments are fueling our vote for PR in the next election.