Friday, July 29, 2011


Freedom is walking

It is spoken man is born equal and free
To a degree the world disagrees
Some foresee what others cannot see
Freedom is walking away with glee

We have a right to Christmas with a tree
We have a right to enjoy a shopping spree
We have a right to travel the land and the sea
We have the right to an educational degree

Stop the silly talking
Whilst Freedom is walking
Freedom is not a jubilee
Freedom is not a guarantee
Who says Freedom is free?

It is spoken man is free of thought
Without the need to fear higher courts
Some have spoken and finally resorted
To hide their thoughts from being reported

We have a right to a chosen culture
We have a right not to be tortured
We have a right to nationality and security
We have a right to be part of a minority

Stop the silly talking
Whilst Freedom is walking
Freedom is not part of community
Freedom is never an informality
Who says Freedom is immunity?

We want opinion without distinction
We want a world without discrimination
We want a kingdom of utter freedom
We want it in all shapes and form

Stop the silly talking
Whilst Freedom is walking
Stop the silly talking
Whilst Freedom is mocking

“Sylvia Chidi”


bruno said...

Now the EO6 have been released.If Najib had acted as a real leader and freed the detainees earlier he and his merrymen would have being spared the curses.Serves them right for being yellow chickened livered.

bruno said...

Ghani Patail to rethink course of action regarding released EO6.He better not appealed or when PR comes into power he will be arrested and charged.Then he will be flogged naked publicly and forever be branded a pariah.

zorro said...

Bruno....yellow livered chicken sounds better, yah?

Anonymous said...

AJIB is scared.. he is very scared now but he act not scared!

motherchell said...

Thank you my dear Zorro,
If it wasn't for ones as you and the thousands of bloggers the World over---Najib would never have seen who he really is! Now that his end is near with the power of the web and the speed of light of truths and justice denied . He sure must be packing his overloaded stained baggage!!

The best to you always my dear Zorro. Take care!wish you lots of cheer , good health and love!!!

Antares said...


Charlie Oscar said...

Who is Us???
You Mean, You and The Oppositions???
NO, Thnak You!!!

najib manaukau said...

These deceitful and corrupted men from Umno would not know what is it like being lock upped especially without trail.
Using all kind of excuses just to do so and if you care to refer to the country's records since the grand son of the untouchable pariah from Kerala started doing so in 1987.
That is the only way they know how especially to the opposition politicians who they find them hard to defeat in the elections. Not withstanding the numerous deceits they use to stay in their gravy trains. One sure way is to ensure the non Malays who the ruling regime know for sure will never ever vote for them stay sidelined.
They give all kinds of stupid excuses to ensure the million Malaysian borns are holding red identity cards just so to keep them paying taxes so that will the lazy and corrupted civil servants are paid. At the same time these red identity card holders who are literate enough are not allowed to vote, especially against them. Plus the million (again who are mainly non Umno supporters) who are abroad working , studying will not be allowed to cast their votes and I might add against them, Together the rights to vote of these millions of voters will surely have made the difference of what sorts of government we can have.
These Malaysians can think for themselves are not only impeded to exercise their rights to vote for a creditable and clean government. And Umno is surely not one of them !
These are only some of the deceits the present regime is using to stay elected for decades.But time is running out for them to keep using deceitful tactics to stay in the gravy trains !
So my fellow Malaysians make sure you come back to Malaysia during the coming GE and vote these deceitful, corrupted morons out once and for all time.
53 years of their rule have brought nothing to Malaysia but lots of woes daily it is time to kick these morons out enough is enough !

Anonymous said...

What this all mean is that the people has won and Najib/Kerismuddin lost. Who needs Anwar when the BN keeps stabbing itself? I just can't wait for the 13th GE.

samgoh88 said...

SAY SORRY NOW - 300711

Better say 'SORRY' right now
While you still have the opportunity
Or else be wiped out somehow
Then it will be too late for any charity

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sat.30th Jul.2011.

zorro said...

Charlie, no not me and the opposition.....anyone of goodwill. You can include yourself if it fits.

Bedul said...

When did this Jeya fella suffer for us. Don't care about him.
He's being fed nicely when in detention.
You got yourself political mileage.
Us? Not me and millions others.

Jong said...

Motherchell, tq you always have a way to say it so beautifully well!

Thank YOU PSM6, Thank YOU Zorro and Thank YOU All you good people who care.

Viva People's Power!

wandererAus said...

Kerismuddin, you have just spiked your posterior with your twisted have made yourself the most detestable asshole!
Congrats Dr Kumar, the rakyat have just made you a life member of the
MP club and to the rest of the esteem team, you have proven yourselves to have guts and dignity.

betty teh said...

I really love the poem. Can I use it?

zorro said...

of course Betty!

Anonymous said...

If Najib, Palanivel and MIC believe that this promotion is going to bring back the support of the Indians for Umno-BN then all of them have it coming - in shock waves.

Does it make any difference to the Indians that Palanivel is a full minister just like what MCA and Gerakan ministers are to the Chinese, or for that matter for the country?

Umno is the government proper and the other leaders representing other races are just office boys for Umno. Talk about charades and childishness.

SetiaSelalu said...

Appointing Ministers is not the issue. What is important & meaningful is for a PM to say the Govt is committed to Equal Opportunities for all races. That the Civil Service like those in UK, America & Free World will comprise NOT of the Majority race but a reasonable proportion of all minority races. In Malaysia it should be 40/60 of Muslim/Non Muslims. Racism is when almost 99% of all posts in Petronas, Mas,TNB, GLCs ,Civil Service are of one race/religion.
Slogans are beautiful but insincere if there is no will to implement what is needed for a Fair Society where No one is judged on his/her skin or color. As someone said One Ambiga is worth a 100 Indian Cabinet Ministers if Indians continue to be marginalised,beaten to death in custody & live in poverty.