Sunday, July 10, 2011



You don’t need words to describe this EPIC day, yah!

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najib manaukau said...

I was out there looking for KJ and Arahim Ali's men yesterday and by the providence of God I did not get to meet them.
How can there be smoke without fire ?
You claim to have gone to Oxford ? What a disgrace to the millions who had gone there before and after you ?
These out of sewage people do not want anything that is fair and free and KJ just manage to get together less than 500 people of his deceitful kind for the counter rally.
While Arahim Ali is nothing but an empty balloon and hiding inside his home with days of food ration just in case. Yet he was the one asking the Chinese to stay home with food supply. What a joke it was and this bloody coward he is ! Now go and thank Allah you did not appear yesterday.
To all the deceitful and corrupted morons from Umno you have not seen anything yet what happened yesterday was only the start of many things to come.The end of your deceit and corruption is very near.

Kian Ye said...


I was sadly stuck at home yesterday but when I switched on the news....


Looked so much like CIRCUS & it reminds me of ROYAL K.L. CIRCUS.

new fart said...

It was great to see a truly united group of Malaysian patriots yesterday, united in their resolve for a fair, clean and just election. Most are young faces, the future of the country! Unlike 1969, people today don't easily get sucked in by lies and deceits, and the pariah regime is going to find it harder and harder to divide the majority of the citizenry of this country, tried as they might! Mighty proud of you people!!!

wandererAus said...

Where was the fu*king racist swine, Perkasa chief. Put your money where your mouth is, blady balls to come out of your house or were you pissing in your pants? Did you stock up foods for your piggies too?

passion1 said...

Uncle Z, Thanks for the photos. Bravo to all the people out there. A big THANK YOU to them.


How could you say that? They put their lives in danger, to represent us who cannot be there.
We, who were not there, were cowards!

zorro said...

Passion1, disregard Kian Ye a hoax. I put up his comment to tell all that we still have people like him who do nothing for others and everything just for themselves. They live in our midst.
Those of you at home are no cowards. I met Joyce yesterday over beers. This was her first time. She wanted to be there and asked the hubby (who I later found out was a former student of mine) to mind the kids at home.

Anonymous said...

the real 1Malaysia vs. the fake 1Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Uncle Zorro,

Yesterday, me and a friend went down to KL to joing the Bersih2 rally. Being first timers the both of us were very afraid initially. Being chinese, we thought we are going to be the very few there. But to our surprise we saw countless chinese ... young, old, men and women plus other races as well. We started with the DAP people at Pudu and as we reached Puduraya we saw a big group of PAS led marchers. I saw with my own eyes how Malaysians of all races joined hands and helped each other yesterday when we were tear gassed by the cops.

I am glad I took part in yesterday's rally and after witnessing what happened yesterday, I am confident we can show Najib & Bn the door come 13GE.

We will take back this country of ours from crooks.

peng said...

How did the car driven by Patriot group slipped through the road blocks? From the hundreds of pix I viewed, all the roads are clear of vehicles but there you have this group making a grand entrance in a car?! Special privileges? But even with that handicap, they still lost to look like clowns.

bruno said...

Like I have said before Abrahim Ali and his Perkasa is a no show.Cowards don't show up when the odds are against them.600 Umno youth mat rempits turn up to terrorised an empty building but only 500 Umno youth patriots showed up on anti Bersih march.Go figure.

Anonymous said...

For the BN government, that must be an extremely troubling realisation. When ordinary Malaysians are liberated from their fear of a government which unleashes the full force of state power to stamp out legitimate cries for true democracy, then it is the BN's turn to fear.

How else do you explain the paranoia of the PM, his ministers and police and their demonisation of Bersih 2.0 and its supporters in the run-up to the rally?

Perhaps the BN government knows this is the beginning of the end for them. That may well explain why government leaders are terrified of a people's movement demanding clean and fair elections. They probably know that if elections are held on a level-playing field without manipulation and fraud, they will be swept out of Putrajaya by a tidal wave.

Anonymous said...

11.01pm, the son bin ali says his bini says NO go wo !!